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Confession 77 – Lying All Over

In Confessions on September 12, 2010 at 7:50 AM

Ok ! am really lost right now am ashamed of the person am turning into every time I do something wrong I yell at my self in my head saying “THIS IS NOT ME! WTH AM I DOING”

I’ve just realized I might have a serious problem with LYING ! yes am a LIAR ! I dont know when! how or why

first what am going to say is really BAD! like you’re gonna think am the worst person on the PLANET! but really believe me when am saying I HATE MY SELF! well ! it was a couple days ago since we had problems with MAiDES stealing stuff from the house since FOREVER ago ! well mm we have a newly hired maid ! she cleans my room kl yoom and well i’ve noticed that some of my makeup are missing and I asked my mum if she had seen any and then a perfume went missing from my room! so I told mum that I think the Maid is a thief -_- and that mum needs to talk to her cos I can’t have my stuff stolen every now and then -_- and well mum talked to the maids telling them that there r some stuff missing from my room and all well the day after that mum told me to check my room maybe she has returned some of the stolen items
and at the End I found my lipsticks in my closet and I figured that i’ve kept them there b4 traveling ! when mum showed up in my room ! i got really nervous cos she’s gonna kill me if she knew inh am so MHMLA ! when mum saw the lipsticks back in place she was like “she returned them” and b4 I could explain DAD showed up! and he was like @_@ god I need to talk to her about this ! she returned it ?!! and I was just way too scared to tell the truth! and was like YA! I FOUND THEM In The Basket @_@ and then dad decided he wasn’t going to talk to her since 3la golth she GOT THE MESSAGE ! WALLAH WALLAH I HATED MY SELF FOR DOING THIS! I couldn’t sleep all night long!
and I really prayed to god waied begging for forgivness ! its really breaking my heart that I did that to a women who works here! mskeena wallah I can’t even look her in the eyes am so ashamed! el7amdella el salfa is OVER! bs the guilt is killing me & I can’t tell the truth it’s too late wallah!

and then today I LIE AGAIN! WTH is wrong with me mum went to the supermarket to get some stuff for the house and all ! and mean while! the maids asked me if they should clean mum’s room or wait till she’s back I was busy with my laptop so I just told them ya u can clean the room! and when mum was back! she was like HOW DID U ALLOW THEM TO CLEAN MY ROOM without checking if the DRESSING ROOM is locked! don’t u know this new MAID is a thief I started stuttering ! it broke my heart -_- it’s all my fault !! so in order to make her feel safe that the new maid didn’t steal anything from her room I was like “knt wagfa 3la rashum and when they were done with your dressing I closed the door and left” she said ok
and that was a LIE @_@ ! and when mum went to her room she figured that her dressing was locked a9ln and that I was lying ! it was EMBARRASSING ! WALLAH IT’S THE WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD! and she gave me this big SPEECH about how much Lying can affect me in life and how no one will be able to trust me o che! it really HURTS
I dont want to be that person wallah but I really don’t know what to do ! it’s so SCARY, the thought of having to deal with my lies in the future ! its such a bad habit that I really want to get rid of =( !

I just needed to let this out!! and I really need help !! guys I need to stop LYING !
what can I do !! am I the worst person in the planet & am I gonna be stuck with this LYING problem for the rest of my life!

  1. do you know why we lie? because the truth is just not comfortable.. it aint easy.. its harder to fake..
    we lie.. to protect ourselves or other. its a total human nature.. its our defense.. our protection.. im not saying its right im saying that everyone is doing it..
    dont hate urself because this is normal.. yes its not ok.. but it aint hell..
    just think “if im brave enough. i should take responsibility for my actions.. to blame myself instead of other..”

    walla.. dont you notice how.. even when ur late.. u blame the traffic? when its ur fault for not managing ur time

    this is the same thing.. once we take responsibility for our doings.. we face that thing that makes us uneasy.. we get out of our comfort zone.. “the lying zone”..
    its liberating believe me.. to say something that someone may not like..but satisfying ourselves by proving we are better than what everybody think of us..
    and you are.. believe me, you are =)

  2. All I say is, in the future, you need to learn to take responsibilty for your actions. There are no exceptions.

    The maid thing, we’ve all been there! It’s normal! You have some random stranger that works for you and goes through all your personal and private stuff. What do you expect?! Of course you’ll have doubts! Many maids have stolen before, it’s just that you have to be on the look out.

    If this is your biggest, deepest, and darkest confession, your heart must be really pure. If it isn’t, keep ’em coming! We’ve been waiting for weeks! Please! We need more posts! Confess!

  3. Its ok mistakes happen every second it just tht we need to learn from them any time when u wana lie think bout it if I don’t lie wat happens and if I like thts. Sin other thn tht I need to pull another million lies untill ppl find out tht I’m lieing for most cases lieing isent worth it

  4. Listen here honey, we all lie.. I used to lie bout such little crap that I never did care!! I have a cozin who lies the fuck outta everything!!! But now, anything I do I just tell ma parents 🙂 Dad im going out to this place yada.. yada. I missed school coz I dont feel like it. Just say it as if nothings wrong, as if you wouldn’t care bout no shit. That worked for me, say the truth bout little things then it’d be easier towards the real deal 🙂

  5. Heh I liked the story…but what if shes the one who took them and then returned them back..?I don’t trust them they can make party at my kitchen without me knowing that

  6. @nora: u missed the F***in point all together. We’re not talkin bout maids. We’re talkin about lying.

    @Lactosuria: ur not helping at all. Being honest about being irresponsible is like winning the special olympics. Even if u win ur still retarded.

    My 2 cents:
    BE REPONSIBLE FOR GODS SAKE. Whats the worst that would happen if ur honest? Get ur head cut off? And dont forget 7bal alchthb gseera. Eventually ur lies will come back and bite u in the ass.

    And by the way ur confession seems way too innocent. Im not sayin that ur lying i just think ur fishing for compliments.


    • wow u just go against everyone dontcha dear? 😛 being honest towards everything is great.. n yeah ive been told im retarded by a couple of friends but that duznt necessarily mean im one 🙂 XD


    • wow u just go against everyone dontcha dear? 😛 being honest towards everything is great.. n yeah ive been told im retarded by a couple of friends but that duznt necessarily mean im one 🙂 XD doncha forget that even if u win, ur still retarded but you got a golden medal 😀


  7. Dr.Z, my brother in arms, as always you are one straight shooter.

    i wasnt gonna give my two cents on this, but now i cant resist.

    Unfor Sinn: what are you on about, like seriously?

    Annonymous: way to sound like a complete biggot, many maids have stolen before.

    Lactose-intolerant: lay off the peace pipe, everyone lies so its ok? hope u folow that mentality when people jump off a bridge.

    nora: are you 10? its way past your bed-time, and i dont think u qualify to give anyone advice about anything.

    its amazing how everyone is saying its ok to lie. but im not lookin at you as a lier, you are a coward who pushes the blame on those less fortunate, if it were a sibling it might be ok, but your maid, seriously, dont u think their lives are hard enough, have u not heard of all the stories of abuse, and how they commit suicide? NOW you know why, its because of irresponsible behavior like yours.

    that is the repercussion of ur actions, still want to clap your hands for her people?

    there is such a thing as white lies, but pinning the blame on the maid is UNFORGIVABLE.

  8. Best story I’ve read o ur way of writing that mithil my friends way I think ur her too. Madry

  9. White lie 😀

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