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Confession 61 – *REMOVED BY AUTHOR*

In Confessions on June 7, 2010 at 10:04 AM


  1. you say you were really close to her; meaning you told her how your mother was treating you, correct? if she knew that from you, yet believed the lies your mother told her not as a “mujamla”, then guess what? you relationship was not as strong as you thought.

    she could have merely listened to your moms raves and dismissed them, given how close you thought you were. bas she believed her.

    your explosion on her was over the top, granted. no use crying over spilt milk. a crumpled paper can never be perfect again. try to rebuild your relationship with your mom, reconnect with her. blood is thicker than water.

    as for your friends mom, like i said, if she felt for you the same way you did for her, she would have never cut you off so suddenly due to your moms rave. part of her believed it to be true. she could have let you know she was merely not speaking to you for your moms sake, but she believed you. she didnt. so forget about her.

  2. Phone calls and texts are not enough. She’s your neighbor. Go knock on her door and ask for a few minutes of her time to explain everything, and make sure her daughter – is she still your friend? – is there too!

  3. Tell her a cup of coffee is all you need.. Sit and talk . Mayenfa3 thru the phone

  4. tell ur neighbor , u cant have all this crap hanging on ur shoulder everyday , she has to know , and as for your mother , i say : stay away from her , but , u dont wanna be a bitch and completely shut her out , so write a letter to her every now and then , and hand deliver it at her door , so she cant track (the address ) it down and start all that shitt over again , unless ur still living in her house …

  5. dear confessor,
    your situation is sh!t on a stick. you have me so struck that i dont know what to tell you… there is alot of info that u are not sharing that is necessary for judgement and advice.

    * why is your mother like this? sayin she is mentally ill doesnt explain her hostility towards you ( im not sayin u have to share the info).

    * why did u believe your mom when she said what she did?

    * why didnt u give the lady a chance for clarification hence she is your role model & you’re close to her..

    like TL said even after u went off on her, i would think it would be expected of you to apologize to her and explain urself.

    a word to you personally;
    beef up your security measures and i feel like ur 1 tough cookie..
    stay safe & say NO to drugs πŸ˜€

  6. Sure call her or u Should even go to her house kiss her on the head apologize then tell her the hole story, r u serious what is a txt msg apologizing for all what u cased her be brave and stand for what happened , as for ur mother b good with her but careful for ur self dnt let her damage ur life any more ,, best of luck sweaty ;*

  7. I really think you should have a talk with her.
    Don’t be afraid, if she really means so much too you try to fix the problem. If you let fear from stopping you to do so then you’ll live live for the rest of your life asking what if.

    Knock on her door. Ask her if you can just have a few min. with her. Tell her everything! From beginning till the end. She seems like a nice lady she’ll forgive you. We all make mistakes πŸ™‚

    Good luck!

  8. She seems like a really sweet person, and i agree with Stardust, go up to her door one day, and take her out. If she refuses, don’t give up, and stay with her until she gives you a few minutes
    tell her the truth, and then thank her and go, it’s up to her to accept your apology and believe you..

  9. that is so sad 😦 damn my advice is ask her if you can come over her house because you want to talk about a “Mawthoooooo3 mohim” πŸ˜› and sit with her explain everything and say your sorry and you acted out of anger cus ur mom lied about the whole thing and…. just be honest if you speak from your heart you will connect…and ..if i was next to u id hug u 😦 poor u /hug πŸ˜€
    Good luck..

  10. listen to me as i learned through out my entire life is that people forgive. and she is like a mother to you so just go to her face and say sorry then tell her the story after that its her choice if she forgives you or not and give her some time
    inshalla this helps πŸ˜€

  11. U need to apologies so u can live in peace . U seem like a strong person serviving all of that am sure u will soon have the guts to clear things with ur friends mother. She deserves a good gesture from u

  12. I know that Im posting late, but phone calls and texts wont do anything, you should talk to her face to face and tell her ur story like everyone above me just said, tell her about ur mom and how she treats u -u can say that because she is a close friend and ur idol as u mentioned above- then finish it off with a hug and tell her thats all i wanted to say and im really sorry then just leave, she will call u or talk to u after a day or on the same day u confronted her!

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