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Confession 11 – Gender Problem

In Confessions on April 8, 2010 at 11:36 PM

I was born bisexual…i cant help it if i have a crush on guys as well as girls…last year,,i had a crush on the guy next to me…but he already was friends with a guy i know…it killed me. he didnt even like to talk to me that much..as soon as he sees his friend he leaves me and goes to him. my whole school year was RUINED..everyday i couldnt stop thinking about him..i got fat, i was depressed.. i’m now in university. i dont see him much but i still sometimes think about him…thnks guys i never could tell this to any1 life goes on.

  1. i am bi too , and i feel your pain.but i wanted to say to you that it like in any relationship, hetro or homo .The love must be from both side.and you cant force someone to love you. leave this love in “the closet”.where no-one should be forced to hide.

  2. i think you’re all confused between love and ” being inspired by” . you see , if you happen to have a rule model , then i believe you must like him and be a loyal fan , for instance , who like manchester. also, instead of moaning over “expired” spilled milk , go love normal as any normal man be . i can see that you’ve been in mix school , but c’mon!
    i don’t think you’ll find any problem finding the right woman . . but being a bi is the half way through .
    btw I’m a newly wed man and everything is awesomely rocks out of this world
    alla yahdeek

  3. just buy more ice cream to satisfy your sorrow, don’t forget to get those big chunks from baskin robins, and you can cry over him by dipping on that delicious chocolate fudge cream all day.

  4. you’re absolutely right. life does go on. you’ll have opportunities to date plenty of women and hotter guys in the years to come. DROP YOUR SPOON!

  5. well.. there is an easy solution to your problem, DO NOT GO TO HELL and do not eat that ice cream thing.. look at urself in the mirror and figure out what you wanna be. change urself and urlife by starting gym or even walking and bit by bit, u will feel better… and believe me u will meet new ppl.. its not easy what ur going thru, I went thru the same ordeal myself and i am a happy bi man! take it slowly, one day at a time and as one of commentors said, dont dwell over spilled milk.. there are ALOT of fish in the sea!

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