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Confession 53 – What the Hell Happened?

In Confessions on May 15, 2010 at 3:35 PM

I dont know what the hell happened . One day , i was sitting in my room , doing homework , few days later , i got an angry call from a women threating to take me to the police.(WTF?!)

So here’s my story :

As i said , one day i was doing my homework , listening to my ipod , when i got a call , i didnt know the number but it looked similar to my best friend’s mom, so i answered,but it wasnt her mom , it was some guy  , asking for someone named “hamoud” , i said “ra8am ‘3ala6″ and hung up the phone. Later that day , i got a text from the same number asking ” enty meta2kda enty mo hamoud bel iphone? ” i said “yes im sure.” , but he kept sending me very rude texts , asking my age and if he can meet me .
of course i said hell no and yes i cursed him a lot, but he kept calling and texting and i had the same response.
til yesterday  , i got a call from a simliar number to the freak’s one. It was a women , really angry , threating to take me to the police cuz i talked to her son , when ever i wanted to speak , she would cut me off and say ” ekly ‘kh*** yal 7mara …etc ” , im honestly scared , idk what to do  , i didnt do anything wrong , that women had it all wrong!

  1. One time something very similiar happened to me once where someone had my wrong number and was making harrasing calls and texts.
    The retard who’s calling you is too engulfed in him/herself to realize that they have the wrong number. The simpliest thing to do is to mark the number as “do not reply” or something and whenever they call you from it bounce the call. When the message is sent to you just ignore and delete it. After a couple of days it should stop.

    Otherwise you can report it to the police. Go to your area’s police station and ask the police to call them, explain the situation, and ask them to stop. But the bad thing is that this will make them think that the number is right.

    Good luck.

  2. The same thing happened to me with some beduin guys.. They were mean, my number was spread to the guys.. I guess the person who called got mad since I let my dad talk to him fa sawa ely sawah.. But they were stopped..

    Just tell ur parents, everything will be taken care of beleive me..

    The day my dad knew that they were annoying me I never got a phone call.. I don’t know what my dad did lol but they stopped calling:D

  3. you need a new activity, if ur so bored you respond to random strangers that call/txt. there are alot of crazies out there, wise up! that was your mistake. hes probably some lonely, desparate, twisted, pathetic guy and his mom is some menacing, hormonal control freak.

    you can complain to the peeps carriers (zain, wataniya, viva etc) that the number is harrassing you, your parents, or the cops.

  4. report her/his number to the police and they will tell her whos right and whos wrong

  5. Stop answering, do not replay to any text messages. And they will stop calling.Don’t get scared it obviously some stupid pranks from stupid childish people. As soon as you start ignoring them,the sooner they will stop calling.

  6. LOL that must be the sliest ‘confession’ in the blog, y3ni common sense, stop replying to them o 5ala9 .. don’t be a smart ass and reply with English bad words y3ni ana il7een .. you don’t know the number, ignore it! :S



  8. The mobile services here in Kuwait provide a service where you can actually block certain telephone numbers. All you have to do is call them and ask them to block the number bothering you 🙂

    I hope that helps.

  9. but what if the guy uses different numbers guys?

    heres the thing, i think he is a mama’s boy, and he ran to his mother with a half story of how you are harassing him, probably she was angry at him for somethin, so he used the msgs u sent him. now his mommy thinks u hurt her little baby, so she gets in your face.

    parents or police. blockin will not help.

  10. simply call and behave like any scary movie character..make some scary noise over telephone when you talk and tell him YOU ARE EVIL THING blah blah… 😛
    if he is this much young he will run away..otherwise you will run away from next incoming call from same number 😛

  11. Why are u scared? tell her call the police..plus are u a girl or guy coz im confused…u have the msgs and u sould go to the police and show them the msgs

  12. i would have to agree with TL and George Orwell on this one…
    you shouldn’t give 2 sh!ts about an anonymous caller thats just harrassin you…
    i had plenty of those all i did was answer the call and toss my phone inside the armrest or under my blanket.. just waste their credit..
    but actually worrying about it or about an old hag yellin at you…
    be serious..

  13. Ah! The joy of obtaining legal evidence! You said they sent you text messages? Lovely ! You have won your ticket to legal compensation and protection! Go to the police station and explain to them that a person you don’t know is sending you rude messages. tell the police that he is يحرض على الفسق و الفجور ” and present your piece of evidence. Now, make sure you bring alot of confidance with you, you are gonna need it because the other person will be trying to scare the hell out of you. But do not falter! The law is on your side =)

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