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Confession 8 – Love “Un-Nationally”

In Confessions on April 8, 2010 at 4:58 AM

I am madly in love with this girl.
I wake up everyone morning to her voice and i go to sleep right after i make sure that she is resting in her sleep.
I fight against everything and every single obstacle to be with her and keep the relation perfect.
When she hints that she isn’t safe and wants to leave, my health gets affected.

She’s Kuwaiti, and im not.

Its fucked up how in this society you actually are chosen by your race.

Where is the religion in the people?

  1. Brother,
    Just hold on and enjoy the presents presented by the present. If you really love, do not marry her. Your romance will go life-long.
    Marriage is a romance, in which the hero dies in first chapter! Distance is a great promoter of admiration. Maintain it, remain dreamy and be happy.
    Best wishes!

  2. Forget what other people think… why should you care? If you both love each other then it is destiny that brings you together. Marry her… it will not be as bad as you think. There are so many Kuwaitis married to non-Kuwaitis. It’s really not that huge of a deal.

    Good luck.

  3. You ask about “religion in the people” and you are having a relationship outside of marriage with this girl, betraying her family, and most importantly disregarding religion altogether. Maybe if there was “religion in” you, you’d also find it “in the people”.

    Just grow up and forget about this Hollywood love crap.

    • totally agree with u couldn’t agree more !!

    • I couldn’t agree more.
      Other than that, this is how things go in Kuwait and there’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t blame Kuwaiti parent’s for wanting their kids to marry Kuwaitis. Think about the benefits that Kuwait gives to it’s citizens. If you really love her, you’d let her go.

  4. I think u should leave her and its for her benefit, by marrying her ur gonna strip away all her rights and urs.

  5. Awww thats so cute!

  6. If you married her you will face consequences or she of her family not acceptting you or your family..so leave her

  7. try your luck.. you don’t have anything to lose.

  8. Simple solution here. Head to her father’s house and simply demand that you be able to marry his daughter. Now, you must try to be civil, but at the same time you must hold your ground. Be aware, however, that using this method will most likely result in a physical altercation with the father, and again you must hold you ground. It’s also imperative that, should this indeed escalate into a physical altercation, you must rain blows upon him. Pummel him to the ground, and in doing so he will have a new found respect for you, and the love you have for his daughter.

    WARNING: Do not do this if she is from a Bedouin family! You WILL get shot!!!

  9. Her parents will most likely reject you and you’ll never get to marry her with their approval. This isn’t hollywood my ex-pat friend, this is Kuwait, where dreams can be shattered in a blink of an eye. Sooner or later someone her parents approve off will marry her and she’ll call you with that sorrow voice and that fake tear pretending she’s forced to getting married. I say before your love grows even more, cut the chain, set both of yourself’s free. It will hurt at first, but with enough baskin robbins ice cream and a useless TV station to watch you can manage sitting there and gulping all night.

    To regards what Anon above me said:

    “WARNING: Do not do this if she is from a Bedouin family! You WILL get shot!!!”

    he forgot to add, SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN!

  10. I know quite a few non-Kuwaitis, non-Muslims who married Kuwaiti women. It is possible. Just make sure you two are serious and you are prepared to support her.

  11. The people who are telling you to leave her are either losers or uncivilized people.

  12. ^^ A perfect example of a fake Muslim

  13. why would you want to be part of a family that is uneducated as to believe Kuwaitis are superior?

  14. Think of your future kid, if you are planing to live in Kuwait, their life will be so hard. I saw it many times. The kids do suffer and you both will regret it!! Love is amazing and we can’t live without it but you have to BE REAL !!

  15. I don’t usually comment on anything I read online. This time I have to.

    Dearest writer of this confession, I am in the exact same situation you’re in. The only difference is I’m the girl in this story.

    Every word you typed here is a word I can relate to with all my heart.

    He is madly in love with me. I am madly in love with him.

    He wakes up every morning to my voice, and I to his. He goes to sleep only when he’s certain I’m relaxed and asleep.

    He fights against everything we face just so we have a chance to be together.

    I’m Kuwaiti, and he’s not.

    I don’t believe what our society believes. Unfortunately, my family does.

