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Confession 88 – I Want A and My Boyfriend

In Confessions on February 4, 2011 at 3:06 PM

A guys falls in love with you, and stays for two years. He doesn’t ask for anything, and will wait without wanting anything. He hadn’t told ANYONE, and he is thinking of marriage. He even talked to his mother, and for two whole fucking years you met up with him only twice without touching or kissing. He even forgave you when you talked to his friend on the phone. But will he forgive me when he finds out about A ?

A comes from a different country, he’s 5 years older than me, and we met up once and kissed. and i have met him only just for two weeks.

I love my boyfriend, i love him so much but A just drives me crazy.

I dont want to hurt my boyfriend, but A is just so tempting. A is the devil for crying out loud. He’s amazingly hot, and knows how to treat me.

No, check this out, i was the FIRST girl my boyfriend EVER talked too.

What have i become ? Im not this person. Lust made me break my values. I don’t know whether the feelings towards A are love ? or lust ?

Time will tell, and i am planning to wait. I have promised myself not to go out with A again but stay in touch.

I havent told anyone about A, so i’m here. Im just scared, i want both A and my boyfriend.

  1. BE HONEST, tell ur boyfriend EVERYTHING if its meant to be it is, dont live in lies and THINK dont act on lust or Hotness because that hotness in a year or 2 could have a big belly n tell u “YALA SAWEELE EL M3DAS” so…just..think if the “boyfriend” who hasnt had contact in 2 years..only been with u 2 times..u want that or A…who is not too serious yet dont know if he even likes u or its just…… , anyways id go for niether thats just me 😉

  2. Don’t say anything to your boyfriend. At the end of the day its not like your engaged to him. What does he expect, you have needs too!!

  3. TRD, keep ur thoughts to urself.

    if ur bf is “the one”, then dont tell him, but cut off all relations with A. you cannot have ur cake and eat it too, its unfair to ur BF, u would want better for him.

    i think u love ur bf, but ur lusting for A.

    so, depending on ur morality, u are at a crossroads.

    i pray you make the right choice,

  4. sweetie , if u are ever in love and torn between 2 guys , go for the second , if u really loved the first , you wouldnt have fallen for the second .

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