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Confession 81 – Friend Zone

In Confessions on October 31, 2010 at 5:17 PM

I go to a Private English School, some people automatically assume that a girl that goes there is 9i3a ri7a fiha. But as we all know that is a load of bull,or at least we should.Ive never had something dramtically terrible happen to me. The worst i can say is when last year my Arabic Tutor (who works at my school and teaches my friends and who i look to as a grandmother-type)..yeah well her 73 year old husband tried to make a move on me when cornered in an elevator. Nothing happened, and im not traumatised or any of that. As sad as it is, this is kuwait, so this happens to ALL girls at one point or another, even if not exaclty like this.

At school people think im this constantly happy person, that i live a completely carefree, sadeness-free life, just because i plaster this giant smile on my face. And Im fine with that, im not the type of girl to start crying in public or whatever. Maybe thats why almost all my friends are guys. Cause i cant handle the drama. I’m always with guys, if it was anyone else the school would think they’re a slut, but for some reason they make an exception for me. i guess they know i dont do it on purpose, its just..EASIER with guys. they more open, u dont have to worry aout them being all bitchy or P.M.S-y or having to hide things, like pretending u didnt get the inennuendo in what that guy jut said.

Here’s the thing though. You know that all dreaded “friend zone”? Yeah, well i live there. Theres a property in my name. A whole frikken street named after me. A guy i have had feelings for has EVER so much as considered me. Its reached the point where i’ve TRAINED my self to cage in emotions towards someone. I just hold it in, pretend it doesnt exist cause i know that nothing will come of it. I’ve only ever told a guy i liked him once and he just…stoppd existing. Wouldt look at me, or talk to me, aknowledge me, even though he had been my best friend the year before.

Im not ugly.. i know that , although i also know im not gorgeous..its my personality. Its one that screams DO NOT LIKE ME. LETS PLAYS OCCER INSTEAD. People tell me its a good thing, but wat do they know. It hurts. As soon as i can feel myselse falling for someone, this voice in my head goes “You stupid Idiot. Dont do this to yourself. It will never work. Kill it now before you end up getting REALLY hurt.”

And now i really have FALLEN for someone.Like really. Ive been pushing these feeling away for a eally long time..But its official now. And it kills cause hes my BEST friend(who also RELATED)- so i mean really BEST BEST friend’s ale best friend. And i know she would be COMPLETELY against it , because she hates the mere idea that we get together (not that ive ever brought it up, someone just joked about it once.)
And im never gonna do anything about it. He date

  1. Listen, in my point of view, its really not worth it to put ur relationship with ur best friend at risk just because u have feelings for him. It sounds a bit harsh, but its better to be safe than sorry. I mean if it doesnt work out, u’ll lose a friend. Its gona be awkward and u’ll probably feel devastated. Since you already know that he’s not up for it, theres no point in even trying. Later on u’ll realize that this is just a phase, and move on.

  2. not so Lulu,

    being in love with someone is like someone flippin the lightswitch, a once dark room brightens, once that happens, you cant live in the dark anymore.

    to say that its too risky to lose a friend is a defeatists attitude. its the chickens way out, if you feel that your love for him is strong, sawi shay.

    regret for an action taken a7san min remorse 3shan ma saweti shay.

    and zay ma ygolun, whatever doesnt kill me, makes me stronger. if he doesnt feel the same way, its his loss, aham shay you learnt a lesson in being courageous, which is well worth the risk.

    dont just keep it in, u’ll kill urself from z inside.

  3. I agree with the law.
    He has a point and sometime ur best guy friend is around because he as well has some feelings for u. That does not apply to everyboday but it’s worth giving it a try. If it works good for u, if it does not u can move on. I believe that knowing is much easier and better than standing idle hoping for a merecal . Good luck

  4. My Partner in crime TL!!

    words of wisdom shower this blog..
    sensual and progressive as always..

    to our confessor:
    the advice you got already is very good but at the same time it doesnt really help you choose a path..

    my 2 cents are that you know best. you know that gut feeling you have towards opening up towards ur buddy is probably what you need to follow..
    weigh it out: the pro’s and cons of confessin ur feelings towards him…
    personally speaking though without knowing the details of the relationship i’d go with The Law’s advice… is it really worth compressing all those pent up feelings that keeps your mind in an emotional roller coaster?

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