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Confession 56 – All Alone

In Confessions on May 20, 2010 at 9:27 AM

I’m 17 years old, and an orphan. My parents died in a car accident 10 years ago, so since I was 7 I lived with my grandmother, she passed away when I was 10, so I lived with my uncle.

He was single, and never home, always on business trips and meetings, so I was at home alone all the time. I didn’t have much friends at that time. But I had a boy friend I knew from MSN.

At age 12 I got my first period, I didn’t know what to do, and was ashamed of telling anyone at school or my uncle, so I told my boy friend. He was 17.

He said it happens to girls who don’t have sex a lot. And to make it stop I had to have sex with boys. So he invited me over and you can finish the story off.

I swear to god, he made me a whore, I was a toy to all his friends.

2 years later I discovered that he was lying to me, he laughed at me an threw me out of his shalay.

I had to wave and stop a car with a family to get back home, my uncle still doesn’t know, no one knows actually.

My uncle got married last month, and I really like his new wife, do you think I should tell her?

  1. what do they teach @ school? i mean, there is no use crying over spilt milk, but, 12, dating a 17-year old?

    i hope you aremaking smarter decisions now that you are 17.

    how does she feel about you? i mean, is she nice, warm, open, or does she feel like you are “intruding” on her and her husband? if she is the first case, you can talk to her about it, it will make you two closer. but weigh her personality first, as she could use it as a weapon against you later if she is the jealous type.

    also, consider ur relationship with ur uncle, has he always been there for u? is he a father-figure? how would he handle it?

  2. dont tell her…

  3. I would say be careful. Not all the people around understand our situation.

    I would also suggest the same as The Law has suggested you!

  4. you are lucky. what he did to you was evil, trust it will come back to him 10-fold, but it could have been worse. just read bout one girl who met someone on fb, and he killed her.

    as for telling your uncles wife, wait. be patient, get to know her first. i guess ur relationship with ur uncle is strained, given how hes always off on work etc.

    the opportunity will present itself in due time, for the moment, show her affection, see how she responds.

    best of luck to you.

    you are strong, never forget it.

  5. Ok guys I know i may look like an ass hole here, but this story really reminded me of this video, it’s the same!

    Skip to 1:04

  6. omg, thats the WORST story i have ever heard , its horrible what happened to u , but dont tell her , u should burry the past , not dig it up all again, ur wiser now , u were naive , i think its too sad.

  7. dear confessor,
    my utmost apologies for having to be alone in this cruel world. in reply to your question i dont think you should let your guard down and share your secrets with her. you never know (yet) if she would ever blackmail you with it. i say this realising you need a female that you can trust in your turbulent life. just make sure you develop solid trust with her before pouring yoru heart out to her.
    be wise and stay safe!

  8. Yes.

    You are lucky you didn’t get impregnated by now.

  9. I am sorry for what happened to you and I think you should first build your relationship with your uncles wife and if she is good with you only then should you tell her.

    I feel sorry for girls who get taken advantage of and I really feel like killing those jerks who do things that disrespect men and make us look bad.

  10. NO Use of telling her, you just knew her and you could ruin you uncle marriage, you can tell you very very close a friend of yours if you think she can help by anyhow but the past is gone , live the moment

  11. I wouldn’t recommend you to tell her. At least i wouldn’t!
    Good job with being s strong women though!

  12. Dear Confessor,
    Please bury the past. You were young and didn’t have any guidance. Don’t blame yourself; you’ll live and learn a long and happy life.

    My prayers go to you and I wish you nothing but the best.

  13. Tell her, you need to get back ur virginity and she can help u out with the surgery

  14. tell her, but yet keep it between you two.
    you were young and naive and you didn’t have that mom-figure to teach you differently.
    you’re not to blame.
    a human heart isn’t that harsh. grow attached with her and open up.
    you can’t keep it burying inside forever

  15. dear confessor, i guess the summary is, build a relationship with her, then tell her.

    and dirt, stop beating yourself up over what happened, take your own advice, “you’re not to blame”, the first proactive step is to change your name. u r not dirt my friend.

  16. Damn,,,
    I really feel sorry and would like you to kick this damn ass, if you find him. About your past i would like to say that before 5years this poor internet was not avaliable to you that you could have checked over internet.
    About future damn to all this go for surgery. Don’t ruin your life for that animal. In UK(london and paris) they are doing this surgery and they are famous.
    Please ask me for more info if you want and if you feel any difficulty in going to uk do letme know pleaseee…
    May Allah give you strength and confidence
    Don’t discuss with anyone, tomorrow you will have family and kids anybody can exploit the situation then.

    • seriously people surgery wont make a girl “virgin” surgery will just make it tight!

  17. You must… you need a women to have your back in your time of need, a man cant fully understand what a woman goes through and a women cant fully understand what a man goes through… you need a guardian to watch over you in case some else tries to violate you… be careful of your surroundings… good luck and God speed..

  18. be careful dont add it more up…build a relationship to your “aunt” then from there ul know from ur instict wether u can trust her or not…

  19. life goes on, live your life hun, your uncle and his wife knowing will not change a thing. Just forget the past, theirs no need for you to carry such burdens, although its hard, things happen, peopple make mistakes, others take advantage, no matter how severe the case is. Its best to just live on.

  20. I think u should confess it is so romantic she will like it

  21. I might be cynical, but this seems to be authored by the same “i am seventeen, my cousins used me as a 7 year old sex toy and my girlfriend got killed” lunatic, making more rounds with newer, more fantastic tales. I think its a prank, and it ought to be removed before this site gets corrupted by trolls.

  22. i would suggest you tell her small secrets first, to make you guys closer, secrets to ensure that she’s trustworthy..
    take your time, and you feel you’re ready just tell her 🙂
    and im so sorry for what happened to u 😦

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