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Confession 21 – Love Letter

In Confessions on April 12, 2010 at 4:40 AM

i think i might be losing it. im not sure why im typing this. but im sure i need to get this out. in kuwait, people judge you alot. even when they think they dont, they do. you are probably judging me as you’re reading this, but whatever.

i need to be heard.

Dear s,
i fell inlove with you over a year ago.
i told you.
then, we had our hearts broken due to stupid expectations.
i never fell for someone.
till this year.
till this moment.
it was you. all over again. you you you.
i promised myself i wont let me fall for you.
i broke that promise.

im making you go through this again…ill be silent this time.

we are so not over.


  1. only u can decide , make the right choice and make it happen.

  2. your reply,

    Dear s,
    i don’t need more drama in my life
    i told you, and i haven’t broken my promise.

  3. Try to get back with him. Let him know how you feel. Show him that you wrote this and that you care a lot about him. It is the only way.

  4. Tell him how u feel , make it clear that u r Confused and son’t know what to do , u and only u can decide Whether if he Deserves u or not , don’t Make any excuses for him and think with ur mined not with ur heart .,

    Good luck wish u feel Better ;**

  5. tell him, clear it with him, let him listen, and let him answer.,when u hear all that…at the end of the day you’ll sleep and snoar like a baby and ul move ahead head up high with or without him…


    let it go & move on…life’s short u gotta find someone and be happy…

  6. whoever you are…
    tell your s!
    don’t be silent!
    don’t ever be silent, because everything is already written for you, despite you telling yourself anything, so submit to the path that has already been chosen for you.

    i wish this was written to me,
    i’m someone’s ‘s’.. and i would want to hear it. Because maybe your s loves you too, don’t live with regret that you didn’t tell someone you love them.

    you know what to do..

  7. No! Don’t be silent. I loved a girl and told her once. I had feelings for her again, and told her AGAIN! Now guess what? She loves me too, she was just scared to tell me. You’ll never know unless you try, and if it doesn’t work out, you won’t be hurt as much as the first time. Hey, if at first it doesn’t succeed, try try again!

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