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Confession 15 – A Best Friend’s Disaster

In Confessions on April 10, 2010 at 7:03 AM

I have a best friend who is so close to my heart. We’ve known each other for about four years now. He’s the type of person who is so religious and doesn’t like talking or bonding with girls, even though he was raised and went to school in a unsegregated environment.

I’m the time of guy who has loads of girl friends which I still keep in touch with and Im In my second year in University. He hated it when I hanged out with girls even though the were just “friends”. We fought a lot about this and he sometimes tells me that he just cant have a best friend who has close relationships with girls and that he deserves a better friend than me. Since he was my “best friend” and sadly, I had low self-esteem, I kindda pushed away all of my friends and became on of those people who depended and couldn’t act as myself in front of anyone but him.

The summer of 2009 he went to a private university in kuwait to visit his “friends” basically his crush he had for two years who he wanted to marry but she isn’t this type of person who actually talks to guys and thinks of marriage right now. one of his visits he met this girl. They started talking on Facebook and one day the exchanged numbers and he should me the messages when I returned back to Kuwait for the summer. I was pissed knowing the fact that he changed me but he said he’d never actually talk to her on the phone. a month after that I called him late at night and he was on waiting. he called me back after 3 hours and said i was on with a friend. which was her. sooner after that the stared going out with her and he told me he made out with her and fooled around a lot. I wanted to kill myself knowing the fact that he screwed my life and my relationship with my friends. I had no confidence what so ever since i lost myself and wanted to go back to the way I was before I met
him but didn’t know how.

Today, I hate to say it that Im a player. I talk loads of girls and I slept with one of them. And every time I meet a girl I just want her to get attracted to me just so I would have other girlfriends not because I wanted to know her as a person. I just couldn’t get enough! even though i talk to other girls.
I Just want to know and feel that Im good enough and people would actually look at me that way and not just want to be friends. All of this is happening and I still don’t think Im good enough. I still have this feeling of wanting him out of my life for doing this to me even though it was kind of my fault for letting him get to me.

  1. thats a sad story , yes he might have had a contribution to ruining ur relationships , but U are the one choosing to meet new girls , fool around and sleep with them.
    if u want revenge , them pull ur life together ! meet friends and stop being a player , being a player will only make people despise u and hate u for what ur doing .
    u are as well messing with the girl’s lives , because clearly u dont love them .
    break up with them and start a clean fresh start , re-connect with ur old best friend , its like he meant to ruin ur life .
    become a better u , be nicer , more meaningful to life , its not hell easy but its a start , im not saying dont talk to girls , just dont fool around and screw with other people’s lives they way someone did to u .

  2. Friends should accept who you are and you should depend on them. Your friend did not accept who you were and tried to change you. You should’ve ended your friendship with him right there and then. He became a hypocrite and was doing the same things that he told you not to do with other girls.
    End your friendship with him. He is not worthy to be called a friend and in the end you will be happier in life.

    There is no need to be a player. Being a player will only result in disaster for you. Talk to girls.. date them.. hang out with them. Get to know them and find a girl that, not like your friend, will accept you for who you are and respect you for it.

  3. Being a player is only affecting you as a person. Other people with true values will only look down at you. They don’t need to be around you..they want to be around you..don’t forget that you are always an option. So don’t be a bad choice. Make yourself worth the chance that people give you…To me that is the best self-esteem booster. No matter how tempted you are to mess around, just remember that the person you are about to screw over is trusting you.. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes in life and go through things that put us down. Its important how you deal with it because everything you do becomes part of your life.

  4. That’s life my friend. It’s full of curveballs. But don’t dispair there is still hope at the end of the tunnel. Being a player is all good, it’s a phase u get out off. Took me 14 years but then I woke up and got married. Things have changed 180degrees now. So keep ur head up and don’t dwell on the past, that perfect girl for u is still out there and u will find here, them playing her will be the last thing in ur mind

  5. إي والله، الصاحب ساحب

  6. You’re friend is the worst kind of hypocrite, and sorry to say, this world was made of BOTH women and men and people like him just need to deal with it. The problem with these people like your friend is that after secluding themselves like hermits from women, they can no longer see women as friends, colleagues, and equals, just as sex objects. I don’t see any correlation between your friend’s relationship with you and you starting to act like a player, and to be honest the whole last bit of what you wrote kind of went over my head, but people like your friend are the nastiest kinds of holier-than-thou hypocrites.

  7. Look, your friend didn’t effect your life. You effected it. Anyone can tell you not to go out with girls. If I tell you to go out with my dog, will you do it?

    Meh, didn’t think so. So, he’s your friend.. but you can make your own decisions. POINT IS, don’t be a douche. One’s enough.

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