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Confession 33 – Helpless Coincidence

In Confessions on April 20, 2010 at 12:51 AM

i went to my visit my friend at her job about 2 years ago,
and when i was there, i met this guy, i didnt think much of him but i saw that he was nice and mu7taram, and for the first time isti7ait, and we talked and laughed and again, i didnt think much of it, then i went out, and bumped into him while shopping, same thing happened 3 other times, i thought it was just a crush but come on, this month its three years and im still thinking about him, im going insane but im not into dating and neither is he, he doesnt have facebook so i dont really keep up with him unless its another incident where we randomly see each other, and its torture knowing i cant do anything , i feel so helpless, any advice?

  1. go to ur friend’s work place again ? and say u have a question . and ur phone was dead!

  2. start dipping on that baskin robins ice cream all night

  3. my advise is “be patient” … if its ment to be he’ll come to you..
    You can’t do anything that can help and maybe if you show him your feeling he can misunderstand you or think of you in a wrong (bad) way and you don’t want that.

    “Good things happen to those who wait”

  4. No. Don’t sit back and wait. Contact him or have someone you know contact him and let him know you want to have a date with him. This will let him know that you are into him.

  5. she doesnt work there anymore it was volunteer work, which made me like him even more, and i cant date him

  6. ur not into dating hes not into dating, what are u expecting a proposal..no i think u should give up..if he really wanted you then he would have made a move somehow

  7. hmmm, well call me old fashioned but he is the guy he should make the first move thats the way i see it the ball is in his court right now, uve seemed interesed and talked and laughed so he knows you exist..

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