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Confession 31 – Dreamful Imagination

In Confessions on April 18, 2010 at 1:21 AM

for awhile now, since i was a kid, i always felt that there was a dark angel hovering above my bed in the right corner. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew it was a male figure and had dark wings. He’d hover in the dark, but it wasn’t scary at all. He was there to help me sleep at night. I wasn’t abused, I had a normal family upbringing. But each night he was just there, someone who loves me and stood there silently.

This feeling passed away a bit, but recently the feeling came back. Its the same thing – a winged creature hovering in the corner of my bedroom at night. I know he isn’t real, but he just calms me down.

Then I realized one night that it feels like hes a brother. I’ve always felt like I have an older brother, someone behiind my back. But i’m the eldest child in the family, and my parents never told me if they’ve had a miscarraige or a other baby before me. Yet I still have this feeling that I have an older brother, but I know I don’t have one.

I just wanted to say this out loud.

  1. thats interesting , maybe u should ask ur parents , they’re onviously not just gonna walk by and say : ” oh i forgot to tell u , we had a miscarriage years ago .”

  2. Mmmm that’s so creepy, some times ghosts ave a relation with human beings not necessarily a love one, u say that it’s with u for a long time and didn’t harm u that means that he’s not the harmful kind, I think in ur mined u have linked this thing with u not having a brother that’s what made it ok with u and not afraid of it.

    Those creatures some times tends to harm win the person gets married out of their jealousy, I hardly advice u to tell ur mom, perhaps tell a sheikh about it just to b on the safe side.

  3. Hey there,

    That’s very interesting, I’m no professional in the under world, so I can’t really explain any of this, my only advice would be to talk to a sheikh if your a muslim, or a priest if you’re a christian, he’ll be able to explain this phenomena.

    Good luck! 🙂

  4. hmmm… it is some how like this story all watch please!

  5. …or you have a vivid imagination.
    I still see things too 😉 And it’s disturbing.

  6. you need help man

  7. it was me watching over you all these years..i am pedobear

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