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Confession 36 – I Don’t Care Anymore

In Confessions on April 24, 2010 at 2:17 AM

I’m pretty sure everyone knows the truth about me by now. They all know my best friend’s boyfriend is now my fiancé. They know I cheat on him and every other boyfriend I’ve ever had. They understand I don’t know how to be a friend and that I don’t feel bad when I do something they consider “two-faced” or “back-stabbing.” They just walk away without giving me a second chance because they’re tacky and immature and don’t know how to accept people for who they are.


I don’t care if you ALL find out that I sneak my boyfriend into my house and sleep with him while my father’s asleep in the next room and that I wore the hijab so my boyfriend will want to marry me! I don’t care that I don’t know which guy gave me an STD and I hope every guy I sleep with gets it! I’m hot and this is what hot girls do.

I’m half American and I don’t know how to be a typical Kuwaiti no matter what front I put on in public.

  1. wow…what can i say!!! ur a God damn biatch!!!

  2. shame on u , ur the psycho casing ur self problems , u have issues .

  3. and by the way , i bet ur fiance-boyfriend doesnt even love u , he loves how far he can get with u .

  4. wtf is happening in kuwait? ….

  5. Just a small thought, you could continue what you’re doing till you turn maybe 35 but after that when you’re all wrinkly and saggy and god damn ugly, you’ll be sitting there all by yourself and have no one with u, you think you could still get guys to be with u with games and immaturity? NOT

  6. Rodent!! I hope someone squashes you! You disgust me!

  7. so let me get this straight, you want people to give you a second chance when your two faced and a stabber by sleeping with your boyfriend’s best friend.. then you call them immature for not giving you a second chance, well frankly spreading your legs everytime a guy with a smile comes up does make you a proud whore my confused friend and no one wants to marry a whore, how do you expect you to raise kids ? be loyal ? be committed ? have a good reputation (which you already ruined dramatically) you can’t do NONE of those, you are an object of pleasure that is your exact definition, you satisfy men and you loose a small part of you in the process.

    I would love to give you advice, but judging from the way you wrote this and how far of a goner you are, i see it pointless.

  8. wow. I feel bad for you. You must really hate your life, a lot to put do all that just so that you could feel that someone cares……
    I’m not going to take the route of the other posters and call you names because it seems to me you want the negative attention.

  9. you’re sick. seek therapy asap….

  10. I feel sorry for you.
    Allah Ehadeeech ya rab.

  11. im sure you’re not half, u just wanna ruin mixed people reputation ;/ I mean why do you have to say I’m half something just to proof :/ I think you’re just fooling around by writing that crap and I guess you’re against to one of those half;/ Plus you need a therapy for sure!

  12. I don’t care about whatever you did…why are u getting married if ur not marriage material…?

  13. This is silly. Little girl, you need to grow up. And start being a “good person”. It honestly seems to me that you’re doing all of this because you have EXTREMELY low self esteem. I’m not saying “omigosh look a kuwaiti girl is having sex”, but the fact that you’re lying and cheating on your fiance, and just backstabbing your friends….seriously, Karma is a bitch, and it really is going to get you real bad one day.

  14. Oh honey, when people walk away without giving you a second chance it is because they, too, DON’T care anymore.

  15. OMG!! I so know who you are! Everyone knows ur dirty filthy laundry and u deserve ur bad reputation! And u only claim that u don’t care because it kills u that people know exactly who u are and all the horrible things u’ve done! If u dont want to people to talk don’t do the awful things u’ve done (which were clearly just to recieve attention from the opposite sex, so very sad) anyways, allah yahdeech ur so damaged…

  16. I know who you are exactly. I mean fitha7tay nafsich. Ya3nee someone was dumb enough to propose to a scamming slut who he knows will never be pure because you legs will always be open for any guy, 7ata ilbangaly ily bilshari3 and u mess it up? Loser, you had many chances so don’t ask for a second one, you are way past that. I actually remember you complaing about the same “no one understands me, no one gives me a second chance” since high school. You’d think ppl yikbiroon o ya3giloon but not you, no never you.

    No one needs to give you even a second glance because you yourself said that you will NEVER change. I pitty you, and I know that one day you will fall flat on ur ass even worse than now and NO ONE will pick u up.

    FYI I am hot too, o you know me and you know you can never be as good looking as I am. O il7amdilla I haven’t done anything in my life that would put my parents to shame or cause me to (e7m e7m) open a blog or post a confession. And to prove to you that you will always be a loser, I am engaged to a good looking decent guy from a good family and when he looks at me he sees purity, love, and the future mother of his children. what does your asshole fiance see when he looks at you? your muffled screams as he fucked you while your dad was in the next room? or what?

    Anyways, in the end. I said it when I first met you and I will say it forever, you ended your life and you will forever be a loser while every one lives happily. Maskeena.

