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Sincere Clarifcation

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2010 at 5:26 AM

We are continuously receiving various confessions that different people send us from different parts of the world. We for sure welcome all of them here. The whole sake of this is to take whatever in your heart and throw it in this box anonymously, without the frustration of judgement.

Without believing in the sense of this place, we would not have continued, and would’ve stopped since day one, however, we hardly believe that this place circles us in beautiful harmony. We share our confessions and hear feedback that makes us smile, and that there is someone out there that won’t care who we are, but they’re eagerly helping us, believing in our humane natural acts of sensation and sincerity towards the other. However, we are receiving many comments that are judgemental, rude, childish, and very immoral. We are now censoring comments even more to avoid such comments. People are confessing believing in the nature of relief and hearing positive feedbacks to help them continue their life happy and never judged, thus such comments are not and never will be welcomed in Kuwait Exposed.

As we previously mentioned, this place shouldn’t be a place of negativity and judgement, rather we should hold upon each other and share our sincere thoughts maturely. So any comment from now on that fits any negative criteria is not welcomed and will be trashed far away from this blog.

We really appreciate all commenters to help their fellow confessors reach their happiness in life, or at least be there for them even though they don’t know them and they will never even meet. Such comments brings the smile to us and to every reader in this blog, we raise the hat to you all. Thank you

Lastly, we apologize if anyone was offended from any comment that was placed in his/her confession, we as a team take full responsibility to that. We encourage you to ignore all previous childish acts, and we pledge to censor those comments more effectively and trash in all immoral comments.

We here come unite.

Kuwait Exposed Team

  1. Many Many Many thanks to the Kuwait Exposed Team =)

    i happen to be one of those said people who lives in a different country.. so to all i confess that i am not from kuwait, nor have i ever lived in kuwait, i am australian, and i live in australia.. however, my friend who lives in kuwait put me on to this confession site to allow me to see more of kuwait, to feel what happens in kuwait.. and so that is why i have been commenting, and posting here..

    i am extremely grateful that you do except peoples from all over the world, that means alot to me personally 🙂

    we are all human, not matter where we live.. we all have trials and tribulations in life to go thru,, no matter what country we were born in, no matter what race we belong to , and no matter our creed!

    i applaud you too Kuwait Exposed Team, for removing all the negative comments, as people most here, i believe, do not want the negative comments so much.. well actually the negatives are good as well, they help people to see things from both sides, but the nasty comments are completely uncalled for.. they can do people more harm than good.. they belong somewhere else, not in a place where people are coming together to share their stories and help others..

    =) thank you for making me feel welcome.. i was unsure if i even had the right to comment..

  2. surprisingly, i just read story that fits this situation perfectly, the 2 frogs, google it, the moral of the story however is:

    1. There is power of life and death in the tongue. An encouraging
    word to someone who is down can lift them up and help them make it
    through the day.

    2. A destructive word to someone who is down can be what it takes
    to kill them.

    Be careful of what you say. Speak life to those who cross your
    path. The power of words… it is sometimes hard to understand
    that an encouraging word can go such a long way. Anyone can speak
    words that tend to rob another of the spirit to continue in
    difficult times. Special is the individual who will take the time
    to encourage another.

  3. Well said! You guys are making me fall in love with this website majorly. Shall this website bring huge success through out the years.

  4. This is simply not fair.

    When someone comes on here, they’re seeking not only advice, but they’re also seeking judgment. Yes they are seeking judgment.. otherwise they wouldn’t post on here. You can’t just censor people who think negatively of someones situation… then what’s the point? Maybe someone’s negative view on a situation is what will make the person change.

    I understand the need to remove “trolling” posts. I completely agree with you there. But to remove all negative comments is dumb. Who are you to decide what is “judgemental, rude, childish, and very immoral?” Those are subjective qualities that differ from person to person.

    So what, now everyone has to be all lovey dovey and cheerful in their replies? If it’s in someone’s own nature to respond in a negative way then why should you censor it?

