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Confession 20 – Scary Dream

In Confessions on April 11, 2010 at 11:12 PM

It’s scary , its freaking me out, and its not funny. I have weird dreams all the time, weird guys suddenly show up, saving me from whatever the hell is going on. Its weird, but i always thought of my dreams as a joke, until yesterday, while i was in the car i felt someone staring at me, I turned my head, and there he was, one of the guys in my dreams, right there staring right at me, i felt like running to mars, it was sooo freaky. I felt relieved when the streetlight went green, but i can still feel someone is watching me. Its scaring the SHITT out of me, should i just see it as a joke ? or be scared ?cuz this wasnt the first time something from my dreams came true

  1. Find out who this guy is , what he wants and what are u dreaming about go to a “Sheikh Deen” and ask him to Analyze ur dreams !!

  2. Dreams are our subconscious mind in action. You might have seen that guy before in a mall and his image has been stored in your mind, even if it was just a quick glimpse. What you experience was perfectly normal, so you shouldn’t be scared. It’s kinda like Dejavu’s..albeit those scare me more than dreams coming true 😛

  3. maybe you didnt see the guy in your dreams for real, maybe you were imagining him cuz ur seeing him too much
    anyways you need to ask someone expert about your dreams (not al nahham, some more expert)

    and in anyway its NOT something you should worry about, and for sure its not a “joke”, unless you mean that the dream means nothing then yes, it might just mean nothing at all

  4. Sure your dreams come true…

  5. everytime you see a guy that saved you in your dreams go ahead and slap them, then tell him “this for not taking me to Mc Donalds after saving me”

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