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Confession 58 – Contemplating

In Confessions on May 31, 2010 at 10:53 PM

I’ve began reading the confessions here for a while now, and had a feeling that I’d end up posting something too.
So here I am, exposing it all.  I’d just like to warn you, this is going to be quite long.

About 2 months ago the family and I were all at my grandfathers house. Having our regular gathering. Until my mother decides to go out, leaving her old phone (yes, she has more than one phone) with my younger sister and I. We have been contemplating about the fact if she is cheating on my dad or not. So we decided to go through her text messages, since we ALWAYS see her texting. As expected, we found texts with a guy, actually numerous guys. Saying where she’d meet them and all that sorts of things. At that time my cousin was with us, she found out with us. But what I was surprised of finding out was, that my cousin, younger sister and I all saw it coming. For over a year now.
As my sister and I began to think if we’d ever recognized someone more than twice or three times, turns out she had been seeing them when going out with us!

For example; once we were at The Sultan Center, mom went to the 2nd floor, and a guy followed her there. To my surprise, she came from the floor under the 1st floor, with the guy behind her. During that time my sister and I were at the 1st floor waiting for her. A week later, the day before we saw the texts, we saw him again, at Caribou Coffee. The following day we saw a text to a guy saying that they should meet there. She was also giving flirty looks. Convinced?

Well, a week later we went out. The four of us, my mother, cousin, sister and I. She was also meeting with a guy there. When my sister found out that she was seeing a guy, with us, she burst into tears. Right there, at the middle of the restaurant. But she held it together, no one noticed. She was sick and tired of this, so was I. As I took her to the bathroom, I cried too. The week after that the same thing happened. Except it was 2 guys. Also, we were with my dad. I was in complete and utter shock. How dare she? I honestly don’t give a damn shit about her or her stupid boyfriends. She can do whatever the fuck she wants, but how dare you do it infront of your husband and daughters? From where did you get the nerve?
Anyways, from that day on I have been treating her quite badly I have to admit. The day of a big event came along and I was excited. But, my father refused to take me unless I talked to my mother and apologized, since he noticed my bad behavior. So I went, and talked to her. I told her everything. How we even have evidence. She denied and as they say “raga3at”. Does she really think I am that stupid? Do I look stupid? You should have seen her. Not even a tear in her eyes as I was crying my eyes out. And the problem is, is that she was smiling when my father was there at the end and asked me to apologize. I can still picture her face, that smile. Ugh how I wanted to just….ugh! After that day she stopped (I think!) for about 2 weeks. And the cycle began again. Turns out she’s going international! 🙂 Dating guys from several countries around the GCC. How magnificent. Yet again, water works in malls have began again. My sister is fed up and so am I. I don’t give a damn, I’m just worried about my younger brothers and sisters and if my father ever finds out.

As I said, we are fed up. Even after confronting her she still continues? I would at least recommend her to stop dating infront of us! A 14-year-old girl isn’t an ignorant fool! I am well capable of using my eyes and can see what you are doing!

I just don’t know what to do. Maybe she should be here confessing to this. Well anways, it’s out of my hands I guess. I can’t do anything about what’s going on. I really am confused. Help?


Confession 57 – Molested

In Confessions on May 23, 2010 at 10:37 AM

My story is similar to some people here.
I was molested by 3 guys when I was around 8 or 9 years old till I reached age 12… yes 3 in different stages of my life
it’s all like a blur, I only remember some details, it’s like my brain blocked it out (which I’m thankful for)
the thing is… I did tell 2 members of my family when it first happened who I though would help they where mature trustworthy people .. but they completely IGNORED the fact that I was being molested COMPLETELY! 🙂 like it wasn’t happening.. they were completely oblivious which made it worse! it was very confusing… very. I didn’t tell anyone about it again.
so I decided to confront one of them on my own, when I was around 11 he was ONLY 16 🙂 and who also turned out to be a victim of child molestation instead of going crazy on him I felt sorry for him… and me (this is the short version of the story I don’t feel like typing much)

I am over it… 7amdellah I lead a good healthy life with goals and plans,but.. I have no confidence whatsoever (not in my looks wla in my brains and abilities) resulting from this which is holding me back… I don’t trust nor have faith in a lot of people including my family even though I am really over it, I forgot and forgave but it’s still affecting me emotionally, sometimes I feel like no one deserves to be with me feels like there’s filth all over me… which I know isn’t true 🙂 and that it wasn’t my fault and that I should make the best of it.. I am a stronger wiser than many in my age and much “aware” of the world around me because of what happen. I am very thankful for that and for the strength that god gave me  but sometimes I can’t control that feeling… it’s tiring

Confession 56 – All Alone

In Confessions on May 20, 2010 at 9:27 AM

I’m 17 years old, and an orphan. My parents died in a car accident 10 years ago, so since I was 7 I lived with my grandmother, she passed away when I was 10, so I lived with my uncle.

