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Confession 23 – Sudden Change

In Confessions on April 12, 2010 at 11:39 PM

For the past week, the song: “memories” by David Guetta feat Kid cudi has been stuck in my head.
one of the lines is: “All the crazy shit I did tonight! These will be the best memories!”
Before the weekend had started, I sat down in my room and I thought to myself, “What have I done that’s real crazy?”
The answer to that was NOTHING. I never did anything crazy, I’ve never done anything without a reason. I’m not an uptight person. I like having fun and my friends actually think I’m the best person to be around because of how crazy and free I am, but they couldn’t have been further from the truth!
This weekend marked a change. I was sick of being Mr. Goody two shoes all the time. It was time to break some rules, time to live on the edge! And that’s exactly what I did. I became a different person for a whole 72 hours. I’ve done what a lot of upstanding kuwaitis/muslims would shun a person for. Alcohol? Women? Spending money like a mad man? yes, yes, and yes!
This weekend was me living on the wild side for once, and I must admit……it was worth it!

  1. aaw=p hahaha! It’s nice to have an experience ! =) people say I’m an uptight person too..but I just didn’t have the chance to let loose yet!=p u know ?=p

  2. More power to you my friend. But don’t get too crazy, man. Don’t drink too much and don’t get STDs. Other than that, have fuuuuun and live life!

  3. Well there’s nothing better than a change, but still stay as who you really are inside. Sometimes you can be too comfortable doing something or being someone else which that can hurt you later on in one way or another. Make changes, but not drastically

  4. That’s not a way to have fun. I think you’re insecure and needed to prove yourself for some certain people. What you did was degrading yourself to the lower and disrespecting yourself. This isn’t ‘wild’, it’s WRONG. You could’ve done SO many things WILD. This. is. SO. not. wild. And it IS coming from a girl’s perspective. It just proves how immature you are. Sorry, but that’s the truth. May Allah help you.

  5. woow..ur a daredevil spending money…WILD…ur such a loser

    • Yeah, and you probably hang in marina mall for fun? Doing little things that everybody does and nothing different, right?
      You’re not a loser AT ALL.

  6. Its so sad to see that people think drinking and girls are wild things to do! Changing who you are for a weekend by doing that kind of stuff isn’t crazy its stupid. If you want to do something crazy try being you and being happy with who you are! People think you are cool to be around then there is no reason to be anyone else.

  7. i hope it was worth hell .
    and really hope u dont get addicted to the feeling , cuz that would be really bad.
    although these werent the only wild things to do , there are other cool stuff to do that arent gonna get hated by most of this dam country .

  8. Sometimes it’s good to let loose and have fun. Sometimes it’s really fun to do wild things that people around here would be shocked by.
    I say, have your fun, but don’t let it take over you. There’s lots of ways to be wild and have fun.. not just drinking alcohol, sleeping with women, and spending lots of money. Those things are fun sometimes, but just don’t let it get out of control and don’t do it so often and you’ll be fine. Letting loose is a human experience.

  9. Wow..People on here are not letting a persons anonymous confession pass without getting on their ‘proverbial soap boxes’ to judge. Don’t you people do that enough in your day to day life. Whether you agree or not I think you should just look into yourselves and see what it is in you that gives you the urge to voice your opposing opinion/judgment and preach to people you don’t know.

  10. Wild could have been bungee jumping, it could have been sky diving or some extreme sport, but alcohol and women ? you’ve stepped on the wrong side of the road, thats not wild at all, thats what alot of westerns men do on a daily basis. It may feel like it was worth it right now, but soon or later, you will sink in regret.

  11. Well… you cant say that you didnt do something wrong..

    worst possiblities: your pocket is punctured, u got an std, and ur an alcoholist.

    prevention is better than cure and now ur stuck in psychological addiction because ur brain thinks ‘wow this is really cool, cant wait till i do it again’

    good luck, pick urself up and repent.

  12. LOL thats funny.. i think u did the right thing and now u shud get back to ur normal everyday life and every time u listen to tht song u can actually hav sumthing to look back upon!

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