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Confession 75 – 3rd Anniversary Went Wrong…

In Confessions on August 12, 2010 at 12:19 PM

Last September, my boyfriend I went on our 3 year anniversary date.  things got out of hand, and one thing led to another.  three weeks later i found out i was pregnant. i desperately tried to hide it from everyone so i through myself down the stairs of my building (my parents weren’t in kuwait at the time). So i went to the doctor and i found i have lost the baby :D. * the story seems to get better but its not* my doctor had included the whole truth about how i had “fallen” and why. i figured because they had a doctor patient confidentiality i was secure, sooner then i thought.. my doctor started to threaten me.. and had forced me to do sexual things to him, in order not to expose my secret. at the moment i realize how stupid this whole thing sounded and that i could have stooped it but i was only 18 at the time. my point being, my doctor had taken my number, and technically made me his sex slave. When ever he would call, i was forced to go or else..
this had gone on for about 8 months.. we would have sex 5-9 times a week. later on.. as the days seemed to get longer and longer.. the guy then shared me with his friends who he invites to his apartment which he bought just so that him and i can do our thing without his wifes knowledge. a month after he shared me with his friends, they started to use me as they please and i had no way out but in… and i had no one to tell.. my boyfriend dumped me, my parents got divorced and i could NOT include this to our current problems. as it went on, i started to enjoy it and i started to realize, i couldn’t wait for the next time one of his friends calls me. i started to notice how much i began to crave sex, or any kind of sexual contact. sex was what i seemed to live for. the raw touch and abuse of my doctor was unforgettable, it was the only way to make me feel alive! (i may sound insane, but you cant judge what you haven’t been through)… my question now is.. what should i do? where do i
go from here? im a 20 year old woman, who cant seem to stop this need of sexual contact.. anything is everything to me! is this even normal? of course not! what can i do to stop this? as i write this post, i start to change my mind and erase what i wrote because in some what way i don’t want this to be fixed! i want to live the life im living but i also want a life, with a family, a husband to care for me, a child to love me.. but i also want the constant sex that i currently get! and i cant ask for help because the doctor is a well known man, and has many powerful friends.. people will think im lying! and even though my family is a well known family, i still cant have my families name dishonored! should i ask for help? should i tell my family ? shasaweee? a7ad esa3idny!!

  1. You have to go to therapy. Probably best if its out of kuwait because as you said, you might get blackmailed because people here have no ethics at all.

    Good luck

  2. There are discreet ways of dealing with it. The ministry of interior has a division to handle things such as your case, where the girl/woman is being blackmailed by men (even cops). The whole point of this new squad/division is to handle cases of forced rape, BF’s threatening girls with nude pics, etc. So if you are truly willing to end this you may contact them on their office numbers, the employees who will receive your case will be women and then handed down to undercover male cops who will set-up these men and handle the situation. You should end this life of shame and fine yourself a BF who enjoys sex as much as you do and practice it safely, or do the ‘muslim’ thing and get married.

  3. wow. that truely proves that you can’t trust anyone. even a damn doctor. you should really think about traveling to another country; like what diablo said. maybe they’ll forget about you while you are gone? so you can have a healthy fresh start when you come back and probably have that family you wanted to have.

  4. the great thing about blackmail is, it works both ways, u follow? if he is a well known man, u can put the shoe on the other foot. he will lose his license, his livelihood, his reputation, his position, all of it.

    ofcourse there is no way to justify ur nyphmo attitude, u could always say it was a result of his “abuse”, and further his degradation.

    use ur mind, implicate him somehow, via recorded phone-call, video etc.

    i cant believe ive written this, at the same time i cant believe i just read what i did.

  5. Wow !!!!!!! Ok…. first things first – I really do hope that you use protection. Sleeping with that many men?? At least protect yourself if you want to continue this way of living. If you haven’t been tested already – do so please.

    Listen – I know that you are confused right now but as I was reading what you were saying I thought “Why doesn’t she fire back at him” I then saw “The Law”‘s comment above and realized someone else out there had the exact same thought. As evil as this may sound – they’re evil too. So go by the saying “An Eye for an Eye”. This guy is married and is a DOCTOR!! – he has more to lose than you do.

