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Confession 74 – No Real Family

In Confessions on August 6, 2010 at 10:52 AM

I am so pissed off, MAD, just today i discovered I have no real family my cousins won’t even invite me to their wedding, they act nice in front of me but behind me they hate me like hell. They hate me just because i was in an English school and i’m studying abroad and i get more monthly allowance from my parents than they do, but I’ve always been nice to them i always tried my best to get along with them and try to connect with them, but not at all they do really hate me yesterday i had a little hope and thought i could earn their trust and be a real cousin, since i am the only son and i miss the taste of a brother or a sister and i thought i could find all the things i was missing with them, thought this was a chance for us to bond and i can feel i really do have a real family that likes me, but today when i discovered that one of my cousins had a wedding and all the other cousins were invited but me, i felt hate inside of me, because I’ve never ever done anything bad to them so that they could treat me this way, although my mom used to give that cousin that got married hundreds of KD’s every once in awhile when he was a student in Kuwait University because his father gave him very little, at least he could show his respect to my mother by inviting me, I’ll just go and sit there i wont ruin the wedding or anything, all i can say is shame on him, i feel like i have no family at all, from this day on i wont give them more than they deserve, one day i’m gonna be a great doctor with my own clinic and they will wish that they were close to me, i’ll never give them any account in my life what so ever i’ll pretend i have no cousins anymore nor aunts. I’ll carry on with my life and be the best i can be to show them that I am better than them and they are people with issues, sorry i had to let this out, thanks

  1. They were and are jealous of you. Sorry, it does hurt when people do things and they don’t invite you even though you try to be nice to them as much as possible.

    Best advice I can give you is not to turn into them and do the things they do. Like how you said you won’t give them an account.. well.. then what makes you any different from them? Be a good person on your own accord and not based on others actions.

    Good luck.

  2. i know you will be fine because the last part of your confession is basically the answer to you problem, so you know what you have to do. the trick in life is not to get attached to anything or anyone and you’ll be ok.

  3. ur right , u are better , but not by cutting them off.
    they might be bitches & jerks , but no matter what , they’re still family .
    so what ? who cares what they do or say ? u shouldnt care what others say , u know urself better , if not ur fault they’re jealous , its not ur prob to deal with its THEIRS, yet , u should probably treat them normaly (not with love , nor with hate) , show them ur the better one , but u wont be the bigger person if ur acting like a wreckless jackass .
    Its alright , i have the same prob with my dad’s fam,u know what i do ? i just dont care! i dont need their love crap or drama if i start hating on them .

  4. dear confessor.

    This is some tough love so dont be mad.

    U come off as a snobby brat and u do sound like a cousin i would either avoid or knock out, u are extremely arrogant and fully conceded. Maybe they’re not the problem. Ever thought of that?

    Plz dont be offended coz i like this website!

    • dr. Z, u took the words right outta my mouth, props.

      plus, think of “6ilat al ra7em”, especially with ramadan coming. dont be fightin fire with fire, and get off ur high horse.

  5. Dr.zhivage why is it her fault not followinmg u

  6. @ humanity
    ” my mom used to give him hundreds of kds”
    ” one day ill be a great doc and theyll wish they talked to me”.
    Just bcoz he is more fortunate than his cousins doesnt make them his slave.
    What does the poster have that makes him better than his cousin? Richer parents?
    Sa7bna hne ga3d ymn 3la wld 3mma.
    To me that in itself puts him in fault

  7. You know what? i have the similar problem.
    My cousins from my moms side are pretty far away from me , they dont live in Kw and we dont talk much.. then comes my dads side, they always hated me cause i went to a private school and cause i was way smarter and read books and did interesting things, also cause we have a bigger house and i get more allowance .
    its really fucked up they are jealous of my life?! even though im totally down to earth and hang out with them, i tried so hard to stay with them visit them and all tried to be close they kept pushing me back.
    once at my grandmothers house they had a shelf with photos of all the girls of the family in it , except me
    so i told my uncle why not me? he said ” their different you dont compare yourself to them”
    MY OWN UNCLE! seriously!
    not to mention all the times they all plan to travel together and im the last to know, then they invite me then they call and say “oh sorry no seats on the plane:) ”
    i decided to hell with all of them .
    you dont need cousins. you dont need your friends. you just need yourself.

  8. My advice is just to ignore them and focus your energy else where.. Believe me, now days you get find friends who will be closer to u then amy family member ..

  9. Thats exactly wat Happens to me i hate my cuznz , they hate me, its normal. I mean i think u shud 4get about them but Wat they dd And hating u, i think theyre Crazy thats just cruel! Try tlking to ’em

  10. As the saying goes… You can’t pick your family but uoy can pick your friends. Surround yourself by good friends and find things that will make you happy. Forget about your cousins. Maybe they will grow up one day!

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