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Confession 79 – Cousin’s Dilemma

In Confessions on September 15, 2010 at 12:51 PM

Hey again!

It’s the second confession here well it’s not a confession just something on my mind mm I secretly talk to my GUY cousin on MSN! without my mum knowing! well mum is not OPEN-MINDED about being friends with a GUY! and I dont know why! but this cousin bel thaaat is like HATED men keel el family EXCEPT ME! my other girl cousin who is my best friend thinks he’s a very rude person and according to what she says only hurt me just about time that I’ll start realizing how much of a jerk he is ! and all of that because they dont get along ! well there some other cousin that used to be really close to him and at the end he said some really cruel stuff to her! well a lot have happened m3a this guy! LIKE ALOOOOT  mn 3 years taqreeban I talk to him so there was ALOT OF DRAMA! like if i wanted to write about it, it would take a whole book! kena really close fl beady bas I did some childish stuff! and his reaction was more childish! so we drifted apart for some time and then got back to being friends bs still not like before and he changed alot in the time we were apart he travelled with some guys who had a bad influence on him and he CHANGED! started ignoring some times! saying BRB and not coming back ! and saying HI once a week if I was lucky while b4 we used to talk DAILY! and its like vie been living on this hope that he’ll be THAT person again but that never happens! it happens like once a month and then the next day he’s back to his habits and thats just the way it is since ive added him its like one month we’re great and the next month I hate him then I delete him; then I miss him then I re-add him & again we fight and its all over AGAIN! he says one nice thing to me and am back am not like that with anyone else like seriously a7s he controls my brain!! y3ne you know its like one day a month he’s the sweetest person in the whole world and we talk for an hour or two and it erases all of his rudeness through out the past month is that crazy? its like I feel I can’t have him in my life YET

I cant live without him! its either friends or khalif its like i never knew you! u know what do I mean! all of this is just way too confusing alot of ppl say he’s a player; a bad boy!! bas wallah a7s they never saw his good side; I dont want to judge him based on other people’s experiences! like there are people who does alot of stuff that are WORST!  no one says anything about hl nas + Ive had a crush on this cousin for some time and got over it but I  cant explain what am going through like why the hell would I be here STILL talking about him & making excuses for him if I didn’t have feelings for him! el meshkela I don’t want to admit it to my self because a part of me knows is never gonna happen and that he’s just gonna break my heart eventually! bas there’s this other part that screams! “you’re meant to be” while on the other hand! being around such a PERFECT human being! he goes to a great college + he looks really good! it makes me think am WELA SHAY inah he’s too good for me oo inah am not good enough and all of those negative thoughts kills me wallah! it causes serious depression; sometimes I don’t eat anything for days! and it also makes me cry my self to sleep every night oo fel nehaya I ask my self, IS IT WORTH IT; LIKE WTH IS WRONG WITH ME! Ive gone crazy, should I keep holding to my dream of being his girl or the right thing to do is to GET OVER IT !!

  1. ur sayin hi agen like we know u or somethin; jog our memory and remind us of ur previous post, so we dont repeat whatever same advice we gave back then here agen.

    off the top of my head; jawaz el garayeb mayjeeb sewa el meta3eb. keep that in mind. plus, if ur holdin a tomato and think its an apple, if one person points it out they’re stupid, if two people they’re ignorant, 3 people or more u gotta reassess and think, well i’ll just make ketchup out of it. get it? u can turn the other cheek and look for hte good in that person if a couple of people tell u hes bad, but if a handful, or the majority, tell u that, its time to listen up and move on.

  2. drop your cousin, expand your gene pool.

  3. In my point of view , hes not worth it, and this whole situation isnt worth it. Kilshay 8ism oo na9eeb, no matter wat u do, its all written, especially ilarzaag. No matter how much u try, or how much effort you put in, he may just not be the one, or he could be. Faa just let this thing go, move on with ur life, ilii Allah kaatba dayman fee 5aiir oo 9ali7.

  4. @ T.L.

    In these past three confessions u get the most rational advice award.
    Nice to see u back in action.