    And I know that you are now addicted to this feeling but hold yourself. You need to have will-power. Because this will have implications on your future – if you want to get married one day sleeping around just because of your current ‘desires’ won’t help your situation at all. I don’t advise seeing a therapist in Kuwait. I highly suggest you see one abroad like Bahrain or Dubai – get out for the weekend even if it’s once a month.

    For now this is what you need to do:

    1) Record their voices at all times. Especially when you start getting threatened just GET IT RECORDED.

    2) Be diplomatic – do not say “IM NOT SEEING YOU ANYMORE” Just dodge their phone calls ignore them – The minute they start threatening you again and sending you threatening messages – tell them that you have their previous threats recorded and save their msgs. This way if things get out of hand you do have proof that can be held against them.

    3) You want a family? You want to have a husband? Stop having sex with strange men! No man wants to be with a woman who has been around! Not here in Kuwait nor in any “open minded” country in the west! It’s a FACT of life.

    4) Once this has been resolved – Change your number – start new.

    At the end of the day – everything I just wrote is just an advise. So you will either take it… or leave it and continue the way you are right now. I honestly think you should listen to The Law and myself and get this over with. You’re so young you’re only 20 years old. Get your life on track now before it gets even bigger and grows out of hand.

  6. I don’t get two points of what was written above: you said that you’re from a well known kuwaity family yet you mentioned that you live in a building where you used the stairs to get rid of your pregnancy? Don’t well known people usually live in houses or mansions?
    Second, you said you went to a doctor that blackmailed you and used you for his sexual needs and shared you with his friends,don’t most girls who are 18 and scared usually go to female doctors?

  7. hasnt anyone ever heard of a CAMERA ? its used to video film things ….like…. ur ex doc abusing u ?
    get therapy help , this is disgusting!!

  8. Sue him, ishtikay, anything!

  9. Agoolich shay? Yimkin you’re thinking: Wai3! Shyaboon hathail? They have no right to sy this about me. I know how it feels. I used to think that, bas 9IJ 9IJ sim3ay kalamhom. Tra hathail ilnas illy 5alony straight again. Wallah inna 9a7 kalamhom.

    T9adgeen 3ad? Mn kalamhom illy mumkin yibachy, 9irt straight oo gimt 9aly il sinan, oo sawait wa8f etc.

    F sim3ay kalamhom oo leave the horrible things you’re doing. Tara mara7 twadeech mukan.

  10. Why are u all being so hard on the poor girl, isn’t what she went through bad enough? Do u all feel so high and mighty when u insult her? Does it give u the illusion that ur holly and wise? This girl has been abused, whether u like her or not it’s not ur job to judge her! If u don’t have a useful advise to her then simply don’t leave a comment! She might’ve made bad choices but that doesn’t make her a bad person!

    As for u dear confessor, what u have is an addiction. You need to go to a rehab center and do counseling. Even if u love doing what ur doing, u know that that’s not a proper way to live ur life!

    As for the doctor, what he did was unacceptable by anyone, but having it coming from a doctor is just disgraceful! Do as everybody pointed out, and get him as far away from other vulnerable girls as u could!

    May Allah have mercy on u wesahel 3alaich honey. I wish u the best that life could offer.

  11. well.
    get married.
    let the guy have sex with you. as far as I know 99% of straight young men WILL NOT REJECT SEX
    that’s a solution
    also someone already discussed about how blackmail is a two edged sword.
    stick it to his side.
    he’ll lose his job, his license, his marriage and alot of other stuff. threaten to leave you alone.
    find a guy, get married and have as much legal not strange sex as you want.
    this might seem mean but i’m dead serious

  12. Don’t think I’m coming back to this blog.. Too intense

  13. Ana agool awal Shay lazem etshoofeen lech mo7ame cuze oho el wa7eed elee ra7 yelga a legal way to keep the doctor and his friends away from u
    Oo thanee Shay do u live alone ?
    Ahalech ma 7asaw that there is some thing wrong ?

