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Confession 17 – Jigsaw Puzzle

In Confessions on April 10, 2010 at 8:38 PM

My life is like a jigsaw puzzle pieces. No one truly knows me, not my friends, not my family, not my loved ones. Every person in my life knows a certain part or aspect of me.

It wasn’t something I have done intentionally. I dont know how it happened but it just did. I once imagined what could happen if all my loved ones, family, and friends got together. What would happen if all of those my online friends, work friends, and old friends got together.

I don’t have split personality nor I’m trying to present my self to some people differently than what I truly am. It just happened unintentionally.

  1. So let someone get to know you. Find a bf/gf and start sharing your life with them. Talk more about yourself to friends and family and just open up. I’m sure people would love to get to know more about you if you were willing to share a little more.

  2. if this isn’t harming you in some way or emotionally destroying you then so what ? i don’t find it as an issue that needs to be dealt with unless its harming you in some way. If you like it this way then keep it, why? well not. Once you’ll get married you’ll get your other half that’ll know the little things other people know about you all together to finally put the last peace on that jigsaw puzzle.

  3. start confessing , or find a bf/gf or a new friend .

  4. This is normal darling, follow these simple steps and you’ll be fine:

    1. Stop the lying immediately!
    2. Act normally EVERYWHERE: online, school, home.
    3. If someone asks whats wrong, tell them its the “new me”
    4. If anyone comments, take him/her aside, and explain who you truly are to them, be honest!

    Get to know a good friend that you can share these things with, you will never know when you’ll need the support and love a friend provides.

    The Psychologist

  5. Completely agree. It’s not like you’re living a secret life or anything..it’s different. It’s like somehow, certain people know certain things.

    You’re not a liar, nor a faker. Seriously I think that’s so normal. Because that’s how my life is. I just assumed that’s how everyone else lives too. But everyone has a different extent, if that makes any sense.

  6. mu ga3da ashof ay mushkila hne !! bl3aks hatha il shay waaaaaayid zain w a7sanlik mu lazim kilmin y3arif kilshay 3anik b hl 6re8a low glt 7ag a7ad sir w 6la3 b ttakad ina ohwa ilu m6al3a f ma tathi8 feh marra 2 😉

  7. in my own view: i guess that’s ok as long as u dont harm other people…but how come ur family doesnt know the real u??? i mean that’s family they will embrace u no matter what…

    good luck!

  8. Its ok, I know EXACTLY how you feel and what youre going through. No one knows everything about me, every different person in my life knows different stuff about me. In my opinion, its normal.

  9. WOW… so many ppl are so alike when it comes to this aspect..
    im exactly the same and have nightmares of everybody i know getting together..
    its just that ur around diffierent ppl that wouldnt get along together but get along with each of them in seperate crowds..
    at least thats how it is with me…
    i used to worry about it but i stopped givin a rats a$$ and im still jugglin it just fine…

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