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Confession 34 – Happy Yet Confused

In Confessions on April 20, 2010 at 12:54 AM

My love life is completely screwed.
I used to be this girl who didn’t even believe in love before marriage and I used to have crushes who were just simple and easy to get over.

Now I’m in love, really in love.
With a guy who used to be crazy for me, and he still is. The problem is I know he had a girlfriend the time we were apart and I don’t know if they’re still together.

We talk a lot now, and were closer than ever with flirting and everything. I’m scared to ask him because I don’t want to end up heartbroken and I don’t want to lose what we have.

  1. ask his friends , or say that u say his ex today , and randomly ask : btw , are u still in touch with her ?
    if he asks why , just say u liked her dress or sumthin .

    • liking her dress has nothing to do with if his still in touch with her, doing that will only make the guy feel she’s really stupid.

  2. If he is a good boyfriend, and he gives you nothing but love and respect, then there’s no reason to ask, just don’t ruin what you have because of a past that he had, what matters is the future not the past, my advice to you is that you don’t ask him

  3. There was a subject that I studied that said; telling the guy or making him feel like u have the slightest doubts about him will make him feel not trustworthy, so wen he gets that feeling he will do the things that accused him with doing, cuz in his mind he’ll be saying; what the heck she doesn’t trust me any way !

    So b clever and don’t ask him, just follow ur instances, and never put them to a corner if u feel that he has one, just cuz u love him, or cuz u r not sure, honey our feelings towards the guys we love are always true .

  4. Bring the topic up in casual conversation. Or talk about something that would make him bring up his girlfriend. I do it all the time with girls if I want to find out if they have a boyfriend. Funny thing is that girls 95% of the time bring up their boyfriends anyways.

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