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Confession 78 – My Mom’s A Bitch

In Confessions on September 15, 2010 at 12:30 PM

My mom is a bitch. Period. Seriously. I hate her so much. Shagoool oo Sh5aleee?? I’m the type that etha ‘6rbtoony 3la 5ashmee 3la 6ool it bleeds, she knew that and she always used that f 9al7ha.. In other words kanat etkf5ny. Etbarid 7artha, s3at even just because she felt like it. This carried on until i was in grade 8. She’s so stupid.. Lazem dayman heiii el9aaa7 oo ana el’3laa6 ! Actually heiii el9aaa7 oo everyone else is wrong ! If i proove her wrong? Oh i get hit, and get my phone and laptop taken away. Lovely yeah? It’s pretty stupid. All my siblings are married. It’s only me left. I’m the one that has to at7mlha.. and it’s getting worse now since i’m the only one oo all the attention is 3laay… She’s crazy. My parents..? They’re never on good terms. If they are? It’s only for me. Tgdroon tgoolon I’m daddys girl. My dad loves me wayed.. Oo hoo yn6er bs mita atzwaaaj oo aftaaaak min hal 3eesha ! Maskeen wallla Yg6iii3 galbe 7eeel ! The last time my parents kano mt’hwsheen kano By6lgoon .. bs they didn’t because they thought enaah I need them to be together..

The truth is I dont .. I really don’t want my mom in my life. She makes my life a living hell.. An6eer mta aftaak minha wallah.. Of course, nothing new. Another Fight 3la shaaay taf’h .. Everytime my daaad calls ttl9g oo tswe roo7haa etdwer shaay f ‘3rfty ! Muu 9ij y3ne :S .. oo 3gbha tgoole hatha oboch? oo agool ee oo tgoole shgaal? Oo agool Magal shay !! Y3nee T’tlg’f :/! She keeps lieing 3shaan a6l3 elklaaam mny ! Shes using me .. The only thing i want? Aftaaak minha .. I seriously want them to get divorced oo a3eesh with my dad ! Bss I know enhaaa bt9eer nathlaaa oo btgoolah Oh no we can live in the same house entaaa 6ab8 oo ana 6aab8 3shan 3yale ! Oo elmshkla ay 3yaaaaaal ? Anaa bs ely bgeeet ! Oo ana klsh mabeeha .. almishkla ma7s enah fee anyy chance eny aftk minha .. Like a7s she’ll stay bil kuwait ! Mar7 trj3 deert’ha 3nd ahl.ha .. Like i want her to.. I would want to visit her in fel vacations ! Bss mabe ashoof’ha kil yoom.. jaaad abe aftk minha oo hal 3thaab ely m3yshtnee feeh ! jad jaaaaaad jaaaaaad T3bt all I want them to do is get divorced .. Just needed to get all of this out.. Inshalla 5air .. I really hope enah they get divorced and she goes back to deert’ha

  1. men ween omich?

  2. my 2 cents:
    first of all if ur mom is a bitch what does that make u? An S.O.B.?
    U r blamin ur mom for everything and u dont give a rats ass about her?
    Why are u hopless towards mending ur relationship.
    I personally think u have a big ego and nobody should be so demeaning towards their mom. Go back a cpl of confessions and a girl was tryin so hard to fix her relationship with her mom and her mom is much more worse than how u depict ur mom.
    Trj3 deertha?
    Are u fucking kidding me? Where ever shes from half ur origin is from there. And if u disrespect that that means inty jleelt asl.
    I didnt say what i said to be offensive or rude.
    Consider tough luv or whatever u want.

  3. @ JAKE:
    thank u even though u come off as sarcastic…
    Are u a dude Or is JAKE an acronym?

  4. Just A Kid Essentially

  5. Hahaha!!! All I can say to comfort u is that everyone goes thru the samething!! Trust me on that!!! Just say it’s part of growing up!besides u don’t want a step mom hovering over u… Who wud be evil mean indifferent!!

  6. والله العظيم ان حسبالي الكلام غشمرة طنازة
    ضحك اي شي.. و طول ما أنا اقرأ قاعده انطر الجملة اللي تنهي الموضوع و توضحه. شفت التعليقات و انصدمت آثاريه صج!
    وخزياه بس .. الله يكملك بعقلك

  7. I’m sorry for u but I feel u r the greatest girl I,ve heard about her wish to u goodluck

  8. الله يعينج يعني انتي عمرج ١٣ سنه وشفتي النصيين بس حبيبتي انتي كبر بنتي والله اذا تطلقوا راح تعيشين بعذاب اكثر وامج من اي ديره

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