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Confession 14 – Danish-Kuwaiti Romance

In Confessions on April 9, 2010 at 10:45 AM

Ok..this maybe a really weird story.. but..i fell in love with a danish girl and im in kuwait….and i knew this girl as a friend for a year..then we started talking alot then , we talked on the phone and then i dont know how… but i really didnt think of her as i love her..i told her i love her as a friend then later…she tells me she loves me more than a friend..and now im crazy for this girl..and i love her with all my heart..ive never loved anyone like this and ive loved before and im considering moving to London to study..and then visit her “alot” on weekends and such to be with her in Denmark she tells me i can stay with her , and she has sacrificed alot for me already and i havent even met her..i think of her all night all day i want to be with this girl i havnt told anyone about this not even my brothers and none of my friends, im really in love with this girl…and i know its “WRONG” according to the “KUWAIT SOCIETY POLICE” i know…. but i dont know what to do i really love her..and… im going to her this September hopefully and see where it takes me , and..i dont think any comment will change my opinion but i will think about it 😛 and..i just had to say this im going insane

  1. I say go for it, you only live once
    Love is nothing to be ashamed of. Hate is something to be ashamed of, which seems to be glorified in Kuwait and this region in general
    Enjoy your life

  2. The best things for you to do about this situation is:

    1. Tell someone about this. Tell your best friend, or even your closest brother. Let someone know and seek their advice.

    2. Meet this girl. Understand that when you actually meet her it will be like starting all over again. You have to get to know her face to face, because even if it’s a long distance relationship from the start she maybe different in real life. You never know.

    There are a lot of success stories out about people meeting each other from the internet and falling in love. Forget what the Kuwait society tells you.. your family should support you in this matter and if you were to marry this girl I’m sure they’d accept her.

    Please please please be safe about it. The first time you meet her bring a friend at first because you never know… better safe than sorry.

  3. Go a head, Just dont do any thing wrong, legally, morally, ethically, or religiously. There is nothing wrong about love.

  4. i just have to say this. when i read this i was shocked . literally. i am a kuwaity girl and literally could not believe it when i read this. i fell in love with a danish boy ! i met him online and were inseperable. we spent all night and all day on skype and texted each other all the time. 2 months later i met him in egypt for a week. before we met in person we thought we were soulmates. he was a painter and was younger than me in a year. in the beginning i thought he didnt feel the same but surely enough two months later we met up thinking we were going to fall in love all over again. we met and it was great. however during that week we got to know each other more. unfortunately i did not feel the same way i did for him like i did at the start. he is great but we just didnt click and there was no chemistry on my part. we had a great week and are great friends right now. things didnt work out the way we had hoped it would and i had to tell him i didnt feel the same way about him like i did before. i told him that during our trip and he was understanding and wasnt akward at all for the rest of the trip . we still had fun, went out, clubbing, laughing, drinking like any friends would. what im saying is that i took that leap. if you think someone is worth it then go for it. be cautious ofcourse. just dont be disappointed if things dont go as well as you would expect. and if they do then great. all the best. him and i still talk a lot and are meeting up together again this summer.. as friends.

  5. you will regret it eventually, dont go for it!

  6. do it mang!
    dont let that shit slip away.. you gotta pounce on dat shit man, dont be crazy, just do it.. if you dont do it then i will!!!
    youve got competition now, ohh shit its on brova man! im gonna get her, its too late now… shes mine!

  7. love is not real, so dont do anything u r gonna regret. how do u know she even cares about u….

  8. some relationships are better off as a mystery , you never now.

    but obviously nothing is gonna change ur mind , so if its a mistake , then i hope u learn a lesson from it , if not , then i hope everything works out perfectly .

