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Confession 60 – Beach House

In Confessions on June 5, 2010 at 11:39 AM

Every weekend my friends and I gather at the beach houses in Bnaider, we hang out at the tent or balcony until sunrise. All of us but one, “X” always “sleeps” early. She gets up tell says “Ta3bana, I’m off to bed” I believed her the first couple of times, but one day I got suspicious. She glanced at her cell phone, then got up to “snooze”. I decided to atlaygaf and go to the washroom close to her bedroom. I heard a squeak coming from the window side. Walked back out the balcony and on my way i see her coming down the ladder. At that moment I hid behind a wall. Clearly, she was sneaking out. But to who? I saw a “Black GMC” parked at the drive way. It kind of looked like “7amoods” although I didnt expect it at all. When she opened the door to get in, I realized she was going out with my ex bf. We just recently broke up 2 weeks ago. I kept quiet, and now it’s been 2 months 3ala hal 7ala and she didn’t bring it up at all. Although she was the girl who warned me about how he plays around and stuff. I feel sorry for my hypocrite friend although I do not want to open the subject to her because I don’t want any drama to go on.

  1. obviously , u have to talk to her about this , u cant just keep it buried inside of u , cuz one day , its all just gonna blow up in your faces .
    if your okay with her going out with him (cuz obviously he doesnt deserve u ) , then talk to her , tell her its okay , as long as she isnt doing anything ” too much too soon.”
    but i have a feeling there’s alot to her story then you think .

  2. seriously DONT FIGHT OVER GUYS…let her be with him..at least u will know deep down she has your trash..i say keep it to urself..

  3. wow MAJOR whore status…your friend seems to like your sloppy seconds. Don’t girls have any loyalty towards their friends nowadays. Usually I would say get your revenge back at the bitch but sometimes its not even worth it don’t lower yourself to trash like her!!

  4. They can go to hell.. F#%$ them
    Mo wagfa 3ala a7ad, are you ?

  5. good riddance to bad rubbish.

    7amood is a player, and your gal is his soon-to-be latest conquest. anything you say to her, no matter how heart-felt, will be interpreted as weakness, and jealousy.

    wait it out; maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but she will soon be puffy eyed and red-nosed over something, that is when you drop the H-Bomb by saying, “i know what you did @ the beach house”.

    HOWEVER! let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. are you 1000% sure the black GMC was infact his? you are talking about the most generic car to youths, and the most generic color. + how did things end with 7amood? were you alright? missing him? planning on getting back together.

    too many variables, not enough details. if infact it was him, stick to the first half of this; if it isnt, well, shes still scandalous for going around behind the gals backs, but atleast she aint two-timing.

  6. my 2 cents:

    3asfoorain b7ajr

    birds of a feather flock together…
    its their loss not your regardless of ALL the circumstances!
    they both know they are cheating u in a way and u found out… you sound emotionally detached from them so f@#$ ’em!!
    wanna hook up?? 😀

  7. Filthy mouth, no excuse
    Find a new place to hang this noose
    String me up from atop these roofs
    Knot it tight so I won’t get loose

    Truth is you can stop and stare
    Run myself out and no one cares
    Dug a trench out, laid down there
    With a shovel up out of reach somewhere

    Yeah someone pour it in
    Make it a dirt dance floor again
    Say your prayers and stomp it out
    When they bring that chorus in

    I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away
    I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away. (LINKIN PARK)

  8. @ Riot 0.o ?????

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