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Confession 29 – Dramatic Life

In Confessions on April 17, 2010 at 2:26 PM

I never used to know how true real life is. Since I came to this world my life is a disaster, my father is drunk 90% of the time, my parents are divorced when I was 2 years old, my sister has thousands of boyfriends. I have absolutely no control over my life. I can’t control what is going on. My mother doesn’t give a damn about me, nor my father, they just don’t care that I exist. They never cared if I’d go to school or not, who my friends are, where do I go, when to come back home. I am not that young, its my last year in university, and hopefully I will be building my life alone. But about all this? I have no family and no friends whatsoever, I tried getting myself together and failed miserably. I just don’t know what to do in this life anymore, everything is collapsing on me. I live in my own bubble, I don’t think anyone else know I even exist, my social life on a scale of 10 is 0, its just because I was never exposed to social life when I was kid (thanks to the way I was raised). I even can’t stand staying at home either in father’s house or mother’s house, its a complete disaster. My father and his alcoholism, my mother’s never home. A lot of times I just stay at hotels to have a time alone, no one even pays me, I work a crappy job and go to school and get some cash from going there (the monthly 100kd).

Anyhow, I just wanted to share this drama a bit I can’t share all the crap I am going through there is no space for it anywhere. As I said, I could never tell this to anyone, I have no friends whatsoever, no family, no nothing. And I am for sure lost as I always did in this life.

  1. you can either buy loads of baskin robins ice cream, sit in that tiny hotel room and gallop on it all night thinking about how bad your life is.


    you can do something about it, start from scratch, from zero. Put the past where it belongs and start a future where it shines. I know what i am saying is ten times easier said than done, but you have to start somewhere. Your life sounds miserable and i can’t imagine a day in your shoes, but doing nothing about it isn’t part of the solution. Try to socialize no matter how awkward or embarrassing it may start as, eventually you will have a trusty someone to lay on when in need, a friend can relate to you more than your family can ever do. Separate yourself from everyone doing you harm, luckily from the looks of it, your drunk father isn’t abusing you but rather only abusing himself with alcohol, its not as bad as you think. Try to make sense of your life, and enjoy living it


  2. The best thing you can do is learn from these experiences and promise yourself that in your future you will not allow your children to grow up the same way you did. You have to take control of your life because you are the one in charge of it.
    No social life? Come on man! There are so many ways you can get friends and do things here in Kuwait. I’ll give you one. Video games. Video games are absolutely huge here in Kuwait. Come hang out at White Tower in Salmiya. It’s all about arcade games and a lot of people love new people. Get into the scene, make friends, and have fun! You can change your life.

  3. I’m really so so so sorry for what happened with you, what you need is not our comment, what you need is some one to be there for you, I’d be more than pleased to be that one for u, I could b a sister of yours, this is my e-mail plz add me ( temona@live.com ), and I also recommend you to see a therapist that will help you a lot I promise.

    I wish u to get marred and have a better life, chin up girl 😀

    • mmm i’m confused if u r a girl or boy ;p

      bs any way, tby tshof 3jayib 7lwa w mfajaat b dnytik ?! tby ttft7lik abwab rzg mn kl mkan ?! tby inta tt7kam b7yatik ?! tgol omik oo obok maydron 3anik, wla rabi3, a9lan 3ndik ili ytmna t6lbah shay, ytmana tshkela hamik, ytmana tgrblah, waaaa7id y7ibik !! 3ndik alla ili fogna, nazil dam3itik w eshkelaa gola shfek w esht7taj, solf m3ah 5 mrat blyom, w 9alik rk3ten 3al sa3a 3 AM cuz id3wa mstjaba b hal wag w id3eeeh 7ta low bl kwety inshalla !! w shof shlon bt7s nfsik trta7 😉 7afi’6 3la 9latik mbyin mshalla fek ‘7air wayid, w shof shlon bsa5irlik rabi ili ma ttwa8a3 waaaalla walla ra7 tshof b3enik w ana sh59yan shft lma swet chthe!!

      kthr il ham msyfed, i6la3 istanis t3araf 3la ay a7ad t9adfa int mo nagi9 3anhom b shay w kil bet tra fee mshakil mtrosaa w ymkin akbar mn mshkltik bs inas matbayin shfeha y’3a6on, a9lan inta 7tan a7san mnhom rabet nafsik w i3tmadt 3la ro7ik 9adigni alla y7bik bs i6lbah, w still u have my e-mail adress u can send me msg if u need a help.

