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Vote: Kuwait Exposed New Name

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2010 at 11:14 AM

We have found out that we have been misunderstood a lot because of our name; our name doesn’t give the best first impression to new comers. We have seen this picture and definitely agree that it gives a negative picture about the whole experience of this confession box. Since we believe that this place is a circle that brings Kuwait socially together and hear each other without judging ourselves and other people, we have decided that we will post a poll with the proposed names and you guys will have a chance into building our name together. This way, you guys will be a big part of this circle that unifies us.

So go ahead and vote!

  1. they are pretty much all the same; why not try something like voices of kuwait; that way those who want to confess, can, and those that want to digress, can also.

    kuwait exposed does sound like airing dirty laundry;

    wait, i know what i am voting for.

  2. they names sound kinda boring , i personally like the original name better.

  3. Yeah, just as @HopelessRomantic said, but it would be nicer if it wasn’t (for example) “VoicesofKuwait.wordpress.com” but rather having it like “VoicesofKuwait.com”

    Out of all the suggestions, I’d keep it the same. The only problem, when I tell someone about this website they freak out and think that I’m trying to make them do something wrong. Then the “.wordpress.com” backs that up. BUT, if you change it to something like “voicesofkuwait” maybe nothing like that would ever happen. AHAAAAA so that’s why you want to change it. As if it wasn’t porno or something. :p

  4. leave it but remove “wordpress.com”???

  5. free blog = XYZ.wordpress.com

    [just like iblooogle.blogspot.com :P]

    kuwaitexposed.com would require more registration, bandwidth etc. i.e cash.

  6. @hopelessromantic So what… it’s a nice website and it should deserve its own domain..

    BTW… for those of you with iPhones and iPod touches… I got Mark from 248am.com to put this website (Kuwait Exposed)in his app “Kuwait Blogs”

    Don’t know when he’ll update it, but here’s the link for iTunes:

  7. i suggest it to be changed in to Kuwait’s confessions .. without the “Box”

  8. I think that u should make it a place for everyone , not only Kuwaitis , Cause there are people form all over the gulf or even the middle east who have the same problems , so its better if everyone could speak up and be able to get their secret out
    just an opinion

  9. Since everyone’s talking about love and all… how about, “Matters of the Heart”? Just sayin’

  10. @blah thats the title of my post! : P

    on a more serious note; this is not a confessional site, people are coming here for advice, its kuwaits very own “dear kathy”. think of something to do with that. Kuwadvice or somethign along those lines. this has become a place where people come for understanding, not just to say something and be done with it. hence you have comments. and the OP replies. its extremely useful, for those who use it properly and give proper, solid advice. its helping out alot, everyone knows kuwait does not have much to offer in terms of psychiatry or psychology, and most of the people just need someone to listen and understand.

    thts my 2 cents.

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