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Confession 47 – Confrontation Consequence

In Confessions on May 8, 2010 at 12:28 PM

I’ve studied my whole life in a non segregated school since Kinder garden until i graduated. by the time i got to grade 7 i realized that i love this guy that i knew before we both got into this school, his family and mine are close friends, and were the same age infact he is older by a few days only.

When i finally got the guts to tell him my feelings towards him we were weeks away from graduation and i was afraid that after we graduate we wont be the same. our friendship will change as we’ll get older so our friendship will become limited. so one day during the spring break i talked to one of his best friends and told him all about my feelings for his friend. he was really surprised!

but his friend told me something also, he told me he had feelings for my best friend as well, so both of us were trying to test the waters with our friends, him for me and me for him. so as time passed it was finally time to confront him.

as expected i was rejected and so was his friend. so we graduated and time flew and now me and the guy i love are in the same university and in our 3rd year and until now i dont know why i still have those feelings for him. i see him everyday everytime our eyes meet we get into this very awkward moment. its been 3 years and he knows i still love him. he’s living his life while i am in pain every single day trying to figure out a solution.

any suggestions ?

  1. So many people throw around the word love. It is such a strong word and means so much, but too many people misunderstand it.
    What you have right now is lust and a crush for this guy. Love is mutual You cannot be in love with someone who does not love you back.

    You’ve already confronted him and he has said how he feels towards you and it’s not the same as you feel. This whole time you’ve been carrying it around and it has slowly destroyed you. I wonder how many guys you could have dated within the time frame that has already passed but you didn’t because of your crush? There are so many interesting and special people in this world, but you haven’t attempted to open your eyes towards them.
    This dude doesn’t feel the same about you. Move on. There are lots and lots and lots of guys in this world but you have to at least try to find one instead fixating on this one that will never feel the same about you. You are only effecting your own life because of the way you’re acting. Give some other guys chances and you may just realize that feeling loved back feels a lot better than just having it one sided.

  2. No person is worth your pain. Continue your life, travel, have fun, meet new people, and you will find out that this person is a distant memory.

  3. i have to disagree with any1.

    first off; i commend your efforts in telling him how you feel, bold step. always thought it should come from the guy, but you are not afraid of taking chances.

    second; the heart wants what it wants. you alone know what is inside your heart. do not have people tell you how you feel.

    last; if you still feel the same way, do everything in your power to make him see this, without losing your self respect. im not saying run after him in the hall way screaming “i love you, be with me”, again, you alone know how to get closer to him. leave no doubt in your mind.

    it is better to wake up 10 years later with regret over something you did, than remorse over something you did not do.

    and my advice; never use intermediaries, they only complicate things.

    let him know how you feel, how you have always felt, see what he says. if its meant to be, he will come around. do not give up on love.

  4. start dipping on those baskin robbins ice cream all night, it ain’t getting better anytime soon.

  5. If i have a suggest i will take it for my self cause i love girl for whole 7years but she left without a cause . And im also live with pain . The pain of separation.

  6. Be the aggressor! If u want something go for it, even if that means drugging him and then tying him down to the bed. Oh you naughty girl!

  7. Dnt look him at the aye Guys always want what they can’t have.

    And just ignore ur feelings dnt focus on them so they dnt hurt u more , if he doesn’t an didn’t love u then de dot deserve ur pain.



  9. I think u should date other pple and totally ignore him.. he might get jealous, guys love the attention just as much as girls do!

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