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Confession 37 – All Over The Place

In Confessions on April 26, 2010 at 5:40 AM

I have consumed pot throughout college……. I have slept with a little over a hundred girls …. I used to frequent strip clubs more then school…hmmmmmmmm what else is there to confess….yeahhh …. I have had different sexual experiments with couples,lesbians and swingers….I used to gamble away my tution money in Vegas and call dad with ridiculous justifications for more money…My first sexual experience was with a 28 year old morrocan prostitute in london ( I was 13 )…I have travelled the world over not sight seeing but rather to indulge in sin…. I am now 32 years of age and I feel like I am 60……Ok ok ok !! I know this post is messed up and pretty much distorted but hey at least you got me to confess….

  1. FTW!!!

  2. Are you seeking help, advice, atonement, forgiveness, or merely bragging?

  3. bragging much!

  4. you brag like what you did is a good thing and everyone would love to be in your shoes, well its the exact opposite, i’d rather shoot myself than go through your life.

  5. brag??????? whats to brag about sowaaad elwayh?

  6. if I can bring back time I wouldnt do any of the things I did and I wont suggest that anyone should lead a lifestyle full of sin as it is hard to redeem yourself…..my past still haunts me!

  7. just ast’3fr rabbk and mean it, if ur 1st secual experience was @ 13 then its ur parents’ HUGE fault cuz they suck at parenting (yeah they do)
    be good from now on, and encourage people to be good, and you’ll be ok inshalla :), god bless you

  8. It seems that everytime someone commits a sin, they say they do not want anyone to follow in their footsteps. I know there is no point crying over spilt milk, but what on earth made you think that a “life of sin” as you so eloquently put it, would be appealing?

    May your moral compass point you forever forward.

  9. administrator : I am rather baffled by how quick people are on judging…this particular post was dedicated to anonymous confessions therefore no point to brag and I really hope you could maybe clarify that…foxhound: I have the greatest parents any boy or girl in the whole wide world could wish for…

    again I reiterate I am not seeking advice nor judgment…I just simply confessed for the sake of it…..thnx

  10. what the hell is wrong with people these days..ur 32 what kind of advice do u want…my biggest advice is go check if u caught AIDS or any other STD..seriously.

  11. truth : I will take your “biggest advice” and get a medical check up pronto…under one condition though…and that is my dear friend if you take my advice and seek treatment for your severe ADHD !!


  13. i think what matters most is not what happened in the past; as only god has the right to judge. I have seen incredible reform from people who have delved to the deepest level of sin. I believe you can do it, you have already admitted the “folly” of your ways. I cannot give you selfworth, or forgiveness, I can only offer my support.

    good luck to you,

  14. wow did you even reach puberty when you were 13?? 😮

  15. Folly..is that ur namee..( which mean foolish in other words)
    1) ewww im not ur friend
    2) again eww im not ur friend
    3) hmm rude and disguting..dude get a noose and get it over with

  16. hahah dude story of my life. dont be ashamed of it like some people would like you to believe, because if they havent been through it then they cant really judge. do everything you want before you get married, at the end, she is the one that benefits the most.

  17. You’re sick. And you ARE seriously all over the place. I pitty you. Good luck with yourself =)

  18. buSulaiman: You seriously need to work on your advice. Even though people cant judge him you shouldnt be giving that sort of advice since youre encouraging a sin that is min ‘ilkaba2er’ Unless you want that to fall on your neck on judgement day then i dont suggest you do that.

    folly: Allah yahdeek, ask god forgiveness and try and make a better life for yourself.

  19. busulaimani feel you too… BUT u said dont be ashamed of it? as in be proud? even if folly said it simply for the sake of participating everybody misinterpreted it. on one hand some think hes braggin. and on the other ur encouraging.
    i dont see where folly expresses any pride or sorrow in his confession…
    he is just getting it off his chest..
    as for you folly… BAD, BAD FOLLY!!! DONT DO IT AGAIN AND GO SIT IN THE CORNER!!! 😛
    allah ytob 3laina o 3laiko inshallah mako illa al3fya..
    and truth get lost… seriously if ur are trying to advise him u suck and if ur trying to be negative then u also suck!!!

  20. you’re my hero =P

  21. My advice to you: Marriage BUT before that make sure that u r done with ur past. 7aram u get bent enas with u when ur not going to change.
    Find a good proper girl, that u choose or atleast u like not just a random girl that is just good without u knowing her.
    Why i say this? becoz I have a relative who is bad and got married to a good girl but then he never changed his past, and he says I don’t love my wife becoz I dont like her personality!! So he now he cheats on her.

    Stay away from 7aram. If u know going to a bar will make u drink, then dont ! <– also means if a u hv a friend that u know has pot then resist going to him.

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