  14. Please go and get some therapy- you really need a person to talk to that can give you support and listen to you. Unfortunately in this society the woman is blamed a lot of the time for circumstances that are not in her control, and that is why victims are usually terrorized without end. Try and get some proof and then tell his wife! Like a lot of people have said previously- this man has a lot to lose. If the doctor is not Kuwaiti, maybe try and lodge a complaint with his Embassy, followed by the Kuwait medical board (in fact Dr. Al-Sayer is a very kind and open-minded man- get an appointment with him and tell him the whole story, and I’m sure he would help). I really hope that you try and resolve the situation and take back some power! As for the sex thing, I really think that speaking to a therapist will help straighten some of that out in your head before you go on to have a real relationship with someone. Blessings and prayers to you xx

  15. my 2 cents.
    @ diablo ” ppl here have no ethics”. Ur here…
    Where are the ethical ppl? Or is it that u just wanna talk shit bout kuwait?
    Kuwait is better than at least 3 quarters of the world so dont hate just to hate.

    @ bored in Q8 ” do the muslim thing and get married”.
    Y3ny inty catholic wla bs ml7da. Dont try 2 sound demeaning towards islam bcoz if anyone on this website chose to follow islam correctly they wouldnt be confessin.

    @Thek5: there are enough interesting ppl here.

    Dear confessor,
    somethin i concluded is that u havent been raped which means sex was consentual.
    Another thing which nobody but TL realised is that u have an itch between ur legs thats why u dont mind spreading them.
    In my opinion u are at fault as much as ur bf and the doc.
    Im pretty sure without blackmail or anything like that u can yell everyone 2 f**k off. If they can tell ur dead serious they will leave u alone. But as i can tell u bein hesitant and horny probably gives them the idea that u want the chase b4 the pounce.

    • @ Dr. Zhivago : 1st of all, u didnt add anything not previously said, and i wasnt being anal about islam, scroll up and read it again, “somethin i concluded” ?! yeah?!? really??! lmao, mashalla only u can read, we didnt wanna be too mean to her after being traumatized like that regardless of how much she contributed to this act, ” But as i can tell u bein hesitant and horny probably gives them the idea that u want the chase b4 the pounce.” <— after being subjected to repetitive acts women usually do get addicted to it as @ elaine and @ sumaiah pointed out (dnt get pist @Dr. Zhivago im just bored as fuck 😛 )

  16. Hey look I’m here if u want to talk to me add me at wahab.afr.237@hotmail.com and ill listin to u and find ways to help u I know its hard tlking to everyone we can stay on msn and chat until we reach a desion I belive I can be of great help

  17. i am a sexual predator, i will gain your confidence then seek to gain access to ur panties,


  18. @ humanity:
    no luck on luv st. With the ladies?
    Well today is ur lucky day on this website!
    U can chat up voulnerable girls privately and not on the forum so u can ”understand” their problem more and fix it.
    Thats why i suggest to the admins to make a confessors dating service.
    What do u think TL?

    • i think its high time people appreciated the idea of anonymity here, and worked out that people who pass their emails are deprived and most likely, deranged and deluded.

      admins must do somethin bout this, lest we start havin confessions of meetings off this site on this site, gettit?

      true, i check kuwaitexposed more than fb, but there are few (me, doc, vigilant others who tune in to this broadcast) who help with real advise, not some savior-come-sugar-daddy who either wants to talk to a rape victim or send them to the UK for revirginisation.

      ’nuff said

  19. lol @ humanity 😛

  20. I love math , when I read the story the calculation of age is wrong , this story written in August 2010 , things started last Sept 2009 and she said I was 18 in that time and now she said am 20 !!!! She jump from 18 to 20 how come ? Did I miss thing in story I mean any number .

  21. I can only say WOW. This shit seems made up by a sick mind. If it really happened i hope you get through it. Secondly there was a lot you could have done during that blackmail incident. Thirdly tons of people commented advice that is really valuable that i don’t need to repeat.