    Not fair.

  5. Seriously? How one-sided does that sound? So we should all provide positive instead of negative comments? You honestly think it’s right for ppl to post up confessions of things the KUWAIT society sees as blasphemous?

    Admins: grow a pair. Life isn’t all perky when you want it to be; our experiences are best served with a slap on the face.

  6. dudes, ur missin’ the point!

    people do not come here for judgment, they get that from the peeps around them irl, they come here for understanding, anonymity.

    no1 sed u have to be positive; u can tell people what they are doing is wrong, but u do not have to insult or make fun of them. evry1 know right from wrong, and can judge what they do easily.

    y3ni, you can tell the lesbian “ra7 etro7een el nar”, or you can tell her “society will never accept you the way you are here”. see the difference?

    this aint life; this is the internet, its virtual. ur slap to face & judgment can be cyber-bullying, read up on Megan Meier to find out how far it can go.

    • LOOL! Shinu ana a8wa salfa on this site willa shinu? ;P

      Wow! I feel like I know you guys! China we’re this fcked up family online..

      Bas the decision was a nice thing. Either you say good advice or good criticism! Mo lazem you make the person feel bad.

      • nothin personal; ur just the latest post, terrible memory on me so, voila ;-P

  7. @ The Law
    Obvious is obvious. When someone is being a jackass then you can tell. But what the post is all about is saying don’t be negative at all. That’s wrong.

    Also, please don’t start this “this is only the interneatzzorz” bullshit. You read advice just as you have been told advice. Just because the medium in which you’re receiving advice is different, it doesn’t make it any less meaningful. This is real life.

  8. @any1

    you dont like the rules, DONT USE IT.

    In case u didnt realise, there arent any ads here, so the guys arent makin money from hits, its a non-profit service. you either like it, or you dont. if you dont, tough.

  9. i second the law…
    you must be sensitive towards ppls confessions. i bet you would never hear any of these in real life. like TL said the anonymity makes people put their guard down so dont go kamikazi on ’em. the law ive read ur comments throughout the blog and ur awesome bro! im ur number 1 fan… and pink rose is ok 😀

  10. Doc, im humbled by your sincerity. TL sounds cool 😉

    you’re posts/replies aint too shabby urself, keep it up!

  11. You deleted my post even though i wasnt being judgmental i was just trying to prove my point..its not fair..somethings are negative and people need a wake up call..deleting wake up calls and trying to sugar coat a bad situation is not a good idea…

  12. @ The Law
    Well since you didn’t reply to anything I said and went completely off topic and brought something up that has nothing to do what I said (which in some places is called trolling), I have nothing to say to you.

  13. @any1

    uve already brushed up, and are giving quasi-useful advice, so i take it you did understand.

    give it some time, its too early still, re-read the post, re-read my comment, and it will dawn on you what i mean, and its relevance to your comment.

  14. You’re directing me to a comment that you made that had nothing to do with what we were discussing and went off on a wild tangent about how for some reason, the rules here are affected by advertising and because there’s no advertising the people who are running this site aren’t making any money so I should deal with the rules? That’s not even relevant to what I was saying lol.

    I highly implore you to seek out a psychologist. Actually, ask anyone with decent reasoning skills to read our discussion and ask them if your responses are plausible and relevant to what I said. Seek out help and discover the error of your ways.

    Also, quasi-useful is not a word.

  15. ok child, in a nutshell:

    if you do not like it, TOUGH.

    the, easy enough for you?

    “this is not fair”, “they’re also seeking judgment”, sounds to me like ur the one with issues, id say, superiority complex.

    the whole advert thing was not for you, its for those who say “i wont come here anymore/tell my friends not to come here.” those posts were deleted.

    grow up.

  16. zzzzz

    Resorting to name calling? “ok child”, “superirotiy complex”, “grow up” Come on, you can do much better than that.. or maybe I’m regarding you much higher than I ever should have.

    You’ve made this conversation boring.

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