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Confession 6- Gamble it off

In Confessions on April 8, 2010 at 4:45 AM

I was using my parents credit cards the past weeks to gamble online to get some extra cash for my online account. The thing is both of my parents don’t know about this, they just think I am setting their credit cards for online use, and they do not check their bills that much. I lost around KD 3,000 the first week total, I am trying to make the money and I lost another KD 1,000 now, total KD 4000. All because of stupid online poker. Now I am screwed, cant tell my parents and I have to live with the fact that I took away KD 4000 and threw it in the bin. No one knows about this.

  1. Confront your parents and tell them what you did. Take the punishment that you deserve like a man.

    Then, find help. If you have an poker addiction then find some help.

  2. Don’t listen to the first guy. His method will only get you into more trouble. My advice is to simply try and gamble your way out of this. Take more of their money and try to win your way out of this. If you fail once, then simply try again. If this doesn’t work, come clean, and pretend that you’re suicidal. This will force your parents to forget all about the money, and show you nothing but affection.

    • @Anon the devil is amongst us…
      if ur not joking u must be judas…
      leave the kid alone he needs to grow a pair and walk like a man 2 his parents…
      its a stupid mistake nothing more nothing less

  3. Confront your family, Sooner or later they’ll know. You better walk in like a man, or sneak out like a milksop.

  4. Good job son! Wasting 4000KD because you lack faith in your religion and didn’t abide by it, well thats a nice start, your next stop is to goto your parents and tell them you just wasted 4000KD on dildo’s in which they will instinctively ask you, “son, are you gay?!” then you will grab the opportunity and explain how you thought you were gay but the dildo’s hurt and you decided to go straight again, they’ll feel a huge relief and completely forget about the money. Now unless your actually gay too, then your all alone buddy.

  5. Jihad, youre not helping anyone here. Unless you have a good comment to say you shall remain silent and stop acting like a child

  6. When will you tools learn to leave religion OUT of this?

    He CHOSE to gamble, for all you know, he might NOT be a muslim. jeeeeeeeeez man.

  7. Just pretend the credit card was stolen online ..

  8. Wisdom, this guy is an idiot for doing what he did, and he should realise that 🙂
    Muslim or not, it’s still retarded to gamble with large amounts of money, especially if:
    1. The money isn’t yours.
    2. You’re not really good at it(like this guy :D)

    Allahu Akbar 🙂

  9. its okay , everyone has their own little secret mistakes , i know i have one.
    just work and pay it off , or tell them u donated some money to a local charity place .
    or sell some of ur stuff , old phones or anything electronic to pay the money back.

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