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Confession 16 – A “Social Nerd” Negligence

In Confessions on April 10, 2010 at 8:31 PM

This was supposed to be the most important year of my life. It should have been and I thought I will be working very hard this year just like I did in all the past ones.

Having myself accepted as a scholar in one of the best school’s in the area and having gone on many prepaid trips out and about all due to my good grades had me think that maybe I’ll just ace this year easily; I will catch up on everything.

Some people just call me a nerd. Not the nerd you see on cartoons or American teenage high school on TV that doesn’t talk to anybody. A Social Nerd, if you understand what I mean. A person who finds everything easy and gets good grades but still lives like slackers and other people who “just don’t care.”

In the system I am studying, you spend two years studying and attempt the final examinations at the end of the second year and hope for good grades. Along the year you occasionally do some tests and some mock exams. A’s and A*’s came rolling easily at every test that involved a certain topic that we just studied. However, the big exam was approaching closer and you can see it towering over your life day by day. In this situation, people think I am the type of person who’ll be dug in their books like a crazy person but instead, I am playing video games on my laptop, surfing the internet and placing an open book on my desk.

Looking at the calendar, I see the most important written test of my life just a month away and I have virtually done nothing. My classmates all have been busy like bees studying since 2 months. They are well prepared and I am not! The tables just flipped around. My self-confidence has destroyed me and my future. My friends seemed as if they didn’t care at the start of the year but they don’t seem so careless now. In fact, I am the careless idiot who was always perfect his entire life but isn’t anymore.

I sit at my chair like a moron and admire the walls of my room thinking why can’t I go 3 months back or ever just a week? That sure would be useful.

I felt I’d share this with everyone reading this thing in hope that someone similar would pickup their life just like I might do if I travel back in time!

Thanks for allowing me to get this out of my heart.

  1. man im going through the same shit now but with my final high school year doing IGCSE im 1 month away from my examinations and i didnt start revising for any of the goddamn 7 hard subjects i take….

  2. If never studying has never effected your grades before.. then why are you making such a big deal out this? You’ll do fine like you always do. The key is to relax and take it easy.

    And if you’re that much worried about it and still haven’t taken the test then study! Start studying and preparing now for it.

  3. reminds me of me when I was in high school, but i managed to pull it off after repeating the final year again

  4. IGCSE’s are easy, go on and try A levels there Hard :s.

  5. then you better start studying ! if it never effected your grades before , then maybe you can still pull it off .
    you obviously smart and not as dim as others.

  6. there u go!!! lesson learned!!!

    i was exactly the same when i was in college…i even ended up paying some of my professors just to get good grades…(they didnt accept it, they gave me a special exams instead…)LOL watta schooldays…

  7. Dont Worrry! IGCSE’s are not easy as most people say, well thats what i think. I took the exams last year as in June 2009. In the middle of grade 10 the school almost kicked me out but I managed to pass them in the end! with the help of tutors ofcourse. my point is that u can pass them if u pay attention in classes and study for ur next exams, and i think ur capable of that.


  8. As I’m writing this I’m pulling off the most awesome act of procrastination. it’s okayyyy dude.
    Btw, I’m doing med school, that’s like IGCSE^100000 :D.

  9. I have been in such situation. I was in british school, and i never tried hard but I eased my way by getting As and A*s. Even when I had to do my IGCSE, i studied just few days before the exam, and managed to still get my A and A*.

    I know that I am smart just as u r. You r smart. We r able to learn in a much shorter time than others.

    This made me over confident with myself, I kept doing the same thing till today, I have finished engineering in 4 yrs and doing my masters now. I did egt good gardes but there r few where I know i would hv gotten better with more efforts. But i don’t care, I liked to enjoy my time. I liked to play on internet, go to movies, shoppping.

    I am still old me, I still leave everything to the last minute.
    Bcoz I know I can ease through it and hopefully succeed.
    So don’t worry my friend 🙂
    Take it easy, study and keep enjoying life.

  10. I’ve always wanted to have that remote control that adam sandler had in the movie “click”

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