  9. Go for it.. the same thing happened to me, im kuwaiti and fell in love with a white south african.. i went to meet her to see what will happen next and things worked great, the hardest part is to confront your parents, but i still suggest you tell a close friend or someone at least and if they think your crazy dont worry about it.. i moved to the united states now and she just came for a visit, dont do anything wrong though.. and im having a job opportunity in geneva that will close up together so i think you should go for it and if you need advice im here 🙂

  10. Do it!!! 7adda do it!

  11. I know u don’t care about other’s opinion at this moment simply because u r struck by love. The initial zest, lust, attraction n u wanting to cross the 7 seas is all accountable as for now, but as a well wisher I suggest u to think on practical lines. Don’t forget love exchange thru phone is very different from tangible love… In short the reality. Anywho, my suggestion wud be spending time together and getting to know each other face to face, before making any important decision. Good luck!

  12. That’s cool!=) go for it ! U never know what might happen =)

  13. “I know u don’t care about other’s opinion”. umm..actually i do care about your opinions its just that im still going to see her hopefully this september 😛 , really i didnt expect all these comments and stuff thanx for all the support i didnt think it would make a difference but it has thank you all ❤

  14. I say don’t do it .. El asbab WAYDA

    1. 9adegni ra7 etqith omk oo obok (retha alla men retha el walidayn)

    2. 5aniftirith enik tizawajtha .. Ebtyey t3esh bel q8. Te3tiqid ra7 tegdar etikayaf ma3a 3adatna o taqaleedna o thoqo6 mujtama3na? I don’t think so. 7tan mara oprah galat sabab ra2esi le fashal el zawaj ena ur not from the same social backround

    3. El rasol 3alaih el salam gaal fe mawtho3 el zawaj “fathfor bethat al deen tarabat yadak” .. I’m assuming she’s not muslim . Wil mu2mina “5ayron men mushrikaten walaw a3jabatkom” (albaqara)

    9adegni ana oboy wayid men rab3a metzawjen men ajanib o most of them mu mestansen al7en. Te3alam men ghairik .. O fakir eb 3aglik gabel galbik. Latahawar .. Think logically I can’t emphasize more on how important that is.

    Ana agol don’t go .. Oo ba3dain alla ma kathar banat el q8teyaat sh7lohum moo nage9hom shay !! Tro7on hal el ghorb laaiiish???

  15. PUPPY LOVE!!!!! look it up in the dictionary… ur young full of life and this is probably ur first time you have emotions like this …
    my two cents: ive been there but with diferent circumstances. what i think is that u should give it a shot… see where it takes you… but try your hardest to keep ur priorities in place… (i.e. School, family,….) u know.. you might end up with a 1 night stand or even marriage and ditching kuwait and ur family…
    Good Luck!

  16. thats so cute! im happy for you, enjoy thin loving feeling the butterflies that creep your stomach and see where it takes you update us 3ad goodluck!

  17. Wow another net love! 🙂 I found a guy online too,he’s french n we were always talking,day n night n then we finally met n we were so in love but after that I found out that he had other girls he was always talking to like me although he said I was the 1 he loves but he had all the others n he denied it so I told him not to contact me again. It was so sad because we were so perfect when we were face to face but I won’t love a guy who lies n cheats even if we’re perfect together but still I miss him n think of him all the time. Any way that’s what happened to me n I think you should go n meet her but make sure she doesn’t have other guys n make sure you don’t have other girls too because it really hurts when you think that other person loves you but he doesn’t really! I wish he didn’t lie n maybe we could still be together. Even my parents met him n liked him but now they won’t allow me to ever see him again n maybe I don’t want to. But if you love this girl then be honest n faithful n maybe god will protect you n her from getting hurt! Good luck n keep us updated on here! ❤

  18. THIS IS ME AGAIN :DD i would like to say i met this girl…and i had the best time in my life we are so in love and im going to be going to her all the time…inshalla i know its hard but if things going well…i might be married to her when i get a job and be able to support her n me :)))

  19. Wow wow wow!!!!! I am so happy to know this n i wish u so much love n luck with ur girl…… u are so lucky, me n my boy broke up for a few months n now im just alone so take good care of ur girl n always make each other happy a lot!!!!! ❤ xxx pixi

  20. Thanks Pixi alot ❤ 😀 i hope u find som1 that will make u as happy as she makes me :):) xx ty n good luck

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