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Confession 70 – Rejection

In Confessions on July 20, 2010 at 2:02 AM

i am not kuwaiti but i must confess, so here it goes. this is my past.
my life is shit… i feel sad and depressed, all the people who i care for in my life keep rejecting me.
-my parents reject me because i want to choose my own path
-the only girl i ever loved in my life rejected me
-my best friend of many years rejected me
so on and so forth… now i am stuck to befriending people who use me, i hate it, but i am very desperate and i have a week personality so i went down this shitty road because otherwise i would have no one, isn’t it better to have something rather than nothing.
i have to admit i act stupid to get attention from the people around me because that is the only thing i have to offer and that is the reason they all rejected me. so as the years past i grew weaker and weaker personality wise, i have no friend and no one to talk to. Now i am a 31 year old man with no relationship of any sort except my mother, i allow her to grab me by the testicles only because she gives me attention that i want yet not deserve, and i am so desperate that i even like it…
and another attribute to my failure is that i always run away from every problem that comes my path, i act like a child.
now as i see people around me living great lives with great loves and jobs with adventurous lives, i regret the decisions i made in my path… now after work i go back home to my mother and after she feeds me and bathe me (not kidding, she scrubs me butt naked) i go to an empty bed at an early hour because she doeskin allow me to stay up, once i stayed up and she actually thought i was possessed. this is my life. even though i see my self pissing my life away, i kinda like it and dont want to really change because no matter what happens i know that i can turn to the only relationship in my life, my mother.

I have two questions one for the guys one for the girls and be brutally honest

guys: do you think i am a man
girls: would you marry a person like me

  1. Wow, you know what? You shouldn’t even be on here asking people whether or not you’re a man/someone I’d marry.

    You should be trying to change your life. Wake up! If your mother is treating you like a child, move out or talk to her.
    Just because you’re not married doesn’t mean your life’s over. Get yourself a decent job. Oo inshallah if you try, you’ll make friends from work and slowly everything will get better.

    Bas! Complaining to us without trying to do anything won’t get you anywhere. =)

  2. allow me to answer your questions with more questions:

    1) do you think you are a man?
    2) would you marry a girl with a similar situation as urs, if u were “normal”?

    you have already given up on trying to change ur life, accepting that ur twisted relationship with your mother is a relationship for u.

    unless you change ur mind, theres not really much anyone can do or say to help u out of ur predicament; u dont want to help urself.

  3. It seems you are not helping urself. Do not leave your mother, this isn’t a good step. Instead, try to speak to her with an unsatisfied tone. If ur community rejects u, give it a chance with some relatives. Where is ur father in all of this?!? If ur father is there, i think it is his fault.

    I cannot rate u whether u r a “man” or not! so stop being stupid by posting such stuff!

    Be awake now or suffer ur whole life.

    Ask ur mother or sister or any close female to find u a woman u could get married to, because i think that marriage will settle ur life at this position.

  4. the problem is your mother not you…. some mothers WANT childs so they will treat their kids as kids even if they grow up
    make friends with your co-workers, invite them to your house or invite them to dinner and have fun, leave the house and do some activity.
    everytime you go to your work, ALWAYS have a conversation with co-workers and you’ll change step by step

  5. Dont be stupid ! we cant change u ,hell , we cant help u if ur not willing to !
    Nobody can tell u who u r , who ur gonna be or what u r .
    Man up and change ur life , get out there , make friends at work , work harder , be nicer , Pay attention to how u look cuz it reflects how u feel inside , and by what i read , it aint good !
    U can donate ur balls to Lady Gaga .
    sorry if im going “harsh ” on u , but ur acting like a spoiled mama’s boy , nobody’s young forever .
    Ur 30 years old , what r u gonna do for 50 years from today ?! sit infront of a tv and wait til its 8 to go sleep ? come back from work and wait for ur mommy to give u a pink bubble bath !?
    Make something out of ur life , how ? MAN UP , THINK OF SOMETHING ! and dont ask ur mom! its cute to have a close relationship with ur mom , but she’s acting like ur mom/wife except ur not having sex ( that would be disgusting !)

  6. Im a girl and ill answer you..no i wouldnt want to marry a mammas boy for one reason..your mother will control you and ur wife..many marriages failed coz of a mammas boy’S mother..so No

  7. this is disturbing, i hope you were kidding about your mom scrubbing yoy butt naked :S

  8. 1. Liberize & anon: dont blame his mom or his dad for his lazy ass attitude. He is the only person 2 blame.
    2. touche skinny freak. Took the words outta my mouth.

    3. To our confessor: did u grow up in kuwait? If u did u must havesomebody whose decent besides ur mom.
    Wtf are u waiting for? A miracle? As u have been told what do u expect urself doing down the road when ur older?

    When ur alone start imagining where u will be 5 yrs down the road. Do u like what u see? Then try to find little steps u can take to draw a better picture. When u r doing this try not to blame anybody on how uve reached this point. Not even urself.just focus on how u can alter this lazy dependant path ur on.
    I would appreciate it if u answer guy’s question.
    In plain english ”get a life”.

  9. I would marry a man who would stand for me. U can’t even stand for yourself !
    Knowing ur problem is half the silotion . And it’s clear that u know what u need to do. But not doing it. U and ur mother r not normal , u need to fix it. It’s sick .

    Start here and the rest will follow

  10. u should change ur personality man its not too late you are at the prime of you’r life still much much more things havent happned and theres alot you can do run away on a vacation tell u’re mother or such that u got a training course abroad or u need to go with a friend to some convention and such i dont know but what you have between you and your mom is privet and it as from what you wrote it might effect your relationship if you get married hope you the best

  11. incest!

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