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Confession 30 – Watch and Leave

In Confessions on April 17, 2010 at 2:43 PM

This is killing since forever. I just cant stand it anymore.

When I used to study abroad, I saw a rape incident in front of me and I did not do anything about it. A girl was being beaten and raped and I froze to the scene. I just stared from a far place and couldn’t do anything about it. Three guys were around her and I stood doing nothing. I even was too afraid to call the police, I was frightened that they’d call me for investigations, witness trials etc.. So what I did is NOTHING.

This matter is killing me the day I saw it. I feel like a jerk. What if I was in her place? I would need help, and I didn’t help whatsoever, in anyway possible. Two years passed since this, but I just cant let this out of my mind. I think about it every now and then and its eating me alive. I really dont know what to do about it. I cant go back in time and fix it, I just dont know what to do.

I feel like a big jerk, a huge one, day after day and couldn’t help myself about this. What should I do? I dont think anything would help me really. This feeling is deep inside tearing me apart.

  1. clearly you should have done something about it, instead you left the girl dipping in white cream, now that is very mean, but its been two years and you haven’t put it to past. If you knew that girl the least you can do to feel better is go to her and apologize, if not then you have to find it in yourself to forgive yourself.

  2. Wow… you really should’ve have said something or notified the police. At least it would’ve been better than doing nothing, like what you did. Not sure what kind of advice I can give you about this..

  3. ITS OKAY ! yes , you should have done something , but u froze , and thats OKAY !
    its normal , i dont think i would have been able to do something either , u were traumatized and thats okay .
    if u still feel bad ( which i think u should get over cuz its normal ), maybe u should do some donations or charity .

  4. dont blame yourself it wasn’t in your hands, im sure all of us would of reacted the same way you did, we’d say when this happens we’d call the police or whatever but everyone freezes even the best of us. what i advize you to do is ista’3fur rabik o ta3awa’6 min iblees, hatha elshai6an eli ga3ad e7asisik ina inta your a jerk when in reality your not just stop thinking about it and move on.

  5. I suggest you take a good look at what’s bothering you.
    You where afraid to help because it could have gotten you in a mess. And hell it was 3 guys, not many people can do anything to 3 guys, and they could have done a lot before the cops got there.
    You should look at yourself in the mirror and try to forgive yourself, holding it in all the time will do you no good!

  6. It’s easy for everyone to say ohhhh you should have done this you should have done that bla bla, but the truth is everyone reacts differently to these kinds of situations, some people have the guts to act immediatly, others just freeze in place which is NORMAL.

    Don’t blame yourself for not trying to help, but at least now you know that you should have done something about it, just take this as a lesson that you’ve learned from, so in the future just in case you encountered something similar you’ll know what to do ..

    Good luck

  7. You can still contact the police and make a statement. Man up and right the wrong.

  8. Just let go. What happened happened, yes it’s sad. But you have to learn to let go. There’s nothing you can really do now. Grieving over it doesn’t benefit anybody.

  9. As long as you decided you won’t let this happen to anybody in the future you are ok.
    We live in the today moment not in the past, but remember you should never let something bad like this happen in front of you and do nothing.

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