He was single, and never home, always on business trips and meetings, so I was at home alone all the time. I didn’t have much friends at that time. But I had a boy friend I knew from MSN.

At age 12 I got my first period, I didn’t know what to do, and was ashamed of telling anyone at school or my uncle, so I told my boy friend. He was 17.

He said it happens to girls who don’t have sex a lot. And to make it stop I had to have sex with boys. So he invited me over and you can finish the story off.

I swear to god, he made me a whore, I was a toy to all his friends.

2 years later I discovered that he was lying to me, he laughed at me an threw me out of his shalay.

I had to wave and stop a car with a family to get back home, my uncle still doesn’t know, no one knows actually.

My uncle got married last month, and I really like his new wife, do you think I should tell her?

Confession 55 – I am the Dirt Walked Upon

In Confessions on May 18, 2010 at 2:49 PM

i am dirt.
i am the dirt walked upon.
laying down, stepped by everyone.
i was never forgiven

my life was heading down, after the chalet incident (confession 52) everything seemed going down; my mom and dad divorced after my dad cheated on my mom. thats for another confession. another trade of secrets that passes by.

i tried to recover, it took me two years but i did it. i moved on. my life was getting on track, 7th grade with new hopes came. my best friend soon became my first love. we were inseparable. even in a young age we were strong as a couple. it went on for a year and a half. till the summer between 8th and 9th grade. we planned to go to chalet, the dreadful place on which i was violated. alone. together for a couple of days. and at that time i was at the peak. everyday i would get her breakfast in bed. it was perfect. we went back all smiles of a possibly the most romantic 3 days of my life. i was on the phone with her and i remember it vividly she was on her way to her friends house and we were talking all of a sudden i hear a bang..
an truck had just hit her car.
she was killed instantly.
i unknowingly closed the phone.
her friend calls me an hour later and asks me if i’d heard from her.
i tell her all i knew
then 30 minutes later. i get a call back.
it was her friend.
she was in tears. i could hear it. she tells me that she was killed. when i heard it at first i couldn’t believe it. i lamented everything.
i gave up religon, i gave up hope, i closed down. just like i had before. but this time it wasn’t fear. it was depression.
i didn’t get out of my room for 14 days.
i had lost 6 kilos.
all i had inside was 2 giant bottles of water and a chocolate bar.
i forced myself to stay in there. and when they came in to see me. they saw the most terrifying thing.
they saw blood. pills everywhere. it seemed as though i tried everything.
i came out for i knew that this world is cold. and i had suffered before. i knew not of anything. for all i care. i was dead.
i was in a world of mess. i was confused. “where do i go from here?” time went by. my sexuality was questioned. in the next few years i even went gay for a week because i actually thought i was.
i didn’t know who i was or what i meant.
i was broken.

Confession 54 – *REMOVED BY AUTHOR*

In Confessions on May 16, 2010 at 5:59 PM


Confession 53 – What the Hell Happened?

In Confessions on May 15, 2010 at 3:35 PM

I dont know what the hell happened . One day , i was sitting in my room , doing homework , few days later , i got an angry call from a women threating to take me to the police.(WTF?!)

So here’s my story :

As i said , one day i was doing my homework , listening to my ipod , when i got a call , i didnt know the number but it looked similar to my best friend’s mom, so i answered,but it wasnt her mom , it was some guy  , asking for someone named “hamoud” , i said “ra8am ‘3ala6″ and hung up the phone. Later that day , i got a text from the same number asking ” enty meta2kda enty mo hamoud bel iphone? ” i said “yes im sure.” , but he kept sending me very rude texts , asking my age and if he can meet me .
of course i said hell no and yes i cursed him a lot, but he kept calling and texting and i had the same response.
til yesterday  , i got a call from a simliar number to the freak’s one. It was a women , really angry , threating to take me to the police cuz i talked to her son , when ever i wanted to speak , she would cut me off and say ” ekly ‘kh*** yal 7mara …etc ” , im honestly scared , idk what to do  , i didnt do anything wrong , that women had it all wrong!