    Recently, I’ve been bringing up the issue of leaving one another quite often, and his health gets put into jeopardy.

    I just get so afraid and confused. All of a sudden, a million thoughts run through my heard! ‘What if there’s a reason our society is the way it is? Maybe they’re experienced and know what’s good for us! But wait, I love him and I know he’s my soulmate! We’re so happy, we understand each other, we’re so alike and we make each other better people in this sick world we all live in!’

    Funny thing is, I honestly thought he wrote this post. It’s so scary how close the wording of your story is similar to how he talks! Anyway, he swears he didn’t write this. So, GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU! MAY YOU FIND TRUE HAPPINESS TOGETHER INSHALA! STAY STRONG!

  16. Stay with her, marry her, follow your heart. Screw society. Do what makes you happy. I believe that from the bottom of my heart. Go with the flow, and live life to the fullest. You seriously only have one life to live, are you going to live it with a huuuuge regret of not marrying her, or not being happy with her? Are you going to live with the what ifs? I seriously hope your answer is no. Because you and her deserve to be happy, even if it means leaving Kuwait and going to a different country, then so be it…but know that in the end, both of you are happy as can be..and you guys have each other.

    I’m honestly SO sick of having to conform to a certain society, I’m so sick if closed minded religious people enforcing their beliefs on others, and I’m so sick of people being accused of being bad muslims. Well you know what, honestly screw it. Can’t someone be a good Muslim and still live life and be happy.

    And who are you people to be telling someone they’re bad Muslims, you know? They don’t know what a person is going through. And I bet that a large majority of people that call themselves muslims are hypocrites, who conform to society, because they have to…because their family with cut them off, or shun them if they stray.

    …So screw everything, and everyone, you and her should follow your hearts and do what makes YOU happy. Tell her to stop worrying about what people think, or what her family thinks, if they truly loved her and cared about her, they’d want her to be happy.

  17. whoever is saying “marry her” and dont care about the”losers” who are saying to not marry her are NOT kuwaitis! because no kuwaiti family will agree to a non kuwaiti, and yes there are kuwaiti girls who married non kuwaiti guys but trust me it only for their money nothing more or less. this isnt holloywood, actually i think its wrong what kuwaiti ppl are doing, like having boyfriends and girlfriends, drinking, and etc! we werent raised up to be like that, well i certainly wasn’t! i just say end it cause no matter how hard u try u arnt going to get her;)

  18. omg u guys frustrate me sooooo much i swear im just going aaargh!!! who do u think u guys r??? news flash when we die we alllllll turn to dust or decay. so at the end there is no kuwaiti or s3odi or hindi or amreki … !!! weere all pppl.. this way of thinking shino fog raskom reesh?? wai3!! u discust me really by u r the ppl that are really screwing up this countries politics and way of thinking.. so wat if he wants to mary her?? maybe hes the best that kuwaiti girl can get?? what because hes not kuwaiti that means hes not good enough?? or would a kuwaiti be btr even if hes a cheat and a freak? becuase hes kuwaiti its fine?? seriously ppl like u should really look at themselves in the mirror and realise ur not special ur human like everyone else.. no better !! writer of this confession pls who ever is telling u to leave her cus of the bullshit theyr sayng screw them… ur human and even if the parents are gna get annoyed theyll be happy at the end cus shes theyr child no matter wat theyll get over it.. and realise how good u are for her!!1 gluck

  19. and btw its done now !! the law is passed kuwaiti women who are married to non kuwaiti can give them the kuwaiti citizenship that is if u want it lol..

  20. dear confessor,
    i am full kuwaiti and i have arab friends in your situation.. some suceeded and when they got married they found out they werent meant for eachother… some crashed and burned( her family didnt agree and tried their hardest to deport him) i was his “wasta” in stayin in the country..
    regardles, my point is you 2 have 2 be 100000% sure of marriage NOT THE RELATIONSHIP but marriage…
    if you 2 are sure go ahead and hold on for the roller coaster coz its gonna be a long 1…
    good luck in your decision..
    and btw for kuwaitis who say kuwaitis are for kuwaitis go f@#$ urself and the same thing for the side… every situation is different so dont generralize

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