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Confession 28 – A Hidden Feeling

In Confessions on April 16, 2010 at 10:02 AM

I was friends with her since 7th grade, we were really close in school and the best buddies ever! I am now in my last year in university and she’s in her 3rd year of university, and our friendship is growing even more! Our friendship grew everyday, I helped her get along her problems, and she did too. We were for each other anytime! A really true friendship, its really scary how perfect it is! *knocks on wood*

She was engaged a couple of months ago, and this drew some rules and guidelines that she shouldn’t be talking to guys that much, but she talked to me, because come on, I was her friend forever! Her fiance- which she didn’t know before- told her to stop talking to guys, so she told me she couldn’t talk to me that much, its okay I would understand, and I really need the best for her, its not that I dont talk to her, I do from time to the other, ask about her and about her, her fiance, and parents.

I started noticing that I actually have feelings for her. I don’t know if that was an old thing or not, but I noticed when I couldn’t talk to her due to her engagement. I actually love her very much, but the illusion of our friendship actually hidden the fact that I love her. Everything came out when she was engaged and somebody else will be living with her PLUS she is getting away from me by not talking to each other that much.

What do I do? Do I tell her that I have feelings even if she is engaged? I know it’ll be awkward but I cant just hide everything to myself, she has to know! I never knew that i loved her, but I really do. Maybe she shares the same feelings and couldn’t tell me too because it’ll feel awkward? I am really lost on what to do, she is really the one, ive known her like forever! Should I tell her before its too late?

  1. tell her , but u should know it might ruin ur friendship , or it could grow into something better.
    first ask her is she really loves her fiance , tell her ur worried about her , her answer will probably answer ur question .

  2. I think you should tell her, because you never know what might happen as you said what if she shared the same feelings towards you and was hesitating to tell you to not ruin your friendship?
    But you also have to be prepared for “no” as an answer, just make sure you give it a lot of thought, because after you tell her that you have feelings for her and she doesn’t share the same feelings back it might be the end of your friendship because no matter what things always get awkward after issues like this, are you sure though they are feelings of love? maybe it’s just jealousy because you can’t hang out with her like before and you can’t talk to her as much as before, I think you need to give it more thought and just make SURE that your feelings are true.

    Good luck

  3. First of all think twice and search in side ur heart is it truly love felling? Or maybe u only got used to here being here 4 u?, I think that if it’s love u would’ve felt it before ( but not necessarily I dnt know all the details but u do, so think about ur history together and u’ll know the answer ).

    Then only if u r sure that u love her that much confront her but first ask here if she loves her fiancé and how is his personality? Then decide weather to tell her or not, if I’d be her I’d like to know, maybe she c u better than him or have feelings 4 u, BUT put in mined that she may say no, then she’ll c that what here fiancé told here to do is so wise of him cues he understood ur intentions, then there will b no connection by the tow of u what so ever.

    I really hope the best to happen to you, and keep in mined (و عسى ان تكرهوا شيئا وهو خير لكم ).

  4. well, first of all make sure that what you’re feeling towards her is’nt a crush, because when you tell her your true deep feelings,
    Second, the quicker the better, tell her how you truely feel ASAP, cuz once she gets married, it’ll be considered unethical to tell her how you feel, you don’t want to sabutage her marriage.

  5. Totally agre 😉

  6. Sit with her, and ask her one question:

    “Will you be happy living the rest of your life with the fiance?”

    if she answers YES, wish her a great life, and you should find new love.

    if she answers NO, tell her about your feelings, and ask her about hers.

    if she hesitates, or asks you about this question, tell her your just curious, things like this are crucial, use the organ under your head, ask your self, I may ruin her life forever, should I? Or should I shut up?

    Please do update us! 🙂

  7. Please tell her. PLEEEEEASE.

  8. tell her!!! y? so that you wouldnt blame yourself from not talking to her about this LOVE STUFF…

    (out of the subject)-i just get irritated when a girl got engaged to a guy she dont know all her life…yah its culture/tradition stuff…but helllllooooooo if am the girl nooooooooo freakin way..o well wth that there life so be it…

  9. if you want to drop the Hiroshima and ruin all her future plans, you can go ahead and tell her, if you truly love her you then also want the best for her, and in this case that means holding your feelings so she can live happily not regretting getting married while another heart was falling for her.

    • i like your replies confucius but me thinks u need more lines than Hiroshima!

      as for the lover-dude, like everyone said, seperation anxiety is what is making u feel this way; find out if u truly love her or ur just missing her, if its the former, then u have to step up to the plate and, prepare for the worst, pray for the best.

      do let us know how things work out!

  10. I don’t know what this “truly love” is…Listen to this..
    1) you don’t love her, ur used to her
    2) she will probably be more happier married,
    3) if she wanted you then she would have said soo
    4)u want what u cant have apparently
    5) if she leaves her fiance for you, shes expecting a ring from YOU, are you ready to get married…I’m guessing No :/
    If ur ready to marry her then go ahead admit that you love her, if not, excuse my french…then shut the hell up and suck it up like a man

  11. I could be a complete romantic and tell you to go after your love, but you have to put some very important things into consideration. If you tell her and she feels the same, the yay. If she doesn’t feel the same, then it will be the doom of your relationship.

    My advice is if you see that she’s happy with her fiance, don’t ruin it for her. If she felt the same, she would’ve waited for you.

  12. Watch “Made of Honor”.

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