Confession 52 – I am Dirt

In Confessions on May 14, 2010 at 4:49 PM

I am dirt.
I am the dirt walked upon.

when I was a young boy of 9, i went to chalet as i would every week with my cousins.
this time though. it was different, all the adults had left and my male cousin who’s 5 years older than me and another female cousin his age and, i were alone in the chalet.

what happened next was the thing that started the worst part of my life.

this is gonna be a long long lonnnggg confession because this killed my life.
let’s give names lets say Mohammed and Fatima and me being Abdul.

so little abdul came back inside the chalet’s living room and saw fatima and mohammed talking, even in a young age he knew something was going on. Mohammed then came closer and told me “hey lets all go to the room and stay there.” as we all enter, i heard a noise. a lock. i turn to see two devilish smiles; smiles that still return to my mind everyday of my life. they took me right there, they took my clothes off, tied me up. held me down and turn by turn, made me less and less of a human. i was their sex slave. turn by turn they would harrass and destroy every fiber of humanity left in me humiliating me in everyway. raped. played with. a toy to their game.

Little Abdul died that day. the person who came out of there was someone else. i couldn’t tell anyone they threatened my life for it.

this started the beginning of my new life. a life destroyed by so much even now at the tender age of 17. my life is shattered. and it all started that fateful day in the chalet.

Confession 51 – Hard to Please, Yet…

In Confessions on May 13, 2010 at 2:39 AM

Posting my story kept going through my head over and over, until i felt whats the harm in getting a few opinions?
I would first just like to say that it takes a lot of courage to say or admit all of your stories and i would like to say to all who did confess their story that you are an example for all who are afraid to seek help, second opinions and stress release. Anyway i wont take long, ill get on with my story.
I’m a very hard to please guy, i mean not many girls can really attract me or i like them, actually not many is alot, i say about ZERO girls actually attract my attention.  Anyway, its my last year in University and there is this girl that for the first time has got me going crazy over her.  Im not the type to follow girls on the road, or try to harrass them.  I started asking about the girl, is she good, personality, reputation, and when things were looking good i had a friend (a girl who knows her) try to see if she was into marriage.  Long story short in i ended up talking to her, and she said that she was young, and her parents wouldnt allow a non-graduate to propose.
I guaranteed her that i was in my last year (as was she) and that i didnt want to propose until i stood on my own feet.
After a while, she became more friendly, she starting saying hi in public and talking to me, and i thought she might be actually interested since i told her i didnt want anything other than the possibility of marriage. But then she started to become distant, only talks whenever she felt i wasnt paying attention to her, whenever i would not say hi or ask about her, like 3 weeks or a month, she would just pop a message as if reminding me she existed.  I got frustrated with her inconsistency so i told her to back off, and i had enough friends and i wasnt looking for new ones.
so for the whole year we didnt talk or anything, now we are nearing the years end, and she is starting to play staring games, i see you no i dont see you and those childish games, sadly i still want to marry her. and i dont know what to do. your opinions are appreciated.

Sincere Clarifcation

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2010 at 5:26 AM

We are continuously receiving various confessions that different people send us from different parts of the world. We for sure welcome all of them here. The whole sake of this is to take whatever in your heart and throw it in this box anonymously, without the frustration of judgement.

Without believing in the sense of this place, we would not have continued, and would’ve stopped since day one, however, we hardly believe that this place circles us in beautiful harmony. We share our confessions and hear feedback that makes us smile, and that there is someone out there that won’t care who we are, but they’re eagerly helping us, believing in our humane natural acts of sensation and sincerity towards the other. However, we are receiving many comments that are judgemental, rude, childish, and very immoral. We are now censoring comments even more to avoid such comments. People are confessing believing in the nature of relief and hearing positive feedbacks to help them continue their life happy and never judged, thus such comments are not and never will be welcomed in Kuwait Exposed.

As we previously mentioned, this place shouldn’t be a place of negativity and judgement, rather we should hold upon each other and share our sincere thoughts maturely. So any comment from now on that fits any negative criteria is not welcomed and will be trashed far away from this blog.

We really appreciate all commenters to help their fellow confessors reach their happiness in life, or at least be there for them even though they don’t know them and they will never even meet. Such comments brings the smile to us and to every reader in this blog, we raise the hat to you all. Thank you

Lastly, we apologize if anyone was offended from any comment that was placed in his/her confession, we as a team take full responsibility to that. We encourage you to ignore all previous childish acts, and we pledge to censor those comments more effectively and trash in all immoral comments.

We here come unite.

Kuwait Exposed Team

Confession 50 – *REMOVED BY AUTHOR*

In Confessions on May 11, 2010 at 4:23 PM