Kuwait's Confession Box


We don’t want to introduce ourselves, nor explain how happy we are to be here. Rather, we would like us all to share our life’s here. We think that we need to throw out whatever is on our minds, but we never do that publicly, because we as humans cant do that by our unique natures. Think of this place as a confession box, a place where you can share whatever you cant share out there in the real world. No one will know you, but you’ll get that junk of trash out of your mind. Sometimes things cant be shared with no one, its hard to, feel free to share whatever on your mind on here, this is our confession box. Let go on now, throw it all up!

Imagine having a very crappy secretive situation that you can never share with anyone except yourself, well, you can share it here to get it out of your system. No one will ever know about it. This is a huge box that liters your negligent acts. Expose yourselves, disclose your crucifying situations that hassle us in everyday life without having the pleasance of sharing them. Here is it folks, a place to trash in your bad days.

So again, how does this work? Just send us whatever you cant share in real life and wanted to get it out, we’ll throw it out for you here! Whatever it is, say it out loud. Either it is an awkward moment, funny, embarrassing… The world is listening anonymously!