      يارب العباد افرج كربه و هون همه و اشفي المه .. اللهم ابدله بصبره حسنات و اجعل حياته جنه في الدنيا والاخره .. ربي انت قلت و من يجيب المضطر اذا دعان .. ان عبدك وابن امك مضطر ناصيتهربيزك ماضن فيه حكمك فاجعله حكما هينا وارزقه راحة البال .. اللهم ارزقه من حيث لا يحتسب .. واهد اخته .. اللهم اميين

      golaw ameeen plz 😀

      • امتك*
        ناصيته بيدك *

      • Han- Ameen ya rub. Yezaach allah khair, a7san reply garaita on this website. 3asaah eb meezan a3malech.

        Allah sub7ana w ta3ala edha 7ab 3abd ebtalaah, ent al7een eb ekhtebaar men allah beshouf edha ebtenhezm w ebtekrah eldenya w mafeeha wala eb telja2 ela sub7anah w tad3eeh lail w nahar. At this moment the world may seem to be the crappiest place, bes laman tetekel 3ala allah w etfawe’6 2amrek lah mara7 t7es eb hal shay. khaly ekoun allah uhwa rifeejk w 9adee8ik w your companion in life. Laken lazem et7e6 eb baalek ena allah mayougef wyaak edha bes da3ait w trajait, la2 lazem twa’6eb 3ala 9alatik, 9yaamek, gerayat elquran, etc. Kel ma 7asait eb ‘6eega efta7 elquran, 9adegni raa7 telga ra7at baal w ham ajweba bl kalam ely eb tegraah. Tara elIslam ne3ma enwajdat lena, take advantage of it. 3asa allah yafrejha 3alaik/3alaich wesakherlek elnaas l6aiba w yab3ed 3ank 3yaal el7aram. 3asa allah yahdi waldainek w ekhtek. A6leblk elhedaya w elthabaat 3ala eldeen. w tara eldenya bkhair w feeha elzain methel ma feeha elshain. w khal hal fekra eb balek 3ala 6oul- allah mayensa 3abeeda. w gaal fa2adhkerouni adhkerkum. 9a6a’3 alah el3a’6eem

  4. Can we be friends? I’ve been through something similar 😦 Shoot me an email if you can

  5. That’s a really sad story dear, but here in Kuwait, it’s more than typical, and I feel you.

    My only advice would be to speak up, your not a child, let both your parents know your there, don’t say I’m scared, or they won’t listen, make them listen! sit them down and talk to them seriously, explain that they’ve ruined your life earlier, and how you don’t want this to continue, if it will continue, tell them I’ll just leave you and start my own family, normally they’ll give in.

    Best of luck!

  6. I’m really sorry for what you’re going through. Allah y’ajrik. I think you’ve proven yourself just by standing out, not accepting the man you should’ve been. I think you’re going to have a bright future with the purity of your mind. It’s never too late, you can always start from scratch. But the thing is, ri’6a il waldain wajib. Whatever they do, you have to obey. UNLESS, it interferes with Allah setted rules (ashya’ 7aram).
    I don’t know who you are, but I believe in you. I really do. I believe that you’re a good person. No actually, you’re a great person. The fact that you refuse to be like the rest of your family are is just amusing. I hope you’d stay strong and fight whatever life gives you. But trust me, however good or bad a situation is IT WILL CHANGE. w’akheeran wa laysa akhiran; kilshay ib ajra. i7teseb ilajer w Allah iyaserlik omoorik.

  7. im very sad to hear your story no matter how typical it is. you should ad me on face book or somethin.. holla

  8. as they said in toy story;

    “you’ve got a friend in me”


  9. ive heard similar stories from really close friends, but even worse. i always told her to look on the positive side of things. And u shud too, maybe ur chosen to make a difference that neither ur parents cud do, u cud be strong and never give up on life, God wudnt’ve kept u if u didnt still have a duty to fullfill, so get out there and face the world with all the strength u got, and always remember be with God and he’ll Never Let u down. GL

  10. Heeeeeeeey! im really sorry to hear that, but you could always have friends, I have been backstabbed and betrayed by my friends, I actually thought that they were my friends since they were with me from 1st grade, Im in my third year of univeristy and il7imdilla I have a lot more friends and better friends then the ones I had in highschool, why dont you make a facebook account then just reply to my comment and give your name or something or your email if you want to! 🙂

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