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Confession 40 – Matters of the Heart

In Confessions on April 30, 2010 at 12:38 PM

I had a girl, I loved her so,
Our love was meant to forever grow,
We talked of a future oh so nice,
Where we would live as husband and wife,
I had a house, built to our dreams,
Memories to be made already sewn into its seams,
It seemed perfect, all was complete,
I had a love that was ever so sweet.

Alas, it seems it was not meant to be,
My girl walked away from me,
She left me for one I called friend,
I thought my sanity would surely come to end,
From a love that had known no bounds,
Suddenly everything came crashing down.

I wondered why, I questioned how,
I had my doubts that remain till now,
Questions I yearn to ask, but know it is to no avail,
There is no point returning to a love that is destined to fail.

I’ve since picked myself up, dusted myself off,
Relearned to smile, to enjoy, to laugh,
Despite all this, I feel hollow inside,
Something is missing; in my heart it does no longer reside.

Sometimes at night, the memories return to torture me,
Remind me of a life I sought to lead,
For a love once lost, can rarely return,
No matter how much we want, or we yearn.

To the heart you cannot say,
take a step back, and let the mind lead the way.

This I cannot answer, for I do not know if it is true,
Is it possible to ever, really, get over you?

  1. I am so sad for your loss, how very sad that is to read.. I hope one day your heart heals, and you are able to move on and love again.. A lost love is one of the most unbearable things we must learn to deal with in life..


  2. Sensational poem, I was moved by it’s beauty!

    Don’t worry, she doesn’t deserve a person like you and you can find someone who truly appreciates and loves you for who you really are.

  3. Tomorrow is truly another day. You should ask yourself, is it better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all?
    This question may help you resolve the “matters of the heart”.


  4. @Blue
    do you think it is? you know what else they say, what you dont know cannot hurt you.

  5. I dont believe that one could get over love. forget it? maybe. but once remembered, the pain will come back again especially if the person you really loved hurt you in ways you could never have imagined.

  6. if she came back to you would you accept her after what she did ?
    she showed her true colors, its better to happen now than after u get married.

  7. @K_
    therein lies the question my friend; the battle between what the mind knows to be true, and what the heart wants. it is better it happened before, i agree. didnt make the pain any easier, but big-picture-wise, i agree.

  8. Ana knt ashik ina fe shbab y7boon f bali il shbab low kan agrab maykon 7agik hm f balah ygazir 3laik, ymkin u 7ala shatha w nadir minha.

    Awal shay il jwab NO, w the fact inik u picked ur self up, dusted ur self off,
    relearned to smile, to enjoy, to laugh .. Is more than good, low u were a girl u wouldn’t b able to do that ever, I’ve lost the love of my life my Cousin or to put it in a right way he threw me away of his life, I was more than good 4 him that he couldn’t ‎​Handle a Person like me, not bragging but its the truth, the questions that you have after lose of ur love could never b answered what so ever, latfakir b ajwiba w 7ta mn iyye so2al lah nafsik b shay 2, ana ga3da an9i7ik w ana mu ga3da a6abi8 bs mtakda ina hatha il shay i9a7 ili ilmfroth nsaweh.

    W n9e7aa n9ee7a maku shay ismah 7ub now la t3awir galbik mara 2, inta da5lik abyath la t5arbah m3a nas matswa

    • your cousin, it is his loss.

      • yeah it’s totally his lose and im more than sure that he’ll miss my love and come back only to fined nothing from me. u should know that u were 2 good for her that she couldn’t handel u, inta maga9art b shay bs ihya ili matstahil w sorrey bs isharha 3la rfejik hatha matsameh 9a7ib.
        storry nom 25 is mine check the movie ili bil comments, being nice is boring 😉

  9. as we say RIGHT YOUR TONGUE :p

  10. i love love love the last four lines.
    im sorry you had to learn these things the hard wayy
    Thanks for sharing !!

    dr.zhivago: LOL !!

  11. i am no fan of poetry; but this is ok.

    the last line of each verse makes a story; did you do that on purpose? or coincidence?

    you will never forget love; you learn. do not go back to her, under any circumstance, she left you once, she can do it again, and again, and again.

  12. ok, you need to forget about her! rise above it man. Take plenty of xanax and listen to stevie nicks and you will be just fine. We have all been through heartbreak, sometimes takes years to get over it and trust me those years are not worth your suffering, I have been there. You need to let go of her memory, gather your close friends and have a burial for every gift, letter, photograph etc that you shared and let the universe take over. Bad karma is going to get her one day. The tables will turn and she will try to get back into your life, BLOCK HER! If a woman walks out of your life, she’s not worth the pain. Don’t be sad but be glad and you need to hook up with confessions 42 woman, she sounds like plenty of fun until you meet the right woman. Goodluck

    • chacha i came to realise ur one angry chica…
      did u just recommend xanax??
      you have me speechless…

  13. loool, make it happen, match-maker 😉

  14. ITS AMAZING, I LOVE IT! I know how you feel and I write poems too!

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