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Confession 67 – Harrased By Karma

In Confessions on June 28, 2010 at 1:12 PM

Its a very long and complicated story but heres the bulk of it. I don’t need advice, I just want to let it out and show how “eldinya dawara”

I was just a 16 year old girl in a private school, who has longed to be in a relationship with someone. After a few years of waiting for ‘FATE’ to find me the perfect match, I knew I couldnt rely on it anymore. So I decided to ‘PUT MYSELF OUT THERE’, and on that same day a new girl transfered to our school. Rumors were spreading about her and her many ‘guy friends’. No one wanted to befriend her because of this rumor, well no one except me (and not for the right reasons of course).

After a month or two of being extra friendly with her, she decided to invite me over, informing me that she was going to have a bunch of old friends over and that she thinks I would get a long well with them.

I jumped at the oppurtunity, no questions asked. Finally, some excitement to my boring old life. So I put my shortest skirt, and my tightest top, with my hair down and a little make up. I was ready to ruin my life (if thats what it took to find me someone I can love and end the boring routine I have been living for so long).

When I got there, the “bunch of old friends” turned out to be just two guys. One of which was introduced to be her boyfriend, and the other completely single and available.

Being the messed up girl I was, instead of falling for the “single available guy” I fell for her boyfriend. He was everything I looked for in a guy, he had a dark twisted type of humour, completely and utterly hot with his dark hair and delicious body, and a kind eyes.

After sneaking around with her boyfriend behind her back for several months, she caught us. She dumped him of course, and threatened to expose me and all my doings (like I said this is just the tip of the ice berg, I haven’t mentioned all the “bad” things I did). I decided that it was best to transfer out of my school the next year for this reason and because of my grades which were dropping heavily.

By the time it was ‘next year’, as much as I tried not to reveal the school I was transferring to, the rumors had already reached my new school and no one wanted to befriend me bacause of these rumors.. well no one except one girl. The same girl who later on stole the boyfriend I had risked my reputation for.

So girls, just before you decide to be all bitchy like I was and decide to steal someones boyfriend. Remember, Karma is a bitch 😉

  1. and apparently, so are you..

    i hope u can get ur life back-together, if in fact that is what u this post signifies

  2. Wow , interesting story ….Karma is a real bitch 😛
    Hope u learned from ur own mistake .

  3. U have guts to share this with us and u r good deep down inside to make us learn from ur mistakes.

    U r young and people will forget about it. U should feel lucky admitting ur mistake because very few people admit thier mistakes or learn from it.


  4. Wowzers
    karma is a bitch indeed..
    Better part to this is that u now learned ur lesson.

  5. Karma is indeed.. a B****

    don’t play around with kuwaiti players, they will use you like a cigarette

  6. calling Karma a bitch isn’t exactly helping the cause people 😀

  7. bitches do get a prize on their lovely act and that’s it KARMA…

    just a short story, couple of years ago while am here workin, our neighbor back in my home country fought with my mom and they said “u old lady u will die soon” guess what yesterday i got a news from my sister sayin that the person who said that to my mother is dying and in stage 3 of colon cancer…and he is only 25…

    karma is just waitin for people who doesnt understand consequences in life and still do bad things…whew!!!

    Godbless Us All!!!

    (just sayin)

  8. bullet:
    Wow man that dude was harsh !

  9. Blessed are those who acknowledge their faults, for they shall with reflection shall reach enlightenment.

    You know what you have done. Understand what you are doing and move forward.

    That is all.

  10. Those who cheat with you, will cheat on you; just as those who gossip to you, will gossip about you.

    It’s always wise to look at how One treats others because it shows what they’re capable of (good or bad).

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