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Confession 22 – Abusive Cousin

In Confessions on April 12, 2010 at 11:37 PM

My abusive cousin

I grew up with my cousin, she was a girl two years older than me. Although she wasn’t that old, she was cruel to me.
She made me do things when I was as young as 6 years old, things like drinking water and soap, she cut my hair, she stripped me off my clothing and hit me, she cut my hair, she slapped me and punched me and shoved stuff (like clay) down my throat. When i tried to tell someone, my parents for example, they told me it was my fault that I wanted to befriend her in the first place. But the problem was; i wasnt befriending her; I was scared because she physically threatened me every time i objected or disobeyed her. I don’t know why she does this.

This didn’t stop until I turned 11 and went crying to her older brother for help. He beat her up and threatened her, and she her abuse turned from physical to mental as she gave me the meanest looks, and told me the meanest things.

I’m fifteen now, and I’m still scared of her. I want to face my fears one day, I want to face her and I want to stand up for myself instead of having her brother stand up for me.

  1. thats a really sad story , u shouldnt be scared of her anymore , she’s not gonna hurt u , she might give u mean looks and tell u nasty things but thats probably because she cant do anything to u anymore , she’s angry that u won and she lost .
    ignore those weird situations , she obviously has mental issues , ur probably haunting her dreams , not the other way around.
    the only way to get over this is to forgive her , dude , she has mental issues and yes she’s a psycho ! so make her furious by telling her u forgive her ( in a room with lots of people ) , she’ll turn mad .
    i hope everything works out fine , u deserve it .

  2. Great advice from the one and only skinny freak!

  3. piss her off too…LOL

  4. Yeah wait till you grow a spine thats good thinkin maybe your balls will come along also, stand up for yourself u idiot the more some1 abuses you and u dont stand up 4 yourself the harder it is 2 make them stop

  5. grow some balls, grab a baseball bat, lock her in the basement and she’s all yours.

  6. you said “she cut my hair” twice, this musta been so hard for you …
    i say marry her brother and i dare her to speak or look at you again :p

  7. She seems like a torturer or something. I would best avoid her. Its not your fault you went for help. But I do think that after puberty, she may have changed her thoughts

  8. Dear, you being afraid feed her power, act like you dont, and she’ll go crazy and loose her power. Also its a good thing to find a friend that you can trust and tell your story. A good friends will help you move on, improve your self esteem, and be with you step by step. YOU can stand for yourself, she is just a weak sick girl.

  9. At that age her propensity for physical abuse is most likely an outlet steaming from her own past abusive situation, quite possible from her brother or someone close to her. This type of behavior is learned and is not genetic. The long and short of it is that she should seek counseling to seek out and find the root cause of her anger so she may begin treatment. Deviant behavior such as this can very well be an outlet for suppressed memories or events. As for your situation you must remember it is never acceptable nor your fault for someone to inflict serious physical injury to you. You may take some solace in the fact that you are not alone. Many do not have the courage to tell their stories, the fact that you have taken the first step with sharing your story with us I feel is truly remarkable and may lead you down the path you so desire.

  10. I see where you come from, my cousin was exactly the same way. Except she didn’t give me as much crap as your cousin did.
    She must be very lonely and disappointed from her life. And jealous of you. I think that you should just tell her how you feel, tell her to grow the fuck up and leave you alone.

    Good luck, and be brave!

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