    It’s an anonymous site give us the doctors name. Retaliate, what have you got to lose or do u like being a sex craved freak which would make most of the guys here love to have you over to spend the night…

  22. Ham yebachy o ham yetha7ik . Is the story filim wela mo9eeeba.

    Looking back won’t help blaming won’t help as well.

    It’s all about u now u need to shap up . If u really need to change then u will and don’t belame sexsual needs because everything is in our heads . Lama etlooo3 chabdich min ta9arofatich u will be able to stop. Bs most probably u r enjoying the attention and men wanting ur body

    It’s all in ur hand just choose to be incharge of the change u want for ur self and start respecting ur self for a change. Intay mo zbalaa
    takel Menich leg6awa welqawarith .

    Et9adgeeen wedi agoolich shetsaween bas a7is mako fayda because it’s in ur hand only and blackmailing is not scary people who blackmail are weak mawarahum Ela el hafa if they find u strong o mayhimich bekhafoon because uhma ma yaboon mashakel .


  23. @ bored: stop puffin &loggin onto this forum.
    Marijuana kills. Pass it!

  24. *passes the J to Dr. Zhivago* enjoy bro 😛 dont hog it though 🙂

  25. @bored: this Jizzle iz the Shizzle ma Nizzle.
    **PUFF** And stop strayin off the subject.

  26. I just wanted to note that what ever that doctor is or who ever connection he has u can put him in medical investigation, I am a medical student and I worked for several months in the maternity hospital and there is medical ethics that this doctor clearly broked them… you may or may not be the only victem of his abuse but u can help stopping him and every thing can be done with complete identity cover for your sake… think about it and let me know please.

  27. um. this isnt really advice. im just gona comment. how did this all start, i mean , knowing that not only are u a kuwaiti, but ur muslim!! i dnt think its that difficult to control urself. if so many ppl can, why cant you? just stop wat ur doing, even tho u love it, alot of ppl do, esta’3firay, take the advice given to u by so many ppl, and go to hajj.

  28. To be honest with you , I thought the whole this was a joke , if that’s the truth then I guess after all this time , you have to ask your self one question (( do you really wanna get out of this situation and get on with your life and start over or you just enjoying your life this way , for god sake you are still young , and you need help …

  29. Whatever you need , I’m here

  30. You’re doing the right thing! So do what you do best!

  31. Many ppl provided alot of solutions, that i didnt even know abt. All i can say is, as soon as ur done with all this, go to hajj.

  32. Hello, I’ve read your post and very sincerely ask for your permission to help you. I am a Professor in Brown University. My Masters and P.h.d are in sub-eternal psychology. Your case is considered as a robust out burst of lust.
    I am in Kuwait for a conference meeting, i will be leaving on the 14th of September, if my help is required please contact me.
    Thank you.

  33. I just want to start this off by telling you that you have put yourself in a box and there’s no getting out of it because the flaw is in ur personality. If you crave sleeping with this monter and his friends then u obviously don’t need any of these valuable advices. Thanee shay, you wouldn’t of gotten urself in this situation if it hadn’t been for ur a5la8!! Shinoo boyfriend? Wain ga3deen? America? Europe? La2 oo foog hatha…you slept with him?? I really don’t mean 2 hurt your feelings bes there’s no way out of this unless ur willing to change your unusual attitiude.

  34. Tell his wife first get him away from u
    U got more to hold against him than he does. Stand up for ur self
    u should know in ur heart that why ur doing is spook wrong and will not get u any where ur just a hoe for these guys,try and fix everything up n get busy redirect ur sex driven thoughts to something else

  35. Precious Lord redeem her! Guide her according to your merciful grace & judge the wicked doctor according to his deeds! You are God & nothing is impossible for you. So I stand before you on her behalf and ask that you save her for YOUR GLORY.

  36. I think you have to work out if you really want to stop. If so previous comments have come up with good ideas. From the tone of your confession I feel like your not quite ready. I think you are getting there. I truly hope you find peace soon. Kuwait is small and you need to be careful as your name could get around and your future dreams of a good man may go up in smoke!

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