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Confession 12 – Violence Humiliation

In Confessions on April 9, 2010 at 7:08 AM

I was driving down the Fahaheel Expressway in the evening heading to my house after a day at work. As it usually happens in Kuwait, a rash driver was flashing lights at me to move out of the way even though I could not move lanes that easily due to lots of cars.

Annoyingly I decided to move aside to let this idiot through. To express my annoyance I stuck up the middle finger to this driver….bad move.

This guy forced me to pull over by the side by swerving his car into mines until it came to complete halt on the hard lane (despite many attempts by me to avoid this happening).

This man proceeded to come towards my window, spat on my face many times and hit my face with his fist thrice. I believe the man was a police man as he showed me his id badge. As if this wasnt enough, the man went to collect what looked like a heavy stick usually carried by the police. He threatened to hit me with this but thankfully did not.

Another car driver stopped to watch what was happening (the whole time) but did not respond or say anything.

To this date nobody has ever touched me or tried to hit me in this manner. I am an expat for whom this kind of treatment was a shock to the system. I apologized to the person many times and I regret what I did. I did not respond to this guy’s insulting behaviour as I thought of my family.

I have not shared this with anyone, ever. I feel I am a coward and should have retaliated but chose not to as I feel it was all my fault.

  1. you triggered the execution button with your middle finger, never treat an asshole by being an asshole, you get spat on.

  2. No, the officer triggered the execution button by trying to force him off the road.

  3. I think that maybe giving him the middle finger was kind of harsh for just flashing his lights at you. This happens to me daily on the road and should become normal for you.

    What you did was wrong.. but what he did back to you was completely unacceptable. I’m sorry that any human being can do this.. especially the people of my country. There is a superiority complex and a huge discrimination against anyone who is not Kuwaiti by a lot of Kuwaitis.

    I honestly don’t know what you can do about it but I really really suggest you look into it. If the guy was a cop it means he was Kuwaiti, and unfortunately there’s not too much you can do about it because you’re an expat. This is the harsh reality of living in Kuwait. In the end he can always lie and chances are they’ll side with him.

    If I were in the situation, I would have stayed in the car with the car locked and the windows closed. If he tried to attack me I would’ve drived off and caught his license plate number. I also carry a camera with me everywhere so I would’ve brought it out and started recording what he was doing. I understand that in situations like that it’s hard to think safe but you have to think about it.

    Overall, as a Kuwaiti, I am greatly sorry that this happened to you and really think you should look into getting an investigator to look into this. Especially if you took pictures of when you got hurt or if you have any evidence.

  4. Damn am sorry..that sucks !=\

  5. It shames me that these are the comments of a mind that will breed ignorance. No wonder the world is passing us by in a cultural and civilized society while we just keeping on stepping backwards into the land of de-civilzation.

  6. I am sure there’s going to be more than one person who has a similar story to tell…I know I do..!! 😀 I learned to ignore such people the hard way!

  7. He Over Reacted .. Yet , it is all your Fault , however , am an expact to , and let me tell you something , if this happens again just stick ur middle finger right up his …. and dont think of your family .. despite all the Harshen , Wasta , Corrupted police , .. no one can touch ur family .. the law protects them and it DOSE .. trust me .. it just wont protect people who often shows their middle finger 😀

    and now you were not a coward , thats normal

  8. Fahad , Very true .. but with all due respect i am surprised that you started feeling ashamed just by reading these comments.
    You should have got that feeling of shame from the moment you were born. you should have felt ashamed every day by just taking a 5 minutes walk from your house to work , to the market , to a mall .

    the comments you see above is nothing more than a reaction to what you should be more ashamed of . the system , the absolute authority miss used by people with allot of self denial feeling, the denial of the sworn which was taken to serve and protect

    Excuse me , but no one here needs your fancy , Shakespeare style speech about Civilization and society , we came here we found the society corrupted , and we were never given the sense of belonging to be a part of the society , .

    Civilizations never establishes over reaction , its always the Action that establish Civilizations .. so instead of being ashamed of the Reaction you read on these comments , Figure out a way to solve the Action , the Corrupted Action.

    Fahad , we haven’t stepped forward ever since the Otamons were betrayed , so technically we have never stepped forward

    With all due respect

  9. oh my god this is soooo typical of police and army in this country first of all they are uneducated and think they have the power to run u off the road and secondly they feel they can get away with violence and the sad thing is they do! kuwait needs to hire and employ citizens that are ok mentally! a finger is a finger its not a punch and is not a spit. kuwait needs to catch up with the civil world when the money runs out they are gonna be left with a bunch of dumb asses!

  10. U did a mistake by not running him over…im kuwaiti and i belive the kuwaiti police are very corrupt..they have not POWER they just show off..once a guy out of uniform showed me his badge because i was speedinG I gave him the finger for showing me the badge LOOL like i give a shit…next time take his car number and go to the police he will be demoted..AGAIN KUWAIT POLICE HAVE NO POWER..why are people scared of them..and if hes not in uniform that means hes not working so NO authority…its not ur fault kuwaiti poeple are rude

  11. It’s not your fault dude. Just because you gave someone the bird doesn’t give them the right to use violence. If it makes you feel any better, these guys are almost always bums. That’s why they are so grumpy and ready to explode.

  12. dude,you say your an expat and it all depends on your nationality , I am Lebanese American . I make out with my gf at Salwa’s beach when a policeman comes to disturb us I flash my passport in his face and he screws off

  13. hold ur horses there ppl… enough of the kuwaiti bashing coz it can go on all day…
    i am kuwaiti so rami if you think kuwaitis should be ashamed of themselves from birth then go f@#$ urself…
    human rights violations in this country are astonishing and they sh!t on expats…
    back to the subject. ur not a coward coz u feared for ur family’s well being (deportation with you) not actual physical harm..
    i pass out the bird almost every day bcoz drivers here suck B@ll$!!!
    but if he wasnt in a uniform u had every right to punch his face in for the rediculous behavior..
    just bcoz ur kuwaiti doesnt give u the right to shit on ppl.
    i am sorry for your incident though and there is nothing to be ashamed of..

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