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Confession 42 – My Serious Problem

In Confessions on May 2, 2010 at 5:02 PM

My serious problem,

Everyweek I say to my parents that I’m going to my friends shalaih when I’m actually going to a flat in hawally for some drinks and for satisfactions.

This is just part of my ‘problems’, my mom is an alcoholic and my so called ‘boyfriend’ which was the love of my life dumped me and the only thing that kills me is that I lost my virginity to him and now he’s getting married soon and all I can do is just sitting and watching, I don’t have a job I just ask for money in exchange for pleasure and everything has its price.

Thanks! I just wanted to say this outloud

  1. do not blame your mother; this is your fault, your own doing. your boyfriend dumped you because he used you. period. sorry to say.

    you can get a job, what is stopping you? you have are pleased with your life.

  2. its not easy being a whore, specially when its your full time job. I say get up, wipe the filth off you, and start a new life. No one is to blame for your actions but yourself. Alcohol is doing nothing for you beside making you temporarily forget your despicable life and wake up the next morning feeling cheap and used. Get a job, get some decent friends, and smile of often.

  3. These are your experiences. This is your life. Things have happened in the past and you can’t let them beat you down and damage you. You have to realize that what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger. Accept what’s happened and move on.

    About the virginity thing. You can’t dwell on that. You guys decided to do that and you have to accept that. It will be a memory in your life but it shouldn’t be a negative thing. Look forward and live your life. Look for another, nicer guy, who’s interested in your instead of just your body. It’s going to be hard because the culture of Kuwait and how boys are affected in how they think of women, but you can find one if you look hard enough.

  4. what ur saying is weird and doesn’t make sense..so ur mother is an alcholic and ur b/f and chalet and being a hooker..i don’t get what all of these things have to do with u…ur mothers and alcholic thats her problem…ur boyfriend is an ass thats his problem and ur problem for trusting him..u choosing to go to an apartment in hawalli is ur problem….see i don’t get why u became a hooker..so instead of correcting ur mistakes u choose to make it worse..so ur b/f had sex with u and left u BIG WOOOP…don’t get married ur too dysfunctional to get married anyway. Come on you know men are pigs the good ones and the bad ones are pigs..men have sex with no emotion meaning he doesnt have to love u to have sex with u..start fresh but start fresh ALONE..u have to love urself first to be loved by others..selling urself is also hating urself

    • why are you reeking bullshit ? seriously who took a dump on you, not all men are pigs, not all woman are whore’s either, there are good apple’s and rotten apple’s in both genders. You just need to find the right one, and no you won’t find that guy humping you in the hawali apartment, thats a rotten apple, you need to look deeper.

  5. Babe, it’s never too late to get out of your lifestyle.

    It’s hard not being a virgin in Kuwait. So I don’t blame you for feeling down. But please stop selling your body, you’re worth SO much more. I’m a psych major, and I’m actually writing a 30 page research paper on Prostitution, once you start, it is highly unlikely that you’ll stop. So please try to stop yourself while you’re just starting. The lifestyle is addicting; the easy money, but please put yourself first. Get the help you want…and need.

    If it means that you need to get out of Kuwait, then do it. But please, hun, be safe. Don’t do anything crazy or anything you’ll regret. I’m SO sorry that the boy broke your heart. He obviously used you for sex; he’s Kuwaiti…which means he (just like all the others) wants to marry a pure virginal creature. SUCH a double standard, and it sucks. But pleeeease don’t sink into this lifestyle. Get out while you can.

    I know it’s hard. Especially having an alcoholic mother; feeling like no one can help you. But there ARE people out there that are willing to listen to you. You can do this, all you have to do it WANT it.

  6. i dont know what to tell you that hasnt been already said.. good luck to you and i hope you find good friends!

  7. I hope you can see the sun light shine on a better day. Pick yourself up and realize your worth.

  8. dear please love your life, try to go out with friends who do not know your past and try to enjoy your life. if i can help you do let me know. but please come out of it. money you can earn do not worry about it. i want to help you, to come out of it.

  9. that’s totally hot, keep up the good work! If I were you, I would steal some of your mom’s booze and party the night away. Kuwait is boring as hell, a girl need some excitement every once in awhile so don’t feel guilty, keep the money rolling 😉

  10. Here goes religious stuff(………)

    Realistically, you need to stop that sex for money thing and get a proper source of income. So job decency got it?

  11. Its never too late to start over
    just one year of hard work and careful thought and planning you can get a decent job and start a new life believe me its never too late, was a mess 3 years ago now i’m studying abroad and got a great life and i can have everything i ever wanted and i grew in my parents eyes. Hope u change ur life and get on well.

  12. 3ad maligaitayyy illa 7awwali :p yal 3gaideeya shim waddeech miinak u low claass peice of shit! :p

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