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Confession 54 – *REMOVED BY AUTHOR*

In Confessions on May 16, 2010 at 5:59 PM


  1. Stagfarrallah.. worth going to hell for a girl? for childish foolish love?
    Seriously think about this.. what if she’s just playing with you to get a laugh? or wants proff to tell the world that your a lesbian that would kill you and your repetation and you preciase dalal would be another bitch girl in your eye’s wouldnt she? Also.. your parents.. there not worth it to? then what is when your 15? love? love isnt real.. its a mith.. and lesbian love? is just a game between two girls just fooling around for there on personal entertanment;p ALSO. dont forget your 15! mako shay ehemkom ila ”7ub” when i was 12? yaa i think 12? i thought love was the only thing i wanted i was foolish.. i needed FAMILY. FRIENDS. people that REALLY love me!
    please.. for your own benift dont do what your going to do for ”dalal” its best for the both of you

  2. what if dalal is tricking u to get ur bf ??
    but seriously , how is a one girl worth YOUR WHOLE FAMILY ! how can people who raised u easily be replaced ???
    i dont wanna be mean but either u grow a pair or turn straight .
    how can ur family and friends be replaced with one girl ??
    PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR U , for one girl , doesnt sound right even though im sure u want it .

  3. Can you please read this post after five years from now. I wana see the looks on you face then 🙂

  4. my dear ReRe, why are you making a doormat of yourself? why set yourself up for such pain? do you think that little of yourself honey? you will stick by her side, until she leaves you? you will sell out your whole family, for her?

    it seems like you are walking on a sword-blade..

  5. That is totally not cool !! trust me not cool, you’re too young and I don’t care how stubborn and ignorant with our awareness and advice and if you are then you’re still a teenage and that’s how selfish teenage are, Family is the first and last no matter what !

    I remember that my ex-best friend wanted to be a bi and suggested us to be together, but the more I loved her and cared about her and fear to god, I refused which I still never regret of my choice of rejection, friendship is the best thing ever I mean it includes love, care and support what more could you ask for !

    So you say >> I think I’m going to love her and stay with her until something does us apart. I know I’m not going to leave her.< until does us apart then not going to leave , mmm that's the biggest evidence that you're still a teenage moody!

    Girl, friendship is such a beautiful and a money can't buy trust me!

  6. lol at you sacrificing Allah for your selfish lesbonic endeavors.

    This is not funny at all. All I can say is El7mdilah Wil Shikir o 3asAllah yahdeech o ya9li7ich.

    • All I can say is Ameeenn! 3asAllah yhadeeny wyi9li7na kilna! 😉

    • lesbonic,, ROFLMAO!!
      dude, kudos, im gonna walk around the office guffawing all day.

      ReRe, no offense, that was just damn funny!

      • @The Law,
        Glad you enjoyed it :p

        I’m honestly asking you to reconsider. You have no idea what you are up against. You are defying the words of Allah and the consequences for your homosexuality will come back and bite you in the ass.
        I truly hope this is just a phase that’ll pass by as your hormones start to settle down.

  7. 1-Family

  8. LOL el7mdelllaaaaaaaaah xD

    Oh and I agree with M.Bahrani

  9. Rere ur such a child 13,14,15 are all in the same boat..most of us here are in our 20’s or maybe older..we have been through this in school the crushes, the whole shebang…let me guess all songs are based on you and ur “friend” situation? well since i had very similar experience(with boy not girl), yeah i laugh at myself now and i wish i could delete this part from my life..wake up, u want to give up ur family ok..ill tell u the “fun” part of leaving ur family at 15 or 16, or 17 or 18
    1) no allowence, means no stuff, no transportation,no cars
    2) im asuming ur in a private school, leave ur family and hello PUBLIC school or maybe not even school, fun right!
    3)since u left ur family at 15 im guessing u work either sweeping floors or cleaning bathrooms..fancy..!
    4)ooh btw no one wants to be with a bathroom cleaner
    5)yeah im guessing ur gonna live where? with ur sweeping skills im guessing ur gonna share a bedroom with 10 other women.
    This is whats gonna happen..coz u never thought of it UR a child..im not trying to JUDGE u..or say 7ram or whatever.im just trying to say think..think hard about what u want..use ur brain a little..sorry if i seem a little rude..truth must be told

  10. truth makes sense. all you need to think about is what is motivating you towards this. you really need to bring back your brain and leave your heart outside for a moment. see what you plan on sacrificing. realise the consequences you will be facing for making this daring move. sacrificing your afterlife and what not for puppy love? have you been in love before? to really know what love is you actually have to have your heart broken at least once.
    enjoy your “endeavor” as LOL named it.
    3glch brasch and ur the only one that will suffer the consequences, oh yeah plus your family that you will probably shatter…
    is it worth it?

