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Confession 38 – Miss The Point!

In Confessions on April 27, 2010 at 7:55 AM

How come you can DRINK but you can’t eat pork?

You can SLEEP with any person willing to get into bed with you but you order your sandwich with out the bacon?

You can have fun GAMBLING your savings away but you wont eat the hotdog because its not beef?

You can forget to PRAY for a year but you’ll never forget to ask, “Is there pork in this”?

You will CHEAT on your wife and its ok since you don’t eat pork?

People in our society always manage to MISS THE POINT.

  1. Well you’ve missed the point too. People are people no matter where they are and what religion they follow. Their actions are not dependent on where they live but on how they want to live their life. So really it’s not just our society, and it doesn’t depend on society, it depends on the person. Nice blaming.

    But I agree with you in a way. It’s like some people have a huge beard and are super religious with “Mashallah” on the back of the car and they go 180 on the highway, swerve in and out of lanes, are all the way on the left lane next to an exit on the highway then SWERVE all the way to the right lane almost hitting 5 cars to get to the exit. This shows a complete lack of respect for human life. People are people. What are you going to do?

  2. old stuff!!! sit back relax & just respect every human being'(s) opinion/view in life and how they live theyre shitty crappy life…

    ow.,AM NOT PERFECT>>>no one IS!!!

  3. Sure, it’s everyone’s choice how they choose to live their lives; but when you have holier-than-thous, looking down on you, and judging you – that’s when you have to ask those questions. It’s hypocrisy, which is fine if that’s how you choose to live your life – just don’t come around, judging the rest of the world, when you’re no saint yourself. I totally agree with this post.

    It’s like this big controversy going on right noe with the reccent South Park episode. It’s not the fact that people are offended – sure, they have a right to be offended, it is afterall their prophet, but, why don’t these same people react in the same manner when shows do the same with images/characters depicting Jesus or Moses for that matter. Even in Islam, Jesus and Moses are prophets that are owed the same respect – so why do they only make a fuss over Mohammad?

    That is the kind of hypocrisy that, in my opinion, doesn’t give them the right to judge.

  4. Yoshe,

    there is one thing you do not understand about Islam. It is not a matter of, if they do it to their prophets, why can’t they do it to ours?
    The fact that Jesus is used as a joke in mainstream western society is nothing to be proud of. Mocking religion is nothing to be proud of. We do not have arabic cartoonists depicting Jesus in cartoons.
    Islam does not have “pictures” of the prophets, there are descriptions given in the ahadeeth, teachings of the prophet, nothing more. Worshipping an image is a step close to idolism.

    It is not a matter of being overly sensitive, there are some things in this world that have to remain sacred, and cannot be mocked. This is one of them. It is not a matter of being open minded, it simply is a matter of courtesy and decency.

    Ask yourself; what is the point behind the southpark episode? Anything? Does it try to bridge the gap between east and west, Islam and Christianity?

    This is one matter in which making light of the situation will lead to nothing but aggravation. It is not hypocrisy as we do not go around mocking others.

    I remember watching cartoons about the prophets as a child; and even shows that revolved around the prophet, whenever the prophet was mentioned, or supposed to be shown, in either of the two mediums, it was either a picture of the sky, or merely a voice speaking. Even in the story of E’asa (Jesus), he was not depicted as the long-haired, bearded fellow, he was merely a voice. Thats respect.

    • Hey, I think you mistunderstood what I was trying to say. I am Muslim by the way, so I know – but what I was trying to say is: HOw come they don’t get offended when they do the same with Jesus and Moses? According to Islam, they too are prophets that are to be respected…but the Muslim world only seems to react when it comes to Mohammead – why? That is the hypcroisy I’m talking about. I’m not saying tey shouldn’t be offended, I’m saying they should be equally outraged when the same depictions of Jesus or Moses are used/mocked. You get what I mean?

      Where is the respect for Jesus and Moses? Why aren’t the same people who are offended by this recent South Park episode, offended when Jesus or Moses are mocked?

      If they were true to Islam’s teachings, then they would be equally offended – and maybe that will help bridge the gap.

  5. life’s is complicated , weird ,very strange but most of all , Its very unexplainable .
    Why do people ask about pork ? probably cuz they dont want anybody finding out what they’re hiding , if u ask , it will seem like ur completely innocent ….. harmless … while the truth is the exact opposite .
    Why do people back-stab you the minute they get a chance ?
    Why are most kuwaities now suddenly the most stupid and ignorant people in the world ?
    some questions are better left with no answers .

  6. umm the was weird…why do women wear 7ijab yet wear leggings as pants,…soo…why r u comparing bacons and “sleeping with someone”. i know what ur tryng to say, but ur saying it all wrong..and if you don’t like south park for gods sake cover ur eyes, if ur watching it just to criticize it then ur contradicting urself…why do u care if poeple eat pork and drink..its none of ur business, ur religion is something personal, no one wants to know what u think about UR religion no one is intrested.

  7. Its kinda obvious if you think about it, a pig looks disgusting and wouldn’t be too hard to avoid, cheating on your wife or drinking, when the saint is right beside you screaming DO IT! is hard to resist, those who do resist however, are the winners in the long run.

  8. Pork is disgusting , that’s why!
    Most of the Arab not so religious people who dont eat pork dont do it not because its haram but because they find it unappealing just like most westerners don’t want to see “Cat” or “Dog” on their menu.

  9. thanks rimbo! totally with you on this one!
    pork/ham/bacon is just another type of meat that you can choose not to eat, for some people, religion has nothing to do with it. Just as certain people choose not to eat raw fish, others dont prefer pork. Simple. I just wish people would stop forcing religion into every crack.

  10. im not a vegetarian because i love animals, im a vegetarian because i hate vegetables! 😛

  11. Thank you !!! Someone finally said it !
    All these idiots are missing the point.
    Unfortunately this is only one example hypocritical attitudes we have in our culture.

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