    Allahuma la shamata.

    p.s. I actually thought for a moment that your “religious act” was real, but I knew in the end you are who you are despite the fashil “social front” which we all NEVER believed.

  17. vanity is the devils greatest sin, and unfortunately you are a victim. I’m guessing you come from a broken home, your dad never had enough time for you, you are doing this to get back at him in some sick act of vengeance, hence you seek to fill that void with any male presense. too bad its always the wrong one, you deserve to be loved but you are going about it the wrong way. you are breeding spite and lust.

    its never too late to change. you say people judge you and turn their back on you, can you judge yourself? if so, what do you see?

    you need to figure out what it is you want in life, and someone already pointed out, your “hot”ness will not last forever,

  18. I’ll probably be the only positive note here, but I admire your enthusiasm. No, I don’t agree with you but at least you have balls as opposed to 90% of everybody in Kuwait. Everybody’s too afraid to say anything different, or even be different.

    I’m sure I’ll get attacked. But hey, that just proves my point. 🙂

  19. I think I know who you are. And if you are who I think you are, you’re definitely a beautiful girl. I’m not sure why you act this way but I think you should try to find some guidance. Being like this is not going to be good in any way. You need some help through talking. If you want to change who you are and how you are acting, you can talk to me. I will try and help you to the best of my ability. If you want, email me here: cantosticks@gmail.com

  20. LOL! You call the guys when you can’t even stay in a relationship without cheating…… Lovely ;p

  21. I’m sorry, I wasn’t planning on commenting, but I couldn’t help. What does being “half American” have to do with anything? Who you are, is who you choose to be – has nothing to do with where you were born, or what travel documentation you carry. There are some very conservative Amiercans (Mormons are a good example of that) and very liberal Kuwaitis. Don’t deflect taking responsibility for your actions by blaming it on your citizenship.

  22. agree 100% with yoshe

  23. Who cares if you are half american. so am i, and i don’t do that shit. It has nothing to do with your messed up situation. Congrats on the std, you deserve it.

  24. hmm, I thought this place was supposed to help people with their problems instead of being bombarded by self-righteous arabs that love to taunt the odd one out.

    My advice, wear condoms and try to work it out. I’d suggest meditation…a lot of it.


    And Kid I really don’t think she’s asking for help. LOTS of people tried giving this girl second and third chances and tried to help her and she kept promising to “change” but never followed through and did insanely shady stuff.

    I agree with Halfie. Mabrook ma yach. Ma7ad yistahal akthar minich. How naive are your parents exactly?

  26. Dancer, they’re quiet naïve. For a psychologist her fathers bad at reading people 🙂 yeah A.F. Everybody knows ur dirty lil secrets 🙂 keep them up, eh? I’m sure there are surprises coming up in your life soon. I’d be veery careful if I was u. 🙂

  27. dunno what to tell you i really dont. I just wanna know if confessing made u feel any better? i hope it did coz ur gonna be feelin shitty for a long time.
    all i can say as a fellow human being, i wish you can find happiness in your world of misery!

  28. i just remembered a very famous song in the west coast sung by andre nikitina it goes like “Dont save ‘er she dont wanna be saved, dont save her she dont wanna be saved” talkin bout W*****.
    U get the drift….

  29. my lord! hahah this has got to be a joke! if youre actually real GET A FREAKIN CLUE! your calling the ppl that have the good sense to judge you and not want to associate with you as “tacky and immature”???
    let me get this straight: you sleep around, you disrespect your father/family/and home to sneak in a guy to have sex, and your hope is to spread the nasty std youve contracted??
    one question: do you think you DESERVE a second chance??
    if you at least had the good sense to feel bad about how you act, id say there is some hope for you…and while you might not take anyones advice at this point, im still going to throw it out there:

    1-break up with your “boyfriend” he neither respects you or loves you–your nothing more than an easy lay and you dont have a snow-balls-chance in hell of getting him to marry you if his family has even an ounce of class
    2-get that std checked out and be responsible enough to inform anyone who may have contracted it from you
    3-start respecting your family, your father, and yourself
    4-dont put the hijab if you arent going to wear it for the right reasons….and while your at it, work on your relationship with God, you’ll need it
    5-and finally dont think ANYTHING you said is “okay”–you sound like someone who has lost all touch with reality!

    good luck to you… :s

  30. … alah ma3ach it seems u got some seriouse issues we all wish we were somwhere else or go back and time and such and never give a 2nd look to what we have at the moment we are in it maybe ur lucky and u dont know it but STD? … alah e3eench

  31. i seriously doubt if ur kuwaiti… think ur just out to spoil der reputation……….. i mean maybe ur a foreigner n u dont like it der coz of der attitude towards u… n u kinda dont like americans too do u?…. maybe ur writin dis in ur prespective… u think d americans n kuwaiti r filthy ( which dey r not)… so u go ahead invent a story of some crap.. fr ppl to follow up!..wht can i say its shameful…ppl are just not tolerant anymore r dey!??!

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