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Confession 66 – Traditional Kuwaiti Family

In Confessions on June 26, 2010 at 5:29 PM

When you live among a typical Kuwaiti family,or traditional as what most people refer to this is what you get:
For  years you struggle to get a phone,you can’t hang out with your friends in malls or whatsoever without an adult,your brother turns your life upside down where ur father backs and claims he is too busy with work and a mother that isn’t close to you!A sister who is already busy with work and her own family.And also the words of a brother that change ur parents minds and removes you from private school and makes you go to a shorty goverment school.Now you will think that I hate my family slot but I don’t!!!!I still can’t live without them!But it’s the way they think is what I hate!And it’s what making me doing the stuff I’m nit suppose to do.From sneaking out,to telling lies and doing the other phorbidden stuff.Sorry family for what I have done,it’s not from me!It’s from you!!

  1. i feel the exact same way and i know a lot of people do but all they do is deny it ive recently tried to stop but i just cant.

  2. Agreed !!

  3. Definetly agreed! All u said was the truth! I am dealing the same here! The brother what bothers me the most i have same and hes being judgemental!God help us

  4. I have the same kind of family , but me and my brother came to peace recently which made my life
    go easier. Living in such a traditional family is a bless and curse at the same time, but if you have faith
    and you come to a point where you are satisfied with what god has given you, at this point you will be happy. AL7mdella there is people who is living in very bad condition and we are in better place.
    Always look at the bright side of life and ignore all the negativity.

  5. Don’t worry that’s everybody story. u r ok and it’s a common factor about people ur age
    Just take care of ur self and put ur own limits that U think u should follow. And make sure u r smart enough not to hurt ur parents ya3ny latsaween fithe7aa. Other wise the rest is on u r only living ur age.

    You reminded me of my self when I was young


  6. OK… reading this, I can tell your like 12, 13, 14 or something around that age.

    Listen babe, most Kuwaiti families are like that.


    I wasn’t allowed to go out with my friends to the malls at that age, and I cried and wrote about it in my diaries. I had 4 older brothers, I always felt like I had 5 fathers! My father and 4 older brothers!

    Now that I’m 21 years old I can completely understand where my dad was coming from! Now I go to the malls with my friends and I see these little pre-teenage and teenage girls walking around the malls by themselves and boys harassing them (even if they were properly dressed and minding their own business). I think, my gosh..my dad was so right. I would never let my kids (BOYS and GIRLS) walk around in the mall like that!

    Hun, your family is just trying to keep you safe, away mn 3yal il 7aram. Just be patient and wait, I grantee you, you will get a phone and a bit of freedom with time. Don’t lose their trust. Don’t blame them for the things you do.

    Your still young, focus on your studies for now.

    And as the years pass by, your family will loosen their rules without you even asking. Just be patient.

    I really hope this helps. Your story really reminded me of myself when I was younger, it’s just that I didn’t mess around and didn’t do anything I wasn’t suppose to.

    Stay safe, Lots of Love

    ~LE xx

  7. sry u may find this harsh .. but i think ppl find sum1 to blame for their faults..i dnt know the background of ur fam ..but the things u do and the limits u cross are the factors which define who u.. u may find it difficult right now but sumday ull realize its all for ur sake .. nd its true it wud piss me off big time if my brother was to put me rules and limits.. i believe in independency .. so just be on the safe side.. the forbiddens, ur pissing God with not ur parents and its on ur account ..

  8. I totally and completely understand what you’re saying. My family is exactly the same, it kills me sometimes bs I learn to live with it because I know that they’re doing it out of love.

  9. first of all, this thing regards ur own family and not a traditional family ..before blaming everything on ur famoly , rate urself and feel responible, i might get all emotinal with u and side with u but that would not benefit u , thibk before u write anything and ur brother cares about u (thank allah and say el7emdella) ONCE AGAIN ((rate urself))

  10. Dear sis,

    we all know what ur going thru, as there at some point we went thru it all.

    They love u that’s y they’re trying their best to protect u.

    The best thing is to be patient oo about friends let ur family know ur friends and even then ur friends family, this is the best way to show them that ur friends r trustworthy 🙂

    it just needs time u know.

    Take care of urself.

    Good luck sweety :*

  11. 10000000% true even if you are not doing anything bad you are forced to lie because of them this is socity and this is the environment we are living in so just live with it

  12. i give you a 574827562754097560560425620+ thumbs up !!!

  13. This doesn’t just happen in Kuwaiti families. It doesn’t really matter what country you’re in, west or east, parents are always protective and teenagers always rebel. All teenagers sneak around behind their parents backs at one point or another. But I can promise it gets better as you get older.
    And just btw, going to a public school isn’t the worst thing in the world. Don’t get me wrong, it sucks that your parents changed your school just because your brother told them to. But things turn out best for people who make the best of how things turn out. Going to a public school might actually give you a different perspective. I’m just saying this because too often people from private schools think we’re stupid/can’t speak English/don’t study and it’s sort of ignorant.

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