    To the confessor:

    u seriously need a hobby. Get over ur cousin. Anyone who tries to make u feel like dirt is probably dirt himself and not worth ur time.
    Im pretty sure if u had more things in ur life u wouldnt be trippin so hard over him.

  5. ewww you’re into your cousin, gross!

  6. @ Guy: shut the hell up dickhead!!

    @ The Rest Of Y’all: i agree wid you ppl 🙂


  7. oh no..woe is me..
    you’ve called me dickhead and totally subdued me 😦
    now magically that makes it okay to f**k family members, bet you are already doing it, bet you are not going to admit it here either 😉
    go on mate, keep promoting incest BUT dont be gobsmacked when your kids turn out to be ‘special’

  8. Guy
    marrying cousins in this part of the world is not “incest”, which is defined as Sexual intercourse between persons too closely related to marry (as between a parent and a child)

    now, nagi6na biskatak

  9. Loool, oh dear, Dr Z., T.L.,, you guys crack me up! Not it a bad way, in a very amusing way.. You sure do tell it like it is.. Its wonderful to hear such straight talking in a world full of bullshit! 😛 I do enjoy reading what you both have to say.. You both offer very sound advice to others in need of it 🙂 Bless you..

    Piiiiinc, honey, what are you doing?? You are the lovely Pinc Rose, is that correct?

    Pinc sweetheart, trust me honey, dont bother! Try your best to stop with the self torture.. That is if you can anyways :S I confess that I have been silly too.. I never did leave my best friend/love of my life.. But, now, now I am.. Finally, today..

    He is only talking to you again because he is more than likely lonely.. That is what they do.. They come back when they have nobody loving them, or when they have no new toys to play with.. He will use you when ever this happens in his life, if you let him!

    But, I know it is easier said than done.. I did once post an old email address back on confession #50.. If you ever want to talk, please feel free to drop me a line.. I am more than happy to talk with you if you need somebody to talk to this about.. I do understand where you are coming from..

    You take care Pinc, and try not to put yourself thru to much pain with talking to him.. The more you talk to him, the worse your pain will become.. And the more they use you, the more you start to hate them.. Which is not a good place to be at..


  10. the law: so now incest is only just a matter of geography?
    just because you are so sad and desperate that you can only manage a hard on for family members, doesn’t make it ‘ok’ for the rest of us. and if you’re thinking of more clever comebacks-save it!

  11. hows this for a clever come back, shove it where the sun dont shine 🙂

    you are one sorry case, people like you should be muzzled and castrated so you dont breed.

  12. agree with TL

    Guy, you troll, mate? wein ga3ed enta? shfeik, australi wla shu?

    why dont u haul ass and get out, you dont understand the arab culture akeed, la2enek mu 3arabi. ethlef.

    confessor, if you love him, da7i, make a move. dont keep it bottled inside, and dont depend on advice of strangers.

    if you need to talk to someone, wahab.afr.237@hotmail.com i am right here for you.

  13. hehe,

    humanity, you do realise that that is the whole purpose of people posting here, don’t you? we come here to get advice from strangers.. as opposed to advice from people who attempt to make friends for the purpose of,, well what exactly is your intention? i am curious as to why you so freely give your email address out to the females whom make sex related posts.. hmmmm, seeing as how you know how the arab world works and all, you would know how inappropriate that is, especially if you are a male.. tut-tut!!

    did you by chance read the original post from the confessor? the poor lass has stated how she feels for him! that is why he keeps coming back to her! because he knows that she will always be there for him, no matter what..

    humanity, the people who do make comments and give their advise here, do so openly, honestly and freely.. the whole purpose of the comments is so that the confessor can use their own brain to sift through what is bullshit and what is valid and sound advice..

    please stop harassing innocent girls here on this site, it is a lovely site with lovely people who take the time to read, comment and care.. we ask for nothing, all the advice is free!

  14. you gave ur email out, i remember, so ur sexist. b3d ive red ur posts, what r u doing here, this is kuwaitexposed, not australiaexposed. butt out.

