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Confession 49 – Guilty Conscience

In Confessions on May 10, 2010 at 3:49 PM

well first of all i stumbled on this website a couple of weeks ago and i luv it! much props to the admins and whoever participated in makin it come to life…
anyways since ive been reading this and tryin 2 give my two cents to every problem i recognize i thought i would share mine.. its nothing serious like the Qatari girl or the lesbian or even the guy who called his mom drunk. I am Kuwaiti (ba6n o 6’hr) big family blah blah blah the works. i was born and raised in the states, so i consider myself as an arab american. regardless like i said i married the love of my life after i had to come back here and beg my family for 2 yrs. to accept her coz shes half arab (lebanese) and half american. they finally accepted and i have a baby boy now who my whole household revolves around.
i’m an average happy person. no drama no loans, no nothing. right? wrong! i have a guilty concience because i kinda gave my wife and family that im a good family man. dont get me wrong i dont cheat or flirt or play around. but i used to be a BAD boy in high school and college. even my wife thinks i was a virgin. she is my soulmate and knows everything about me except the fact that i used to puff and drink. oh ya and sleep around. seeing her everyday i feel like tellin her but i think what you dont kow doesnt harm you right?
i ponder on this subject quite often and some times i feel really bad and sometimes i dont give a damn.

i’d like to hear your opinions coz many of u hear have sound minds..
at least more than my friends in the diwaniya. oh ya yesterday was our 2 yr. anniversary.

  1. look mate, if everything is going fine and perfect there is no need to stir things up. everyone has skeletons in his closet. a married life of complete honesty is just a myth generated by the media. sometimes you keeps thing as to not hurt the relationship, especially past things you regret doing.

  2. HUGE NO! The past stays in the past! Trust me, women DO NOT FORGET!

  3. Everyone has fun and tries stuff when they’re younger. It’s part of experiencing life. It’s not that big of a deal. Your wife probably did some of the stuff that you did too but you guys just never talked about it. This isn’t that big of a deal.

    If you want talk to her about it. Your relationship seems like a good and strong one. I’m sure she won’t mind that much. If not, maybe you can bring it up one day when you’re talking about college days. This should be the least of your worries lol.

  4. U didn’t do anything wrong..if u did it while u were with someone or at the time ur(now)wife then i would admit it, but if u didn’t while single it doesn’t count…the good thing is that u know u did something wrong and u obviously changed since ur a father and a husband now..

  5. Ever heard the phrase “let sleeping dogs lie”? If you wanted to be honest, you should have been so up front and before making major decisions that affect other people like proposing, marrying or having children.

    It’s not fair to hurt your wife by telling her, just so that you don’t have to feel guilty any more. But if you honestly think it would be better for your relationship, maybe its worth talking about it. But you should also be prepared for your wife to be hurt and upset, or possibly to be relieved because she can tell you she did the same. And after all, what’s sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose…

  6. naah just enjoy your life and forget your past .. live for the future! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. oh and happy anniversary!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. What happened happened. What good would you get from telling your wife? Don’t dwell on it and forget about it. But look out for Karma ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. People change, and the past is the past :D. Since you became a good father then just let everything be, just my 2 cents.

  10. so do you think that being “arab american” justifies your infidelity? it strikes me as odd how almost everyone who has traveled around feel that gives them some sort of immunity to experiment around. where is your identity man?

    ask yourself this; if it this secret were your wife’s, would you want to know?

    happy anniversary, you seem like a level-headed guy, albeit foolhardy. hope you’ve kept your past indiscretions in the past.

  11. If you feeling like you want to tell her, try to stay calm and always mention how much you love her and how things changed when you met her and so on… then try to tell short things about your past But DON’T GET INTO DETAILS !! if that’s how you feel you want to tell and of course try to keep your eyes on her … but I suggest not to tell her ,why? because women do not forget, they’ll keep thinking too much even tomorrow,even if you are changed, well mostly happen to women, but some women accept shit things which is rare or if she loves you that much then she must be understood the situation.

  12. any1, lawyer and the law i appreciate ur advice and everyone elses. when i wrote this i was goin through a guilt trip coz i had semi-intentions of flirting which brought up a buncha nasty memories.
    and the law, i dunno what to tell you. being “multicultural” kinda drags you away from ur roots and gives u a sense that you can indulge in both cultures. and most likely i wouldnt wanna know about my wife’s past even though i know her inside out.

    lastly i would like to thank the admins for givin me this opportunity. it makes you feel vulnerable to put your sh!t on blast infront of strangers for their judgment at the same time its comforting knowing nobody knows who you really are.

  13. its all good bro; hope i wasnt too harsh wid ya,

    also, hope you showed your lady a good time, as that is, in essence, a way to atone for a guilty conscience, make her future ever-more pleasurable.

    and uh, i aint judgin, but make sure the boy does not repeat the sins of the father eh? ; )
    that will also relieve you

  14. hehe im worried about that already… but he has a good mom that is much more strict than i will ever be which is a good thing for the kid
    (no candy, choclate, bedtime @8 pm the works)

  15. then the kid has a good dad too ; )



  17. b3d 5ashmy JD. you posted the same comment to everyone in CAPS.
    whats your deal? shortened leash or the boot?
    i for one would like your true and honest opinion. you being judgemental of me wont hurt my feeling so go ahead! GREEN LIGHT..

  18. I’m prohibited from sharing my opinion unfortunately for you.

  19. lol, you have been muzzled

  20. past is the past leave it to be!

  21. Well I think that you shudnt tell her
    and that you pray god for forgiveness, and enshallah Allah ya’3ferlik, but telling ur wife might be just to much to handle keeping it in lost in the old part of ur life is way better than causing ur wife pain:/
    -best wishes

  22. thnx helping hand… for some reason i feel your nickname is perverted:P or could just be my mind ๐Ÿ˜€

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