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Confession 48 – My Husband Is…

In Confessions on May 9, 2010 at 5:09 PM

This is a big thing .. I keep it in my heart but I know that someday i will say it out loud ” my husband is gay!!!! ” .. This is it and I can’t do anything about it coz i have 2 kids and I don’t want to destroy my family.. I told his sister about it and she faced her brother and he said that he lives me and he can’t live without me and what I think it’s not true,, he said I was only drinking sometimes and that’s my mistake and i won’t do it again .. He came to me and his eyes were full if tears and he said that he’s sorry… I told him that I believed what he said and he sister is always beside me .. I told her everything is ok now. That not true!!! Deep inside I know he lied to me because I stole his email and saw his list of buddies in massenger and saw his emails+ read msgs on his phone so I know he did gay stuff,, but I didn’t tell anyone that I have the avedance coz I wanted to give him another chance.. Now he is good and I am always checking behind him and I know he’s not
doing anything wrong.. But I still think about the past and how h cheated on me on our first year of marrige 😦

  1. End it. Your kids lives will be effected but you cannot go on living with a man that does these kinds of things and cheats on you. He will still be supporting at least your kids.

  2. please disregard all negative comments you hear here, seek marriage counseling. you need a professional, this is not merely a matter of you being in pain, you have a family ot think about. you need professional help.

    • klamaaaaa 8imat il 9a7 plz plz latsm3en ay t3leh hne !! aku mal istshara osarya wallla hthela ili yfhmon i7na hne a8lbna shbab 9’3ar n9ay7na ymkin twadrich matfedich 😦

      id3ay rabich hathi ymkin afyad n9e7a agdar agolha !! 7bebti kthray il du3a2 wil ist’3far w rabi yfrijha inshalla ;**

  3. Simply visit a professional to solve ur problem don’t listen to anyone…. As long as he is good with u and he love you you sould support him and help him, don’t be selfish with him and understand…. If you can’t stand the whole situation and your hasband being guy… Just leave him and think about ur health and ur kids. And don’t forget to be positive in everything

    Wish u the luck

  4. keep looking at the bright side.. his cheating on you with another guy, surely jealously is alot less when its another male. in fact, you are LUCKY its a guy, most guys here if caught cheating its not just 1 chick, its a whole basket of chicks.

    • Are you serious? That’s terrible advice! Dating a guy is not better off than dating a girl! It’s WORSE!

      • she’s mostly likely fat and ugly after 2 kids and a husband falling for another male, so thats the only bright side i could offer.

  5. he cheats on u with dudes and u stay? for the love of god (AND ur kids) ask for a divorce! once a douche, always a douche. babe u need therapy. :/ *sigh* allah y3eenich

  6. good on you kuwaitexposed for deleting derogatory comments;

    lady, my advice, you need to have a sit down with yourself and think of the following three things:
    1) yourself
    2) your kids
    3) your married life

    you are not the first one to discover her husband is a homosexual, its an occurrence, should you pretend everything is alright, or whipe it all away and start afresh. what of your kids, can you raise them alone, what will you tell them of their father?

    i believe the question is, do you love your husband? what he did is unforgivable, but there are other lives at stake.

  7. All these comments ask you to seek counslening and not listen to anyone. I don’t ask you to listen specifically to what I say, I ask you to look at all the factors here. He cheated, no matter if it were with a women or a man, cheating is cheating. He’s stopped and is trying to make it better. Think about your children and think about what a divorce would do to you and if you can handel it. Think of your kids, will this affect them in the future, and how will it affect them? This is about your kids and you. Not your husband. Think about if the suffer that will always accoompany is worth it. listen to your heart. You seriously have to sit down, take a step back and look at all the factors. Then YOU and only YOU will know the right/best thing to do for both you and yours kids

  8. i second george orwell! they delete everything, its so not diplomatic, for a site that glorifies homos, rapists, and druggies..and posts THEIR tales and conquests..they sure make a point not to post homophopic comments and such. i posted MY confession about my extreme homophobia and they didnt pass it :/ and that post was very well-written (if i do say so myself)

  9. any1 i just realised ur an emotional woman.. graphics screw you for tryin 2 screw this woman’s life… blue you have a very sound mind and good advice and noura same thing happened to me… turns out they post it a week after you post your confession.
    to our dear confessor, awal shay allah y3eench 3la m9eebtch. u seem from your confession as a very nice and sweet person. you caught your husband cheating told his sister he’s gay (f6’e7a) but you found it in your heart to give him a second chance. you probably feel better sharing your confession. people tell you to seek therapy why not? i think its a good thing but im not for it.
    why put my sh!t on blast in public…
    keep tabs on your husband (cant believe im actually sayin that) and monitor his behavior. he seems sincere in his apology as u depicted but it could have been a fling… BUT AS SOON AS U SEE INFIDELITY confront him with everything you know o 76eeh bl2mr alwaq3..
    my advice might not be wise bcoz ive never ran into a similiar situation bas i pray from all my heart that your decisions will lead you to a happy and tranquil future



  11. Hi all.. Thank you for your comments.. You are helping me guys, i felt better when I shared my situation with everyone..I guess my division is to keep my life going with my husband since he stopped what he has been doing , inshala he won’t do it again, I know that he loves me and my 2 little angles .. Maybe it was a mistake .. I think that he uses to do it in the past and he didn’t think again when he got married ,, he just thought it was normal but when I faced him with his sister ., he got the massege.. But i need to make him more religouse.. I need to make him pray and think about god so that he won’t do same mistakes again..
    I love you all :****

  12. JD ur being silly.. or high

  13. all the best to you Stranger; a final piece of advice; up the game, spend more time together, just the two of you, if possible, leave the angels with family and go out, to private places, not malls etc. restaurants.

    may god keep you all safe, and happy, and out of harms way. will say a prayer for you Sister.

  14. I agree with the second comment, don’t listen to comments..

    But there is only one this i wanna say, do u want to live all alone with your kids? no one by your side? do you want ur kids to live with no father with them everyday?

    You can change him, you can change how he thinks.. but you only need someone professional..

  15. My dear I was into the same situation as he is, that I used to be with girls ( was lesbian) but I stopped since 2001, and look around since I begin to pray and remembering god even though I’m not religious but spiritual but believe me if u keep supporting him and always be his side, like how I always thought god is always by my side I have changed to better (im not saying homosexual are sick or whatever) but I meant that I stopped il7mdlla 🙂 so just be patient with him while he’s trying his best to change to better

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