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Confession 18 – Work Related Relationship

In Confessions on April 11, 2010 at 6:15 AM

I was in love with my boss!

He’s divorced and 13 years older than me. We had a thing going on and considered marriage, but ultimately he thought that there was something going on between my colleague and i (who’s nearly my age and gorgeous) so he ended the whole thing. Now i tried getting closer with my colleague to see clearly if there’s really something hidden between us which made everyone including my boss to think that we had a crush on each other, but there isn’t! We got closer only to find out that he’s in love with somebody else, and i think now i’ve fallen for him. It’s a dilemma and i can’t seem to work it out. My boss ended our relationship on the basis of jealousy and a an assumption that doesn’t exist, and now I’m in love with my colleague.

  1. haven’t you tried falling for the photo copier guy yet ? or try the finance department in your company.

  2. I think maybe you fall in love too easily. Love is such a strong word and feeling.. it can’t just be thrown around. Can you imagine being with this person everyday of your life? Can you imagine having children with them? Can you trust them 100% with no hesitation? That are some of the characteristics of love.. and if you think that a person fits that bill then I say go for it.

    Now, I think you should try to find another guy. Don’t try to get with people who you work with because if something happens between the 2 of you and you’re not seeing each other any more you still have to see them at work. That can cause problems. Try to look for someone outside of work and forget your boss and your colleague.

  3. You went searching for “love” and you thought that you found it.

  4. u fall too easily , its not love , u said u fell for him when u knew that he was in love with someone else , maybe its because he’s something u cant have , or in ur boss’s case , the excitement of keeping it a secret .
    true love isnt found easily like that .and that wasnt love in both cases .
    true love is when u cant live without that someone , cant Imagen a future that doesnt include them .
    u just have a crush on ur colleague and knowing that u cant have him after ur boss ended ur relationship on a false reason just simply makes u ANGRY .ur angry that now u dont have that “thing” between u and ur boss , and after u tried for ur colleague , u found he wasnt the one for u .

  5. Love is not a game here woman ..

    wake up from this dream of yours!

  6. maybe you dont know the meanning of love..

  7. Honey Seriously!!! Work is not a place you go to to find love?! You put yourself in a very awkward situation with your boss, and a weird situation with your colleague?! why complicate things when you could have enjoyed a normal innocent relation with both?!?!?!?

    I totally agree with “the one and only skinny freak” what you’re feeling is not love, because if you were truly in love with your boss in the first place it wouldn’t have been easy for you fall out of love with him then into love again with your colleague!!! love doesn’t come with a switch….

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