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Confession 85 – We Exchanged Numbers

In Confessions on January 28, 2011 at 2:31 AM

I went to London one summer and i meet a Saudi guy he was sweet and charming, he was the one. we first met in laster square we exchange numbers i didnt think he will call me but he did. we talked that night till 7 am and then we decided to go out, our offical date. we went to zumba i wore a tight red dress and he wore tight jeans and a perverted t-shirt. he was acting very weird and started drinking and i drank with him.while we were eating he was under the table!!! throw my dress,up to my thighs i was shock but to drunk to do anything, and i liked it i didnt want to stop! then we finnshed diner, and went straight to his hotel,churchil. we went up in different elevtors so people wouldnt notice. i still remember his room number it was 301. we stood infront of the door starring at eachother wondering whats gonna happen in the room, he opened the door for me and he placed his hand around me and throw me in. i fell on the floor regreting the day that i met him. he raped me and when i
woke up he was gone no bags were there and all his stuff gone. i got a call that it was check out time and i had to pay for his 2 week stay! i didnt even know the guy and if my parents new they wud kill me. i put it on my card which was for all my stay in london. I never got a call back, i called about 50 times. i saw him this summer, i didnt know what to do. he just laugh and walked away like nothing ever happened. now im damaged for life with no marriage, no life, i cant be me any more.

  1. Why do I have a feelings that the last couple of post recently are all fake stories by fake people..


  2. look if this story is real leave me a MSG with his number i can fined out where he lives but i don’t really think its a real story anyways if you want a comment on your story you should of known better then to go out with a guy on a date out side your country am i right?

  3. Killer-X:

    1. There is absolutely no way you can track him by his number especially if the number is one of those free SIM numbers where you just pay for the top up credit (which 99.9% of Arab visitors to the UK get).

    2. “You should of known better then to go out with a guy on a date out side your country am i right?”…Personally I would rather go out on a date with someone outside my country. =)

    Anyways I think this story and the newer ones are all fakes…notice how all the stories are submitted suddenly around the same time…pretty suspicious to me.

  4. it could always be the dude who’s writin the story as the chick..

    eitherway, theres no use cryin over spilt milk. ur an adult, u made the wrong choice, complete disregard for ur values, ur ethics and ur religion, but like i siad, theres no use cryin over spilt milk.

    u can always play the “rape” card with ur future husband, and tell him what happened, if he cares for u it wont matter, if its a social thing then ur shit out of luck.

    those are ur options.

  5. what up TL, its been a while!
    spilt milk? girl i just came back from the cinema and you need to see “the Eagle” anyways hows this website be trating u TL?

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