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A Warm Dazzling Thank You!

In Uncategorized on April 10, 2010 at 7:49 AM

First of all, we would like to thank all of whom are contributing their stories to make this an exciting place to open up our hearts and release the weights off. We would also like to thank all the commenters who are helping posters with their personal issues. Thank you to every one who criticized us, either positively or negatively, we appreciate every word you guys said about us no matter how harsh or judgmental it was, we believe and respect different opinions, and we are open to hear any more future critiques.

As a thank you, we have to recap that we are not here to make a mess or a huge disaster as a few concluded. This place is for us all to share our sensitive side of life, our very personal stories, ideas, and thoughts. We would not and will never let this place turn into a immoral nonsense, we are dealing with each other in complete respect and morality. We are all equal in this place, we won’t judge each other on stories posted no matter what we read, the overall objective is to help each other not the other way around. We expect us all together to be mature when reading, open up our minds thoroughly reaching together or common ground.

Since we have thanked you, and we will continue to thank you again, please let us share our stats as we believe they are very remarkable which indeed sent us a very sincere message. We have reached 7,670 viewers on April 9 alone, on a single day! And the total visits to the blog is 10,118 (and counting…), please note that we are less than a week old. Isn’t this just magical? This would’ve never happened without our all-together interaction.

Lastly, a special thanks to Mark @ 248am.com for his beautiful post which helped us reach you. A deep warm gramercy from all of us.

If you like us already, be our Fan On Facebook and share the societal love.

Once again, Thanks a lot.

To a more beautiful society,
Kuwait Exposed Team

  1. its like a secret anonymous kuwaiti version of gossip girl 😛

  2. 1. Please commit to keeping this place clean. There are already a handful of trolling commenters who are just commenting to be completely negative or say the same exact things to every story. This is completely unnecessary and should be moderated. Please moderate the comments of this place.

    2. The facebook page creation is a weird idea. That may lead people to believe that people who are posting on here are joining the facbeook page, which could create issues with anonymity.

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