  15. humanity.. have you read the post that lays between confessions #50 & #51 ? it was titled sincere clarification? read it, and then learn how to mind your manners a little, before you start to tell others where they are and are not welcome.. this website is no more racist than i am sexist,, thank you very much =)

    and you will notice that i did NOT repeat my email, i simply directed a young lady to where it was.. out of respect to the other people here on this site, i didn’t repeat my address again, because in case you had not noticed, most people are finding it inappropriate, or even offensive behaviour.. i only directed her because i had already posted my email before, and i would not have done so, had i not have spoken to whom i believe to be pinc, already before.. i made an assumption and i was being courteous to the other commenters, that was all.

    have you actually made any productive comments yet humanity? i honestly cannot remember you having ever done so? just a passing wonder..

    perhaps you yourself should do a confession here humanity? or at least start to make some decent comments here, so we all may see you as a person? unless you are appearing to us already as the person you are? i believe you attempted to make a joke about saying that you were a sexual predator.. you know humanity, the thing about sexual predators, they are incredibly smart in some ways, others not so though, they do like to confuse people as to who they are, it is a part of how they operate as a predator..

    it does depend on how old you are though, i am willing to give concession, you may not be a predator just yet.. not if you are still a baby and dont know what it is that you are doing.. but still, it is worrying, would you not agree?

    stop sulking please humanity, do not blame me if people can see through your behaviour.. i am sorry to disappoint you but i am one of the least sexist women that you will ever meet 🙂 i judge nobody my friend.. please watch your behaviour, that is all i was trying to politely point out.. as a female i find it offensive, and it is unwanted here you don’t seem to realise that..

  16. you seem to kno alot about sexual predators, may be coz ur 1 urself.

    do us a favor and stick to your kangaroes and kualas m8. we dont need u butting in from the land down-under.

    i would take my own advice on making decent comments, read #71 if u forget.

  17. Loool, #71 was personal, that was something between my best friend and myself.. and as you can see from what i said there, I do not care who you are, whether you are my best friend or not! men should watch their behaviours a little more.. i will not upset my friend any further by making comments about that post.. i am sorry, but that post should never have been posted in the first place!! nor should have #35 and nor shoud have post #40! so, again, mind your business!

    again, stop sulking please, there is nothing worse than a whiny, whingy male! i know alot about sexual predator because they have always targeted me as a piece of bait.. i know them very well, yes, but from the opposite end of the spectrum that you would.. if you have read more of my comments, you would see that i offer advice to others who have been through similar to myself.. as alot of people here do..

  18. @ reluctantly human ( both of u):

    u both r valuable members of the forum and shouldnt be arguing over who said what. Our discussion is about the chic who wants to be her cousin’s doormat…
    Why dont u guys take each others emails and duke it out on msn..
    Lets keep a positive vibe up in this b****.

    Plz dont make me send u guys 4 time out in the corner :p

  19. reluctantly human? Lool, well said and too true.. point noted, corners it is Dr. Z. 🙂

  20. Dr.Z, post 76 comment #9, a pretender to the throne of Z?

    no fair; i was gettin ready to break out the popcorn n watsh this slug-fest.. oh well *MMA*

    they should bill this site as being more fun than facebok, reboks evil cousin. no pun intended to this confession! hopefully the confessor will stop readin comments after #4; everythin else is just troll n trash, includin myself! so no offense

  21. LEAVE HIM NOW FOR YOUR OWN SANITY! No offence girl, but if a guy really likes you he would make an effort and go out of his way its plain and simple and I hope you get it HES JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU! read the book it will help, hes keeping u hanging until something better comes along! im sure hes got so many girls on the side that he actually likes that you dont know about and thats a fact! Im sorry to be blunt but someone has too, dont except crumbs from a guy u deserve to have the whole pie not just bits and peices, learn to let go and beleive in yourself you deserve to have a happy ending but the power comes within you, dont give your power away so easily those smart girls who get the guy to fall for them are smart and keep their power. love yourself, the pain your feeling is not love its mind games please know the difference.
    good luck! girl power! be stron remember PAIN IS TEMPORARY, PRIDE IS FOREVER

  22. Come on gurl ! U have 2 get over him ! He seems 2 me that he dont care a shit !
    Bt wat can i say : luv is blind ;p

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