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Confession 9 – Filthy Rumors!

In Confessions on April 8, 2010 at 6:31 AM

Like every highschool, there are always the girls who gossip and spread harsh rumors. Well, I was one of them and ruined someone’s highschool days. She was practically the most beautiful girl on campus, with the most awkward personality among the other girls. With only one of two friends, she occasionally kept to herself and could be called a loner.

I was envious of her beauty, and decided to make up the most random and crazy rumors which were mere lies concerning her having relationships with boys, even girls. Then on, she was the talk of the school. Fingers were pointed at her all the time. I always wondered if she ever questioned the origins of these lies.

She soon started missing days of school just to get away from all of this. It was fun for a while, especially that I was good at making people believe them, but then I realized it was clearly affecting her life and that it is about time that I put an end to it.

It is my second year at university and she is now my best friend. I guess I never expected her to be as sweet as she is before speaking to her. From one coincidental class together, we began taking the same classes, having sleepovers, and sharing secrets. She recently opened up to me about how she was traumatized by the rumors that went around in highschool. Then and there, like a chicken, I could not react and I could not tell this girl who is like a sister to me now, that I am the person who made all these mean rumors up. I don’t know how to face her, and I feel horrible!

  1. You should tell her. I know it sounds impossible, but you have to tell her because not knowing who made those rumors only increases and amplifies her insecurities. She will hate you at first, but if you are a good enough friend she will forgive you. Tell her that the root of those rumors was simply jealousy and not hate. She may forgive you and if she does not at least you can forgive yourself.

  2. you’re the definition of evil, imo

  3. i’m glad you feel horrible, made me feel a bit better inside.

  4. You have to tell her. Sit her down one day and just let it all out. Accept whatever decision she chooses because if she decides she doesn’t want to be friends then maybe that is what you deserve. Let her know that it was out of jealousy and try to make her feel that she was better than you.

    You have to tell her!

  5. Just let it go. Make up for all that trauma by being the best friend that anyone can ask for. Use that feeling of guilt for something positive, don’t dwell in the past anymore, the past is dead and gone and its time for you to move forward. Maybe one day 10 years from now you can tell her, but its a little too soon now.

  6. I know this is such a cliche but “The truth will set you free” in your case free of guilt! because the guilt will eat you alive! She deserves to know the truth and to get closure. If she see’s your sincerity and remorse she will no doubtingly forgive you.

  7. I know this is such a cliche but “The truth will set you free” in your case free of guilt! because the guilt will eat you alive! She deserves to know the truth and to get closure. If she see’s your sincerity and remorse she will undoubtingly forgive you.

  8. Take solace in the fact that you’re going to burn in hell.

  9. This is easy. Just blame someone else. Pick any random person from school and say that person did it. Now, the key here is truly make yourself believe that other person did it and not you. This maybe be difficult to do at first, but if you have enough dedication, you can pull it off. This will help you sleep better at night. Also, remember that it’s not a lie if you believe it.

    • IT IS A LIE EVEN IF SHE BELIEVE IT , in fact it will make her feel worse to blame some one 4 something they didn’t do and making her 2 hate them !! u shuld tell her and ask her 2 forgive even even if she don’t want 2 be friends with u amy more cuz this is coled in islam ( قذف المحصنات القافلات ) w it is kbera mn kba’er il islam u have to everything to seek her fogiveness , she deserves to know put ur self in her position 😉

  10. You are a horrible person and you don’t deserve to be friends with that girl, you should be responsible and take action immediately because you are basically making this best friend of yours think very highly of you, you can’t just ruin someones life then take advantage of it like that and that’s what you should think about.
    If it makes you feel any better, always put yourself in this girls shoes and see how you would’ve felt if it was you in her place, then you would know what you should do.

    it won’t help her to know it was you! You hurt her in the past and u’ll hurt her again by telling her, she will loose you as friend and will hate you too. She will be sad and lonely again and that’s can affect her college life like the way in high school. The only way you can tell her is after 20 years from know. And make it up to her now by being the greatest friend and supporter.

  12. u can tell her , tell her u only started the first one , and then everyone else started making their own twisted ones .
    or dont tell her , it was obviously a mistake and u clearly wanna start a fresh page .

  13. DONT SAY A THNG..cus ull hurt her not once but twice and shell never trust u ever again and shell end up hating u forever and ever…. cus u deserve it!

  14. I agree with other people, I do not think telling her would fix anything. If it is killing you that much go ahead, but why not focus your regrets on making it up for her? Always be there to help and may the almighty bless you to enlightenment.

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