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Confession 27 – Lost…

In Confessions on April 16, 2010 at 3:10 AM

Alright, so here is my situation. I’m engaged and suppose to be getting married in a few months. Problem is I come from a mixed marriage(which has already been an issue for my fiance’s family) and my parents have never ever clicked and had stayed together for ‘us’. Sadly to say they both can’t take it anymore and want to get a divorce this very moment. I’m not sure how to confront my fiance and his family. What do I do? How will they view me? I’m half Kuwaiti and half American but was fully raised by my mother(American) so for me I would consider this to be normal. My arab friends claim this is huge and may ruin things for myself and my inlaws. What do I do?

  1. get ur parents to divorce after u get married , its not just about them , they cant just do something huge without considering u .

  2. I Totally agree with “the one and only skinny freak”

  3. Agree with the 2 above me.

  4. I’m no professional in marriage, but if your fiance loves you he must get over your family and concentrate on YOU!

    He’ll be living with YOU, raising the child with YOU, driving to work with YOU, traveling with YOU, having dinner with YOU, sleeping with YOU!!

    Wishing you the best of luck in life! 🙂

  5. Is he worth it?????

  6. Ok, honestly, please think about who you’re marrying. Do you seriously want to be with someone that thinks so negatively about divorce? Seriously, that’s so closed minded. Divorce is NOT bad. Divorce is actually a lot healthier than forcing a failing marriage to work….especially when it just isn’t.

    And I completely agree with The Psychologist.

  7. @jim ah they’re engaged to be married????!!! so i guess the guy is…

    @the psychologist…hey i totally agree with u…

    LOST…if ur fiance loves u deeply watever happens to your family it shouldnt change hi feelings towards you…your family is YOUR PROBLEM NOT HIS (&vice versa)!!! They might react but that’s just it…

  8. ok they’re getting divorced not opening a brothel…save ur self, don’t marry a mamas boy.

  9. WTF IM SORRY BUT WHAT ERA DO WE LIVE IN? i really cant believe ur actually thinking about this as its the worst thing ever.. lsn do u really wana live the rest of ur life with someone like that? im fully kuwaiti and trust me this type of thinking doesnt exsist anymore and if it does it shouldnt and if he does then u shouldnt be with him.. because you both clearly have different ideologies and ways of thinking it will just couse problems for both of u.. i say get out of this relationship.. and if ur parents wana get a divorce then they totally should since they never clicked and they forced themselves all this time for the children then they must be really unhappy and do u really want ur parents to be more unhappy because ur afraid what strangers might think of the situation or of u? really consider who this person and whats this family is all about before being part of something that u dont want to be part of… goodluck!! and as they say theres more fish in the water 😀

  10. Listen, even if he loves you enough to stay with you, this isn’t your issue. The real issue is ra7at baal. I say even if he is understanding the in-laws and people probably aren’t. Though this is totally regressive and unfair but I advice you to tell them to get divorced AFTER you get married as to avoid drama added to the already drama filled engagment period. After, u r married ba3ad they cud do whatever they want.

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