  11. So first, I’m not here to judge you. But don’t you think that all this is stupid? You say you “love” her…you’re 15. Believe me, everything you say or think isn’t right. And oh, leaving your family? No, seriously? How do you know that she’s serious about this? I’m sure she’s just playing around, oh and by the way…try being realistic here, you’re denying that she’ll leave you like it’s the end of the world and that you’ll simply lose it without her. What you’re doing is more than wrong. Oh and, stumbling across your previous posts, where you wrote fantasizing about what you’d do together, that’s just disgusting. I’m really sorry, but that is! Anyway, in the end ma7ad ra7 ynf3ich fl nhaya ‘3air ahalich. And think again, there might be a possiblity that she’s playing you…good luck. I hope you do someday realize all of this, and how wrong.

  12. rere, dont do it. not for your family but atleast for yourself. do you have family problems? anything that lets you to act like that? dont do anything you might regret. i know to yourself you seem fine but hatha ismoona marath nafsy you should really get some help. see how that turns out. atleast go talk to any adult that you think may understand. if dalal didnt like you then you might not like girls anymore then your not a lesbo at all. you’re just beening foolish.

  13. Rere,
    As a follower, today’s post just wouldn’t let me rest before I say something to you.
    As a girl who had just grown out of her teen years, I would say, at most, 3 yrs from today, and your feelings, reactions towards things, way of dealing with things will be different.. It’s normal to get spikes among these three main things, thats what they call hormones!
    you dont know that those feelings might turn out to be just friends-love.. and you’re just having a boost of it.. excluding your thoughts of what you want to do to her.. Those might be just what media has done to your teen-age brain!
    Just note one thing, even if you think 15 yrs, you’ve seen a lot, believe me.. You haven’t! and you should not give everything up for one person, no matter who that person is..!
    Plus, you’re family is irreplacable!
    Never risk what you have for something you’re not certain you would get 🙂

  14. Its her choice guys.
    I’m gonna be honest though.
    What you have now is not love.
    So don’t hold on just cause its all good.
    Love is the bad days where you fight and shout as well as the romance
    People forget that, I really think your BF doesn’t deserve this. Especially since he did nothing wrong.
    Its harsh how you’re just throwing him away and honestly kind of selfish.
    But its your life and maybe it might turn good if not then lesson learnt

  15. in your previous posts you mentioned your “fantasies”, couple that with your age, id say you’ve piqued your sexual curiosity, yet fear losing your virginity (kuwait, duh), hence you are venting your pent up desires onto a “safe” target you can experiment with.

    Dalals, Sheikha’s, will come and go, but your family will remain steadfast. do not foolishly forsake that gift. think with your head, not your libido.

  16. “lol at you sacrificing Allah for your selfish lesbonic endeavors.”


  17. Once upon a time there was a little girl called ReRe. She had family and friends that loved her. She had a boyfriend that adored her. But then one day comes along this girl, Dalal. That ReRe “falls in love” with. But she would get in trouble if anyone finds out. What is she deciding to do if that happens? She’s going to abandon that people that love her, all of them. The ones who stayed nights by her side as she was sick, the ones that got in trouble for her, the ones that even gave up something for her and raised her. Because of a one person, that she could easily just be friends with and be satisfied with that and not be selfish.

    You need to keep it real, hon. I don’t want to let you down but do you really see yourself with her 5 or 10 years from now? If you say yes then that’s the ignorance talking. No, she is not worth. I don’t know her to judge, but it’s definetly not worth giving up your family for.

    Think about this. Rationally, using your brain, not your heart. The heart always plays tricks, never fall for them.

  18. @The Law
    What do you mean by “yet fear losing your virginity (kuwait, duh)”
    It’s not KUWAIT, it’s Islam. I’m not going to tell you that if *underlined* you’re not a virgin than you’re not a Muslim cause I’m not going to judge you on judgement day, Allah will. And I am not claiming that you are, I’m just saying.
    Kids nowadays are SO affected by the media that they forgot their religion. Talking to your friends about your virginity and whether or not you should lose it just like the movie IS NOT CUTE. It’s not something you can question, it’s not a matter of choice. It’s either “7aram” or “7alal” and in this case, it’s definitely 7ARAM.
    I’m sorry if I’m being pushy or whatever but that’s just the truth. And it’s very saddening. Girls nowadays and even boys are playing the “losing your virginity” card frequently with neglect. Open your eyes people, judgement day is getting closer each day. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP! We’re not in the U.S, we’re in Kuwait and we’re Muslims. People need to reconsider that.

  19. @elley

    does the confessor strike u as someone who fears god? i revert to LOLs comment of “lesbonic endeavors”?

    i agree with you 100%, we are muslims before we are kuwaiti. take a look around tho; everyone drops their identity @ the border. take a look @ the latest post; this chick is more worried she wont find a kuwaiti husband than she is that she slept with a dude in london.

    what have we become.

  20. you need therapy !

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